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Zoetis Revolution for Cats

Zoetis Revolution for Cats

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I am very dissatisfied with the product

I purchased a 6 pack, it has not met our expectations, not only did it not kill all the fleas as stated In the description, but less than 2 weeks after treatment I have had to treat all 3 cats again, this is an expensive treatment and I would expect it would be effective, I am very dissatisfied with the product

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

Works realy well

Ive been using this for 12yrs. It works extremely well. No fleas or worms except for 1 month when i stopped treatment in the middle of winter but my cat quickly got fleas so much i wont do that again. The only side effect is a small amount of hair loss thinning where i put it on. The skin is realy healthy though

Purchased in July 2018 at Ebay.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeCat

Used to be very good....

We have 6 cats, but in past 2 or 3 years have noticed Revolution is not as effective as it used to be. I NEVER get a month flea free for my cats- more like 1-2 weeks. There are a lot of stray cats outside in this area so perhaps the cats are constantly picking up new fleas, but product does seem to work temporarily - just not for long, and we can't afford to be dosing 6 cats more than once a month :( On the plus side - I have never seen any negative reaction or health issue from using this product in over 20 years use (along with other meds mixed in in that time) - so don't be too alarmed by the horrible sad reviews of people losing their loved pets. It clearly happens (horrifyingly!) but I expect rarer than with most if not all other options. I trust it + it is a wormer as well, which is great as worming pills can make my cats sick if I can get them to eat at all! Cats so much happier after de-fleaed, I just wish there was an affordable safe product that genuinely works for several weeks.

missing hair

My cats have been using Revolution for several years. There is an inconsistency that I can’t quite figure out. My cat has lost hair in 4 spots close to treatment sight. This has now happened several times, and so I now believe it is due to the product. I fear this product but use it because it supposedly works against heartwo from mosquitoes.

Do NOT use no matter what your vet tells you!

Less than 24 hours after applying this to our otherwise healthy, 9 year old (1st time he’s ever had fleas as an indoor cat) he became extremely weak and lethargic, developed a rapid heart rate, could hardly walk and started vomiting on / off for 2 days. After about a week he finally started eating again and slowly started reverting back to his normal self. It was a nightmare! When we called the vet the day after application to see if we could get him in they said to give it a few more days, that he may have had a ‘mild’ allergic reaction to the Revolution but as long as symptoms improve not to be too concerned. We were informed they regularly prescribe Revolution with no known issues and it is the gold-standard for taking care of fleas. After a lot of research and looking at other people’s personal experiences we are extremely grateful he is still here. Please, please do not risk the safety of your beloved pets by using this poison! It seems some veterinarians money-making relationship with Zoetis (the drug manufacturer) matters more than the oath they take to protect our animals.

Does not work!

I purchased the 6 pack on special as we have three cats and I knew we would get two months application out if it. I don’t know if there has been a formula change, but usually you see dead fleas within the hour. I applied it a week ago and there seem to be more fleas - no cats have been outside and we treated their living areas as well. Applied a second dose last night and there are just as many fleas today. Very disappointed as it is quite expensive. I feel it has been a waste of money.

Dont waste your money!!!!!

Fleas are still very much alive and roaming all over my cat and this is day 3 since the application. Does not work!! Save your money!! I've used Advocate for years with my dogs and other cat and can physically see fleas drop dead in an instant after application and all my pets were fine. Switching back to them without hesitation!! I am going to fight to either get a refund or replacement. Luckily i still have proof of purchase at the retail outlet i bought it from!

Works great

I use this on my 3 cats. Never had any reactions. My cats all have different lengths if hair and are all rescues. This also treated worms in the 1 cat I rescued.

The fleas kept running on the cat’s head

I bought a 6 packet of Revolution Flea treatment for cats. I immediately used it on my white Devon Rex but it totally did not work. Two weeks later I took my cat to the vet for conjunctivitis and she also mentioned that Revolution does not work. She sold me Advocate orange 1 pkt but the fleas are still active 2 weeks after I gave that. I am so not impressed with those ineffective flea treatments. They are very expensive for the little bit that’s in a tube and totally useless.

Two cats died

Both cats were fine until a few days after the medicine was applied between the shoulder blades then suddenly died. This happened this year a few months apart to an older cat and a young cat not even a year old. Please do not use this terrible medicine!!

Not Working as Marketed

I've used Revolution for Cats for a number of years without having a problem with fleas on my indoor-only cat. Since Hurricane Florence, fleas are being found on my cat even though nothing in our routine changed because of the hurricane; we got rain but no flooding; we stayed home. Of course my thinking Revolution was working could have been because there were no fleas in our house to begin with. It's certainly not getting rid of the fleas that are definitely here now.

My kitten died

My kitten died. Never put it together it was like she got sick the first of every month. When she got her revolution for under 5 lbs. We went to the ER twice. Ataxia lethargic paralysis of back legs. She had her last flea treatment September 1 2018. She died September 8 2018. Only 9 months. RIP baby girl I am soo sorry I didn’t do enough research:(

Stopped working, no refunds

I've been using this product for years. My orange baby suffers from a flea allergy so is imperative that we keep fleas off her. In July, I noticed the fleas where back on her in 2 weeks after application. I told the vet and she said there was no way to prove that the out break wasn't due to a food, environmental or other allergies but... i said she's been diagnosed at that vet, it's in her records and that particular vet gave her those shots in the past for just that. I was on the verge of tears telling her we cannot afford medicines that don't work + a 50$ vet visit. She had just had those healing shots 2 months ago at that facility. No help, no refunds.

