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Pyrex Baking Dish

Pyrex Baking Dish

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Potentially Dangerous Product

I have purchased numerous Pyrex glass containers of various sizes as they have a reputation for being durable, and because I think they are a better alternative to plastic.

I have tried to contact Pyrex twice regarding my query/complaint about their product via their website and they have not responded.

On Thursday the 11 of April I put my Pyrex dish containing my lunch in the microwave for 1 minute.
I bought the dish back to my desk and it exploded before me.

I was fortunate I had turned to the left when it exploded, if I had leant in to take a mouthful the glass would have exploded in my face.

Whilst this potentially dangerous incident occurred, I am more frustrated and disappointed with the company for not acknowledging the email I sent enquiring whether they will refund or replace the product even though I am no longer in possession of a receipt as I have had the product for over a year. Irrespective of the time I have had the product - my understanding is that the product should not explode.

Buyer beware these dishes can explode.

Last week I cooked a curry in my Pyrex casserole dish (with lid) however much to my horror five minutes after I had taken it out of the oven to cool down the dish exploded. Luckily I had just moved away when it happened or it could have been fatal. Sadly we had just moved into a lovely new house and the broken glass and curry have decimated our beautiful white kitchen.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Pyrex baking disn

Opened the oven to remove dish and it exploded, i was covered in glass and cuts from the shards of glass and suffered burns from the contents!! The oven was on 180 so wasnt a high temperature. These products are highly dangerous,unsafe to use and not cheap to buy. Im so very angry and feel i should be reimbursed.

September 9th 2017 Update: Pyrex baking disn

I had a cauliflower cheese in the oven, set on a moderate heat. Had opened oven to remove the dish as it was ready. Upon opening the oven the dish exploded, covering me in boiling cheese sauce and shards of glass. Suffered burns and cuts!! Very dangerous, i would not recommend at all.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Pyrex not the same

Sad this product mothers in the family before me has been using is not the same as the one is being sold in the market nowadays. Basically, the thickness of the pan is obviously not the same. The pan is also smaller and thinner in width. So, I still use my mum's Pyrex when I need a deep dish popped in my oven :(

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Pyrex baking dishes

Do not think that Pyrex today is a safe option. It appears that many users have experienced dishes shattering in the oven. This occurred recently to a family member, who was given it as a Christmas present. The glass shattered through a microwave oven leaving shards of glass causing damage to the microwave, the oven was set at only medium high for 7 minutes. The dish was only two years old - I have pyrex dishes some 30 years old but have not had a problem with them. I am now reluctant to use the newer versions of pyrex - the 10 year warranty seems worthless given the frequency of similar incidents reported here in Australia and the United States. I bought these newer Pyrex believing they would be safe as they are manufactured in the US (not China, noted for shattering glass). I am reporting issue to Consumer Affairs and any other authority interested in the safety of consumers. Just one word to say: "Beware"

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Pyrex dish exploded in my oven

Two days ago I made some stuffed capsicums.
I took out a glass pyrex dish and placed two capsicums in the oven and heated on 180 for 25 minutes. I checked after this time but they were still not hot enough so put my timer on for another 20 minutes.
When my timer went off I went to check and the dish had exploded all over my oven.
The pyrex dish was about 3 years old.
I am very disappointed in pyrex and will never buy their stuff again as i read they have sold to another company who have changed the product.
I will treasure my old pyrex dishes that were made from shatterproof glass prior to the company changing hands

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Trusted in my kitchen

We have been using oyrex since I can remember. I really love using them as they are easy to wash and have lasted for years without any breaking incident. I use it in reheating and storing hot food without me worrying about toxic chemicals in my food. It is just a classic favourite for every mum.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

What a disaster and scary incident, pyrex dish shattered everywhere in oven.

I was baking my grandchildrens dinner in a PYREX baking dish and only minutes before I went in to check on the meal, I heard the most scary loud noise, like an explosion, I rushed from room to room thinking someone was breaking in, I didn't think it could be the pyrex from the oven, after a few minutes I had realised it was actually the pyrex dish. It was a terrible sight, the worse and most dangerous mess. Glass was everywhere in the oven. This is impossible to clean, to get all the glass out, because the glass has exploded behind the elements and inside areas that a hand can't reach! I haven't been able to use my oven since this has happened because I still hear glass crackling sounds when the oven is turned on, I don't know how to deal with this issue? I don't have use of my oven anymore.

Mine shattered in the oven cooking our Xmas dinner vegetables

Do not buy. When it shatters it is scary and dangerous and such a waste of food and time. I was physically shaken by the incident. I had been a long time fan of Pyrex but not anymore.

They last forever

I have been using my Pyrex dishes for over 30 years. I emigrated from the UK, 25 years ago and brought them with me. I had quite alot given to me for wedding presents and could not leave them behind. I put them in the dishwasher after every use and they come up like brand new.
They last forever

My Favorite Baking ware

I love cooking and baking and its a must for me to have the best wares to bake and cook with. I found that in Pyrex brand baking dish, it is so versatile that I can use it in a conventional oven or in microwave plus it is very easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe.It is conveniently available in different sizes to soothe your baking and cooking needs, so no matter how big or small your oven or microwave is you can still get suitable size you need. I have been using it for years and was so happy to know that when I moved to Australia more than 7 years ago that I can still cook and bake with it.It is slightly expensive than other brands but I wouldn't mind paying a few dollar more if the quality will last a lifetime.
Versatile cookware can be used for either conventional oven or microwave oven.


This is a wonderful dish for cooking. It's very easy to clean and good quality. A bit more expensive but I don't mind paying extra for such good quality cookware.
Well known brand, good quality, easy to clean.


This is such a useful baking dish to have in the kitchen. I use it for baking all sorts of things and its easy to clean up and I can stick it in the microwave and in the fridge. It is a bit pricey, but can be found in some larger stores or in the Corningware outlets. Overall, a fantastic and useful product which I use over and over again.
This is a great dish to have in the kitchen because its so useful. I can bake a lasagna in it or bake a bread pudding in it. It is easy to clean and the glass makes it look very pretty too.
Nothing I dislike about this product.

Questions & Answers

I need to contact the manufacturerer of pyrex as my baking dish exploded into hundreds of pieces while I was cooking. I can't find an email address or contact number in Australia. Can anyone help?
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Mine did this last night. It was only about 3 years old. I am going to complain to Consumer Affairs as there are obviously safety issues.I know its been a few years since you posted your comment, but I'm curious to know how you went? I have literally just finished a big clean up after mine exploded.

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