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Near death experience

Our Irish terrier was given a dose of the brown Revolution treatment, a smaller dose than recommended for his weight, to the back of his neck on Sunday afternoon and was fine until Tuesday morning when he could not raise his head from the bed. He could barely open his eyes. He was lethargic to the extreme. He could not focus and his eyes were lifeless. He would not eat or drink. My son watched him stand very awkwardly and stare blankly at the wall ahead of him for almost an hour before he took him to the vet. He could stand up but not move his rear quarters, just rotate the front half of his body. The vet did a full blood screen but found nothing outstanding. When I picked him up after work at 4pm he did not react to my arrival and did not get up, only just opening his eyes. We thought we were bringing him home to die. For the next 3 days he has only lain on his bed. He has had difficulty locating the chicken we have been giving him. He will not drink water, only milk. We are seeing a gradual improvement but he is still a very sick dog. I have never given him Revolution before. I cannot believe I have inadvertently caused my dearest friend so much harm. I will never be using this product again. It is terrible to see such a charismatic and lively animal reduced to this state.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Side Effects Personality change
Pet TypeDog

This did not work at all for my cats and dogs

Hi i bought this product and followed the instructions compleately spent nearly $200 and my cats and dogs still have fleas after the 3rd treatment I would like a refund

Purchased in November 2018.

Terrible product

Didn't work. Wasted my money. I advise people to avoid purchasing this product. Never purchasing anything from this brand again. I'll be telling my friends and family about my experience aswell.

I have 3 small dogs I always buy the flea treatment for the next size up I bought the 6 pk one and o

Still has fleas Definitely will never be buying it again I will never recommend this flea treatment and I will be going back to my other treatment that I usually use

Terrible product, Horrible company!

Terrible product, terrible company!! Did not help at all and the company was not helpful, in the least!!!!
My dogs still have fleas (MANY) after LOTS of money spent on this product.

Waste of money!!!

I have recently brought revolution for my two cats and two dogs and they all still have fleas!!! So i did them a second time. Yet my groomer just informed me they still have FLEAS!!!! Do not buy.

Does not kill flees

We rescued a new pet dog (cavslier king charles) and took straight to vet first thing that am for check over. They recommend revolution. We then took him to a grooming palour midday to be groomed. That night well after he had been washed and was dry we applied zoetis revolution. 5 days later he is badly infected with flees. Every thing that he is sleeping on and in was new the following day after being treated. We are totally upset and have to purchase another product tomorrow when shops open. We had no old bedding, anything as no other pets and every thing new. No excuses, nothing came with him, new bedding, new kennel, bowls ext. Rubbish product.

Gives my dog seizures - Revolution for dogs

I have a diary for my 5 year old dog. Every 3 three months for the past 2 years he has seized.
The penny has recently dropped.. it’s the revolution.
Many dogs and cats have died please research This well. It’s pesticide..
No more seizures since stopping revolution:)

It works for us

Alot of people are not educated properly on administering worming and flea treatments. If your dogs has fleas i recommend using capstar first to kill the adult fleas then use revolution. You should bomb your house and wash everything with a few drops of lavender oil or eucalyptus oil. Spray dogs bed with a spritzer with either of these oils as well. Do not use revolution after your dog has had a bath as in so dog is clean they neet to be between washes (advice given to me by a vet) Revolution i find is great for maintaining a flea free and heartworm free pooch.
Been a revolution user for 9 years have used in my 2 poodles and have used on dogs i have rescued and rehomed. Zero issues on any of them. My 2 poodles have never had flees on them ever

Works for us

We have been using Revolution for large dogs for years. We find it easy to use - just squeeze the tube out onto the back of her neck and it's done. There's stickers for the calendar included.to remind us when to dose her. We have never had a problem with parasites or fleas and we get bush animals and wild rabbits visiting our block all the time. Our dog doesn't have any reaction other than not being a fan of the cold sensation of the liquid being squirted onto her skin. We do have to be careful with the timing though, it needs to be done after the kids have gone to bed, so that they don't pat her when the product is wet.

Still have fleas !

Brought for me dogs and cats.
They have more fleas now they what they did before putting it on. Will never use again!!!

Wasn't impressed

Both my staffys had a really bad flea problem was told by vet Zoetis was a great product as it would kill the eggs as well. It did work but it took three days which made it a very stressful couple of days thinking I had wasted my time. Would not buy again.

Great stuff!

We have used Revolution for our 2 Rottweilers for the past 4 years. We have found revolution to be fantastic. Never had an issue with fleas or any other parasites. Also, our dogs have never had a bad reaction to Revolution like I have heard others have from other treatments. We will continue to treat our dogs with Revolution! Fantastic product!