The vet also sold us catago as a more affordable flea prevention. That didn't work at all. Again, no refunds.

Product works - just an effort applying it due to the strong smell

Thankfully the tubes are clear now so we can see if the content is fully emptied on application. The smell is strong when the lid is removed and if your cat knows it they'll run a mile before you can grab them if you're on your own. it would be easier to apply with 2 people, one holding the cat, the other getting the right spot on the back of the cat.

I feel, because of the smell, it's a stressful time for both myself and my cat. I missed the right spot last time and she licked some of it off her fur. That didn't make me feel good but she was OK and didn't have any other reaction. Would like to see a diagram sheet in the box to show us exactly where to try and apply. Lasts my cat for about 3 weeks. She starts itching that 4th week into it and it's meant to be a monthly application.

Was ok until the most recent application -fur loss

Had the formula for this product changed? I applied it to my BSH and he now had missing fur at the site of application,
After reading some of these terrifying reviews I won't use it again without speaking to my vet. I'm looking for another product that can do the same things.


My cat reacted 30 seconds after application of Zoetis Revolution and our prince died within the following 2 hours after suffering through severe anaphylaxis. The doctors had trouble stabilizing him and he passed in the car on the way to the emergency hospital. Do not use this drug on your animals and if you do stay as close to emergency care. The seconds count when the reaction to the medication begins.

I was apprehensive buying this product

Having read the reviews here I was somewhat apprehensive when buying this product.

I had been using a different brand (Frontline Plus) which seemed to work for a short period (not for a whole month like it's supposed to). The problem is that one of our cats in particular often goes under the house (slightly raised on stilts) and I'm certain that's where he picks the fleas up from. It's too hard to spray under there so the best method was using a spot treatment to control them. And since the other product didn't seem as effective as I would have liked I wanted to try something different this time. Regardless of some of the negative reviews I thought I'd give this a try.

For my two cats Zoetis Revolution has been great. It was easy to apply (which is great because the cats never enjoy having it applied) and it also didn't leave a residue on their fur for long like the other product seemed to.
I found it didn't take long for it to start working, I noticed a difference withing a day (cats not scratching as much etc). I haven't noticed any kind of side effects at all. It's been almost two weeks since application and it appears to be doing a great job at keeping the fleas off the cats even though the boy has been going under the house lately.

The fact that it controls worms as well was a bonus, one of my cats in particular is very fussy with what she eats so it would be too hard to feed her worming tablets. Really I don't think they're exposed to anything they would pick up worms from but it's always good to do it just in case especially since they are allowed outside for periods of time during the day.

I would be happy to buy this product again.

Not worth the Money

Cause my cat to have a reaction, and two weeks after use still have fleas buy another product. This is a crappy product revolution.

Works well but side effects too

It works very well for flea control and I’ve been using it for many years on my cats and dogs. We do seem to be having an issue this year with hair loss at the application site on both cats. I’ve used Advantage also and have had reactions with that too, ranging from hair loss to burns at the application site. I’m not happy with the hair loss it’s causing but it’s better than chemical burns.

Adult cat had grand maul seizure 3 days after applied and loss of hair to where applied

Disappointed but not surprised that something powerful enough to kill fleas and earmites can cause a seizure and hair loss. Glad I won't be applying a second dose like the poor person(s) whose pets died from that reportedly in this chain of reports.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I bought 2 packets of Revolution the 'up to 2.5kg' body weight as my cats are small but after getting home and weighing them they are heavier so can I use both tubes on one cat that weighs 4kg?
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Sure that's fine :) Product is the same just in smaller quantity for the under 2.5kg tubes (which contain 15mg active ingred Selamectin instead of 45mg in larger size cat tubes) - as 2 x small = 30mg Selamectin total it should work fine on a 4kg cat. The 45mg larger cat tubes cover cats up to 7.5kg weight.

After applying Revolution to my two cats, less than two weeks later they have fleas...WHAT GIVES?? We vacuum everyday, wash bedding, had pest control inside and out yet they cannot go a full two weeks after Revolution application before the fleas are back!
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Advantage II is no longer working for my cats and after doing some research, I have decided to try Revolution. One of my cats is solid and built like a bulldog or a pitbull and weighs in at 22+lbs. (I am not over feeding my cats for his sister weighs 6lbs and is the alpha-cat so she eats first and puts down as much as she can without guilt.) Question is: Would I order the Rev pkg for cats weighing 5.1lbs - 15lbs and double up? This is rather worrisome as I keep reading about allergic reactions and kidney failures. If I don't double up how would I know if it works or not? Here in California an annual check up and vaccinations are $145.00. If I add a 12 pack of Revolution for $130.00 on to this months pet expenses, naturally, I would want to know that it is going to work and that and I am not going to create a vet bill for poisoning and/or almost killing my cat. I may have overlooked the answer to this question but could someone please tell me what I should be looking at as protocol?
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Revolution for Cats
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