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Raco Cookware

Raco Cookware

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Unreliable quality and disappointing customer service

Would give it a 0 if there is one. Bought a ceramic coating frying pan and it became impossible to clean and super sticky after 3 weeks of use. Food and oil residue doesn't come off no matter how long you soak it for. After contacted their customer service, they came back saying their frying pan is designed for low heat use, and that it's sticky because I don't clean it properly (hello, did I not tell you that your product is impossible to clean?). Apparently other people find the same problems about their products too. So ,Raco did not taking any responsibility. What's hilarious is that they offered me a coupon to buy more of their products. If you are questioning was it really my misuse, I could tell you that my other stirfiy pan from the same series is having exactly the same problems; and no I did not burn it. Couldn't be bothered to waste me time to deal with them anymore but wanted more people to know - be wise if you are considering paying for their products and services.

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Raco serenity 20cm open frying pan

I've owned a pan from Serenity range for three months and the outside layer is peeking. The non-stick ceramic is very difficult to clean, when something sticks to it. Also everytime I'd use it would eventually smell of burnt plastic, so I guess the plastic used for the handle is not ideal choice.

Will look elsewhere for a quality ceramic coated cookware.

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raco serenity

a month ago we purchsed a Raco Serenity frying pan - 30cm skillet. it is easily the most slippery pan we have ever used, much more so than the european brands we have used (but not all brands). So far 6 stars out of 5

A once great brand: But

There is a wide variety in cookware, from inexpensive low quality to high priced of varying quality. I believe that the beginner cook should start by getting the wide variety of cook ware needed, inexpensively, and then, with experience, slowly choose and obtain really good quality pots and pans that will last a life time.

For stockpots, saucepans and frypans etc. really good lifetime quality means that they will stand up to a lifetime of use, including occasional misuse such as boiling dry, being dropped, having hot pots or lids dropped in cold water, being scoured and being banged about by removalists. It also means they are easy to use and cook well. I have found that this means heavy polished stainless steel construction throughout with handles firmly fixed (not screwed on), curved surfaces that are easy to clean with a minimum of corners or crevices, thick heavy bases that hold heat and distribute it evenly with no hot spots, lids that fit firmly enough to reduce the escape of steam, and usually only one material used throughout as differential heat expansion can result in surfaces working apart. (although I make an exception for copper based saucepans. I have some RACO copper based pots that are great and have lasted over 20 years). I particularly avoid glass lids and non-stick treatments.

Our own household has, over time, replaced most cookware with RACO brand. It meets my criteria and is of a very high quality with a long life and a medium price. It is an excellent gift for children who have left home and set up in their own household (although they need to keep an eye on them when housemates leave).

Disappointingly I recently went to purchase some as a Christmas gift and found that RACO have turned to the dark side. All of their available saucepans had glass lids and the frypans had non-stick surfaces. I had noticed this trend over the last few years, but previously there was a choice. Alas, no longer. I had to choose a different high quality brand.

Excellent product

I use this saute pan 5 times a week and it is an excellent product. Much more durable than most other brands out there. It can take a high heat and food does not become baked on. The anodised surface is extremely tough.


We received a free set of RACO cookware when we purchased our stove, and are extremely happy with the product. Very impressed with the no sticking, save heaps of time when doing the washing up. Have tried a few different brands over the last 12 months, but these pots have definitely been the best ones.
No sticking

Great Product!!

Acquired this to replace my original set (bought 30 years ago) and am extremely happy and satisfied with the new styling, quality and feel of the product. Handles are very impressive. Cookware is extremely durable and easy to clean and cooks food perfectly. There is a variety of pot sizes as well as two(2) different sized frypans. Would recommend this brand to anyone.
Durable and good looking.

Wish I could find a man like this!!

I received a set of raco saucepans as a promotional gift when i purchased an ariston stove. The first thing i noticed was the quality and classy appearance and was happy to hand over my old pots to my son. Secondly i was impressed by the cooking- even and no sticking and most importantly efficient.

Well made products, excellent service.

We received a Raco cookware set for a wedding gift 6 years ago. Since this time, we've dealt with Raco on a number of occasions in regards to warranty and returns, and advice on cleaning and storage. Each time we've felt like both the customer care operators, and the technicians actually gave a care about their customers, and their product. We may have got lucky with those we spoke to, but I feel good product breeds good service, both of which Raco have in ample supply.

We've also purchased direct from Raco and goods have arrived within 48 hours. All in all, a refreshing experience to deal with a company like this.
Great advice, product and service.

Would highly recommend this outlet to buy online.

Answered my query within 24hrs. Delivered in a time frame above expectations. Even gift wrapped. Couldn't be happier with the service.

Questions & Answers

Are the food contact surfaces of RACO S.S. cookware, of 18-00 S.S.?
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I have been using RACO cookware for many years and the only time I buy new ones is for gifts for family so I don't have any of the packaging anymore. The food contact surfaces are certainly all polished stainless steel (I don't like Teflon type non-stick surfaces) and stand up to heavy coarse steel scouring pads without being scratched, if, as a totally random example,you burn rice into a pot, or hot oil darkens a surface. The lids are the same, although as I mentioned in my review, the last time I went looking for a gift they only had glass lids available. Some of my pots have copper bases but that is bonded to the outside of the pot. The inside is stainless steel. I do not know the grade of stainless steel but it is certainly apt for purpose.Many thanks.

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