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Zoetis Revolution for Cats

Zoetis Revolution for Cats

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Krystal Brown

Krystal Brown

  • 2 reviews

Does not kill fleas on Canines


I brought a 3 pack of revolution from pet city Port Kennedy WA. Applied it as instructed and within one week the fleas remained, unknown the dog came inside and my chikdren were bitten by the fleas revolution said their liquid kills... Applied another bottle within 3 weeks of the first one being applied and the fleas STILL remain! I am currently watching my poor dog scratching non stop from a terrible product that cost me a small fortune!

Not impressed at all!

Purchased in July 2019 for $69.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog
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Please beware and observe your cat for an hour after application if using for the first time

Side Effects Long-term illness
Pet TypeCat

Flea bitten by Revolution


I have 7 cats of which I have used Revolution for. 4 of my cats are indoor only, the other 3 are outdoor only. They do not come in contact with each other at all. I noticed fleas on one of my indoor cats just yesterday, which has been approximately 3 weeks after administering Revolution. Not only that but the 3 outdoor, as well as one of my indoor cats all have vast areas of hair loss. I pay a lot of money for taking care of my fur babies. I expect a product to deliver what I pay for. Now I'm going to have to retreat my cats for not just fleas but also the worms that are sure to start showing up. I will not buy this product in the future and have every intention of contacting the company and asking for my fees to be returned.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat
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I am very dissatisfied with the product


I purchased a 6 pack, it has not met our expectations, not only did it not kill all the fleas as stated In the description, but less than 2 weeks after treatment I have had to treat all 3 cats again, this is an expensive treatment and I would expect it would be effective, I am very dissatisfied with the product

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat
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RudolphandHermeyNew South Wales

  • 7 reviews

Works realy well


Ive been using this for 12yrs. It works extremely well. No fleas or worms except for 1 month when i stopped treatment in the middle of winter but my cat quickly got fleas so much i wont do that again. The only side effect is a small amount of hair loss thinning where i put it on. The skin is realy healthy though

Purchased in July 2018 at Ebay.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeCat



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Used to be very good....


missing hair


My cats have been using Revolution for several years. There is an inconsistency that I can’t quite figure out. My cat has lost hair in 4 spots close to treatment sight. This has now happened several times, and so I now believe it is due to the product. I fear this product but use it because it supposedly works against heartwo from mosquitoes.

Do NOT use no matter what your vet tells you!


Does not work!


I purchased the 6 pack on special as we have three cats and I knew we would get two months application out if it. I don’t know if there has been a formula change, but usually you see dead fleas within the hour. I applied it a week ago and there seem to be more fleas - no cats have been outside and we treated their living areas as well. Applied a second dose last night and there are just as many fleas today. Very disappointed as it is quite expensive. I feel it has been a waste of money.



Dont waste your money!!!!!


Fleas are still very much alive and roaming all over my cat and this is day 3 since the application. Does not work!! Save your money!! I've used Advocate for years with my dogs and other cat and can physically see fleas drop dead in an instant after application and all my pets were fine. Switching back to them without hesitation!! I am going to fight to either get a refund or replacement. Luckily i still have proof of purchase at the retail outlet i bought it from!



Works great


I use this on my 3 cats. Never had any reactions. My cats all have different lengths if hair and are all rescues. This also treated worms in the 1 cat I rescued.


Ineke48South East Queensland, QLD

  • 24 reviews

The fleas kept running on the cat’s head


I bought a 6 packet of Revolution Flea treatment for cats. I immediately used it on my white Devon Rex but it totally did not work. Two weeks later I took my cat to the vet for conjunctivitis and she also mentioned that Revolution does not work. She sold me Advocate orange 1 pkt but the fleas are still active 2 weeks after I gave that. I am so not impressed with those ineffective flea treatments. They are very expensive for the little bit that’s in a tube and totally useless.

Two cats died


Both cats were fine until a few days after the medicine was applied between the shoulder blades then suddenly died. This happened this year a few months apart to an older cat and a young cat not even a year old. Please do not use this terrible medicine!!



Not Working as Marketed


I've used Revolution for Cats for a number of years without having a problem with fleas on my indoor-only cat. Since Hurricane Florence, fleas are being found on my cat even though nothing in our routine changed because of the hurricane; we got rain but no flooding; we stayed home. Of course my thinking Revolution was working could have been because there were no fleas in our house to begin with. It's certainly not getting rid of the fleas that are definitely here now.

Broken spirit

Broken spiritVirginia Beach

My kitten died


My kitten died. Never put it together it was like she got sick the first of every month. When she got her revolution for under 5 lbs. We went to the ER twice. Ataxia lethargic paralysis of back legs. She had her last flea treatment September 1 2018. She died September 8 2018. Only 9 months. RIP baby girl I am soo sorry I didn’t do enough research:(

Stopped working, no refunds



JZ66VIC, 3055

  • 84 reviews

Product works - just an effort applying it due to the strong smell


Was ok until the most recent application -fur loss


Had the formula for this product changed? I applied it to my BSH and he now had missing fur at the site of application,
After reading some of these terrifying reviews I won't use it again without speaking to my vet. I'm looking for another product that can do the same things.





My cat reacted 30 seconds after application of Zoetis Revolution and our prince died within the following 2 hours after suffering through severe anaphylaxis. The doctors had trouble stabilizing him and he passed in the car on the way to the emergency hospital. Do not use this drug on your animals and if you do stay as close to emergency care. The seconds count when the reaction to the medication begins.


pebbleWA, 6530

  • 41 reviews
  • Verified purchase

I was apprehensive buying this product


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The instructions say not to remove vial from protective packet until immediately before using. I removed it one evening planning to use, but then forgot to apply that day. I did not puncture the tube. Why does it say to not remove it, until ready to use? Does light make the medication ineffective? Thanks for reply.

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Just opened my revolution for cats and it was just air ...what can i do to get my money back or a trplavement please

1 answer

Crap thats not good im about to order more in a week.
Contact the revolution makers on
1800 814 883 or email
Surely they will have to give you refund. They will probably send a prepaid envelope for you to return product.



My two kittens lick and play fight eachother 24/7 so need to seperate after applying but for how long?

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CategoryTick & Flea Control
Application TypeTopical
Pet TypeCat
Reapplication PeriodMonthly
Minimum Pet Age8 weeks
Release dateDec 2006

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