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Total Care Tasty Allwormer for Dogs

Total Care Tasty Allwormer for Dogs

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You may kill your dog if you give him/her Total Care Tasty Allwormer for Dogs

If you love your dog it's best not to give your dog this worming tablet. As my dogs had bad side effects both eyes rolled back into head few hours later I had tried feeding them they would not eat or drink 5 hours latter they both still sleeping in fact both went to sleep not waking up at all passed away.

Purchased in August 2019 at FoodWorks for $14.98.

What are we really buying

So I noticed that the total care on the package of the tablet package itself there is a sticker that says Purina totalcare and then I pulled the sticker off it says interceptor spectrum like I don't get it so what are we buying totalcare or interceptor and if it is total care products then why package it. place a whole different name on it then put a sticker with total care on it like what no wonder these dogs are getting really sick

Purchased in July 2019 at IGA for $30.00.

This is POISON !!! Same symptoms as most reviewers!!! Zero STARS

This is POISON! Gave my dog correct dosage, swollen, blood shot eyes, Panting, excessive heart rate, seems to not be able to see well. She is a big strong dog, who has never been ill. Lost so much weight in 24 hours, Giving Her nutrient paste and icy poles to keep her hydrated. SAME SYMPTOMS as other reviews. This has poisoned my Dog and many others! Liquid Fleas treatment is also bad, her coat went dull and her skin so dry...Do Not use.
Called phone number on the back of box.
The lady was rude & said that this product is not to blame and I was to blame
for my Dog being so sick.. I explained how so many other dogs have had the same symptoms & was told Not to believe these reviews.... they were more
concerned about getting the barcode then about my dog.......

Purchased in July 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $14.00.

Do not give your dog this product!! Please!!!

Gave my dog the correct dosage, a couple hours later she began to vomit so much and is now really lethargic and clearly feeling very ill. Very concerning as she is only 1 and normally absolutely bouncing off the walls with energy, right now she can barely get off the couch. Please do not feed this to your dogs! I wish I’d read the reviews before purchasing. This product needs to be removed from the shelf!

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $11.60.

Upset my dog's stomach

I bought this product 2 times, thinking that the bad effect it had on my dog was just a 1 off and that my dog may have been slightly under weather before commencing this treatment, but second time around I got the same result, it gave my dog diarrhea, on both occasions I gave it to him, it is one of the cheaper brands around for what you get, because sometimes its all I can afford but certainly not at the expense of my beloved dog getting sick....again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths Physical store for $16.99.

Nearly killed my German shepherd

I bought this for my German shepherd, an hour later he was breathing abnormally fast, pacing, lying down and getting back up, rapid heart rate and lethargic. Took him to vet asap and he needed two shots, luckily he survived, this stuff is poisonous and should be taken off shelves immediately.

Heart wormer, Allwormer,n Flea Control ...

I bought this product for my two cavaliers n it did nothing to rid the fleas or one of my dog's flea allergies. :-( .. How do I know if it will help with worms ? Total waste of money .. Not happy customer, n won't be buying this brand of products ever again ...

Vomiting excessively after Purina allwormer treatment

Trip to the vet one hour after consuming these allwormer tablets .Bull terrier had two tablets only for 24kg weight.Start vomiting excessively until given anti nausea injection .Had not eaten anything else to cause such a reaction.Her temp and other vitals were fine .Thankfully she did pick up.A costly treatment ..Product was bought at IGA Somerset today 25th June and Somerset veterinary services visited 530pm today ..tablets ingested ~3pm .

Very sick after having this worming brand

I gave the correct dosage with his usual dry food and within 2hrs my Irish setter was lethargic and nauseous. He started vomiting soon after and I am considering taking him to the vet if this continues through the night. He won’t drink water and is not interested in his normal food. This is the first time I have bought this worming brand. I purchased it from my local well known supermarket expecting it to be just like all the other worming brands available. My dogs reaction to this has and very worrying. Now through the night, his heart is raising and fast shallow breathing. 5:30 am. He has drank a little water through the night, very worried and will ring the emergency vet in the morning.

