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Pyrex Pie Plate

Pyrex Pie Plate

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never fails

Thick glass dish that is very easy to clean.
the size is very good for pies quiches and more.
the scolloped edges make it easy to mold pastries so the can stay and not slide down the side when making in a hot oven.
i have had mine for over 8 years and its still going.


This is a great baking dish that I have used many times in my kitchen. Its a good size when I want to make a small pie or crumble. Overall, this is a great baking dish which is not too expensive and is a must for any baker.
This is a great baking dish which is very useful to have in the kitchen. This was one of the first products I bought when I moved into my new home. I bake a lot of crumbles in this one and its so easy to clean.
The handles are a bit tricky to hold because they are all in one piece so they are part of the baking dish, its not impossible to hold onto, but you do have to be careful and do it slowly.

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