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Red Rock Deli Potato

Red Rock Deli Potato

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127 reviews
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Oil smell


It was smelly and expired too. When I informed them they said its consumer job to check it before buying it. No apologies, no replacement offer or nothing. Ridiculous answer from customer care team

Purchased in March 2020 at Romeo's Foodland Supermarket for A$2.45.

Big fail! More package than chips Mirror package pretends more chips Way to much salt


Big Fail
More package than chips
Mirror package pretends more chips
Way too much salt
Lucky I was given a sample, would never buy them


JoannaSydney, NSW

Oil issue - couldn’t eat any chips from packet


Opened packet and there was one large clump of soft chips stuck together by oil. Purchased at Sydney airport for $6

Purchased in February 2020 for A$6.00.


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Boris Yasminsky

Boris YasminskyNear You

  • 42 reviews

FAIL- @ $30KG


yep folks, that's what we are paying for these very ordinary so called gourmet chips that's are full of oil, fat and salt. eat one pack per week and there's a good chance you will gain 1kg per month in weight. FAIL !

Purchased in February 2020 at Woolworths for A$4.65.

Red Rock Deli Slow Roasted Onion and Mustard


Absolutely amazing, the best flavour EVER! Please go buy them so they keep the flavour!

Purchased in January 2020 at Coles.

Red Rock HSC chips


Agree - flavour and colour has changed! I don't enjoy them as much any more.

Purchased in December 2019.

First choice now days


Good quality chips with good taste. Goes great with sour cream.

Purchased at IGA.

Sandra L

Sandra LGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Red Rock Deli Sea Salt Chips


The best chips in the universe. Not greasy and not too salty. Crisp and delicious. The best! My last meal, with a glass of chardy! Perfect.

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths for A$3.00.

Mark Ackerman

Mark AckermanSydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Thai Red Chilli & Creamy Coconut chips


Normally i really like Red Rock Deli chips but this type were completely tasteless. Zero chilli and the tiniest hint of coconut does not make a chip i would ever consider trying again even in a free promotion.

Purchased in November 2019 for A$3.50.


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Katrina Lange

Katrina LangeMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 4 reviews

They are perfect and I want a packet to take to heaven when I die


These chips are so good I cant eat any others

Purchased in November 2019 at Woolworths.

Keiren J.

Keiren J.South East Queensland, QLD



The best chips are the honey soy chicken ones they are by far the most amazing chips in the world they taste so amazing I love them more than anyother food/snack

Absolutely amazing chips!


The Champagne Viniagrette & Shallot and the Sea salt and black truffle are utterly Sensational. My go to chips! Several of my friends dislike salt and vinegar chips but destroy a packet of the shallot flavoured chips. They are a subtle, delicate take on the traditional salt and vinegar

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets.


BellaMermaid Beach

  • 7 reviews

Best chips ever.


Hands down best potato chips ever made! The sea salt and vinigarette is the best flavour in the world, seriously

not happy


i found a black rubbery type thing at the bottom of my red rock deli packet of salt and vinegar chips,i am quite disappointed to say the least and it is making me feel sick to my stomach



  • 4 reviews



My favourite is the slow roasted chicken and garlic aioli. Personally I love aioli a lot, so that is probably why I like it. I especially love the ones that are double folded and there are a lot of them.
I’ll buy them again very soon


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  • 5 reviews

Siriracha & Lime Chips - Greasy & Inedible!


Sounded good; tasted beyond bad! Seriously don't buy this disgusting product which clearly hasn't be tasted by "living humans" or you will be dumping the lot in your garden compost bin like I did recently. Description of "flavour" synthetic; garlic; plastic; chemicals & grease with a crunch. What a waste of a potatoe. HEALTH WARNING - Just don't risk it and spend your money on something else.



Black Truffle SOOOOO Good!


Just tried the new 'special reserve' seasalt and black truffle and WOW WOW WOW I couldnt stop eating them.. hats off to you Red Rock Deli



  • 2 reviews

Best chips that are readily available in Australia


Had to write a positive review to balance out all of the negative reviews because Red Rock Deli make great tasting chips including the more unique flavours.

My favourite are the Lime and Black Pepper and the new Cheddar and Halapeno varieties. I do miss the fancy flavour with the beef and wasabi. Please bring that back.

It is pricey when not on sale but usually they're on sale either at Coles or Woolies.

lift your game


I was excited when I saw in the Woolworths catalogue that there was a new variety of chip with cheddar purchased a few bags and did something I have never done before and that was take them back for a refund they were horrible - stop inventing sweet chips as a consumer I want cheese and onion or something close not with jam all flavours are now inedible when you had cheese ones or mustard ones they flew off the shelf and I could not find any even at the reject shop where your other bad creations end up Aldi have cheese and onion the chip itself is not as good as yours but your flavours are bad

Rip off!


RIP OFF! They have downsized the packet from 165g to 150g and hope no one will notice! So they make more profit by sneaky means. That's the end for me.

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Questions & Answers

Lillian C.

Lillian C.asked

What are the Red Rock Deli chip packets made of? Polyethylene terephthalate, high-density polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, low-density polyethylene, polypropylene or polystyrene. If they are, there should be a recycling symbol with a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 in it. If your chip packets are recyclable, you need to put a recycling simbol on it somewhere, preferably large and on the front to make it clear.

1 answer
Boris Yasminsky
Boris Yasminsky

Crude Oil, Black Gold, Texas Tea



Has deli rock changed the honey and soy chips into something different?

2 answers

Sharon, I don't know. I was writing a review of the Special Reserve Red Rock Deli Chips which is additional to the normal range.


Sharon, sorry cant help you. Bought them once Ages ago and did not like them. Haven't bought them since



I recently purchased from Woolworth Mount Barker in South Australia a 200g Sweet potato crisps Green chilli & coriander, which I loved and wanted to purchase a larger six, but was told at Woolworths they do not have. Could you please tell where they are available to buy in larger size? Lorraine

3 answers
Jenni Paynter
Jenni Paynter

Lorrie I purchased the same size packet of chips as you from Woolworths in Victoria.
I have not been able to get them in a bigger size either, maybe the company that makes them maybe able to help.
Sorry I could not be more helpful and enjoy your day.

miss chippy
miss chippy

Sorry lorrie haven't seen this flavour at all. Maybe something only available in vic sa and wa. I'd try actually ringing the company their number should be on chip pkt. Good luck!

Melvin L.
Melvin L.

i know the reason why

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