Killed my maltese cross, beautiful Snowy.

Gave my healthy dog 1 Totalcare Allwormer tab- (7kg weight) he got extreme diarrhoea, lethargic, and couldn't walk or hold up head. Rushed to vet. Told hes been poisoned. Nothing they can do. Died 4 hrs later. Told vet the only poison he could have consumed will be the Allwormer tablet and he should give him something to block the poison. Vet said he cant do anything he is dying and charged me $178.00 to administer 3 hydrating vaccines under his skin..which is salt water. Vet (mungrel) new this was useless.
Vets know this stuff is poison and they don't care about animals. All the flee and wormer products are killing our animals..and Vets are selling these deadly products..I've killed my dog cause i didn't know what i know now. Breaks my heart. Forgive me snowy boy...RIP 9/1/2018 Luv and miss you badly, from Mummy.

10 week Staffordshire x Bullmastif Puppies is in a shocking state after taking this poison!!!

My dear little dog was treated two days ago, he went off his food immediately after taking this poison, went from being a pup full of beans playing with my Rottweiler and I to a bed ridden mess and has lost a third of his body mass. As the other reviews he's hot, has diohrea, accelerated heart rate. He tried to eat today day three and it went straight through him and is now moaning with pain when I rub in the kidney area. These tablets have to be removed from all stores immediately so no other poor pooch has to endure this torture so Purina can make a buck!
Q/ Why hasn't Purina recalled the product if it's taking the innocent lives of our Canine friends?

This product doesn't work

I wormed my dog a month ago. With the correct dosage for his weight 40 kilo. Within 2 weeks he was scooting his butt along the ground like he still had worms. I can only assume they didn't work

Do not use this treatment on your dog.

I bought these yesterday and wormed my dog.... First thing this morning he threw up everywhere, then he had diarrhoea, he is panting heavily and bloodshot in the eyes... I wish I'd have read the other reviews before I used this product... I'm keeping my eye on him and if he doesn't improve soon I'm off to the vet... ps my dog is a Bull Mastiff X so he's a big boy and it's hit him hard :(

My Chihuahua dog died. He was ok with other brands before.

My Chihuahua dog died. He was off food for three days after taking the one tablet. He breathed heavily, weak and then died.

Almost killed my dog

Last month i used the all wormer and a few days later my dog was off her food, vomiting, diarrhoea and spent time at the vet. We almost lost her. The vet didnt think there was a link. I re wormed her yesterday and today she is lethargic, off her food, wont drink, and is staggering around. Exactly the same as last time. This product is poison. Will never use again.


Our Kelpie was unaffected but the Corgi was off his food and miserable after dosing. Would never use it again


The reaction was quite distressing - similar to an allergic reaction. While it may have been coincidence, would not use these tablets again.
Nice packet
Our Tenterfield terrier would no way eat the tablet despite its "tasty liver flavour". We ground it up in cheese which worked ok with the previous brand.
He reluctantly ate about 1/20th of the mix & then went into violent stomach spasms for about 2 minutes. We did not try further & will revert to another brand.

Questions & Answers

just gave the dog four tablets as she is 40 kg and hour later she is panting should I be worried and how long before it passes?
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Hi I wouldn't use this product, they should be removed from the market place. My Pup nearly died from a single tablet, didn't eat, vomited had fluorescent liquid Diarrhea, accelerated heart rate for several days and chronic lethargy. I hope your dog services this. Go to the vet if your dogs still not well. Please for its sake, it will be suffering!Wish I had read these reviews before buying Purina All wormer. Have just has the same reaction from my 12yo Pug. He has diarrhoea and vomiting. Normally a food hound he is not interested in anything very lethargic. I will have a sleepless night watching him. Very very angry.All the same symptoms... Can not be a coincidence. Purina rep was rude, and tried to blame me, then was more concerned about a barcode on box then getting help for my dog! The first lady i spoke to seemed like she knew what was going on.....must of had alot of frantic calls from Dog owners.. Poison !!!!’

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