Worked for my dogs

My three dogs picked up fleas at either the vet or the groomer, I think, as they had not been anywhere else with other animals. They had never had fleas in 15 years. I have now used Revolution for the third month and I think we are winning. Not as fast as I would have liked, and certainly not after one application, but only one dog had any evidence of fleas a couple of days ago, and they now appear to be dead. I was absolutely desperate as we have carpets and dog pillows and rugs all over the house. And then there is the car. And the beds. So much washing (dogs and cushion covers) and vacuuming. But my three girls are not itching any more, thank goodness, so I think the Revolution is working. No noticeable side effects on any of my dogs - and they are very senior animals, ranging from 12-16, not in great health (between them they have Cushings disease (2 of them), arthritis (2 of them), heart murmurs, dementia, blindness and deafness). Will continue with Revolution even though the cost is exorbitant.

Would not recommend.

We were told to buy this as it was supposed to kill the fleas eggs as well as fleas. My dogs ( Maltese shitz) now have more fleas than ever. will definitely be switching back to advocate.

Fleas have now appeared

Previously used comfirtis, which was terrific! That was out of stock and recommendation for revolution was given. Applied it to 5 dogs. Two are small indoor mini dachshunds and 3 are outdoor large dogs. All of my dogs now have fleas. I am supplementing with capstar till the comfortis comes in. Wont use this again, wont recommend to anyone.

Caused extreme side effects

Switched to Revolution due to cost effectiveness and should not have been focused on cost. Administered Revolution on my small poodle and two days later had a very sick dog. He exhibited signs of lethargy, was disoriented, could hardly walk, had a fever, and yelped in pain when touched. After a couple days, some antibiotics and pain meds later, he is back to normal. I would not recommend switching to Revolution if you have been using a different topical that works without side effects. I switched due to cost effectiveness but spent more on vet bills due to the side effects than over 2 years worth of the product.

So far so good but need time to prove

I used twice, once a month for my four months old poodle.
She has no flea but I found mild ear mite problem recently. Not sure if it is really ear mite.
I will continue to try the product because it provide protection against heartworm which other products cannot.

Our dogs are flea free and have been for years

Having dogs for years and one that had a terrible reaction to fleas, I was delighted when this product appeared on the market. Years later, I am so pleased with it. My dogs are flea-free and good around mozzies. We got a new rescue dog a few years back and she was riddled with fleas. The vet recommended a fast acting killer which we used and then I bathed her and have used Revolution ever since. No fleas here! We use it every month without fail, year round. I have just started to use a new product for ticks called Nexgard. Touch wood we are not in a big tick area and have only ever had one tick years ago. Hopefully it will keep them safe.

Don't waste your money

After 2 applications, my baby is infested with fleas. I actually had to bomb my house, bathe him, re-apply and guess what? He still has fleas!!! GARBAGE.

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Questions & Answers

I have an almost 5 year old male Australian silky terrior and have been using revolution spot on for the past few months. In this time i have noticed a steap decline in his health. Ie. Constant skin irritation, upset tummy, diarrhea, poor immune system (2 infections), tremours & sudden mood changes.. we've been to a couple of vets now and followed all directions precisely yet still my boy is noticeably uncomfortable. It wasn't until tonight when parousing the internet (again) searching for possible answers did I come across a site that listed ALL of the same symptoms as side effects of revolution!! Worse still in my case was the list of more susseptable breeds (small breeds especially & definitely silkys). How could i possibly have overlooked revolution to be the cause? More to the point, how could trained veterinarians not pick up on this AND continue to 'prescribe' such a thing to a pup that it very obviously does not agree with. I have literally been poisoning my bestfriend with pesticides at the direction of "pet health professionals" and SO ARE YOU!! I have hurt him, honestly believing i was helping him! I'm honestly distraught. Please beware
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I also have used revolution on my Foxie x jack Russell the 2nd month I put it on her she had 4 massive seizures could see probably off balance day 3 she is slightly improving. So just hoping she recovers.

I was given a revolution sample from my vet for my puppy. Applied to 12 week 18.5 pound puppy 7 hours later the puppy started having diarrhea. Put puppy on chicken and rice for 3 days and tries to wein some of her regular dry kibble to the chicken and rice and started getting diarrhea again. Did anyone else have these side effects with this medicine? Any suggestions?
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I have a maltese with Cushion Disease and the only medication she is using is Extreme Essential which is available at chemist used for humans as well. Can I use Revolution on her?
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Mariana, I would contact your vet or the manufacturer before using Revolution - just to be on the safe side.thank you for your reply. I have spoken to my vet already and will rather use natural products.Interested in natural products, what did you end up using?


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