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Rheem Optima

Long lasting..

Had a 135 litre for 16 years.. not one problem Have been thinking for a while now I need to decide what to do when something happens to this none. When I went to check on when it was installed I was surprised it was so long ago.I will now go and check the anode .. never been done.. and may be put a new one in and keep the unit going a bit longer.
Any way will simply replace it with the same when I need to.

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Hi Reviews, Thank you for your purchase and review of the product. If you need any assistance in the future, please feel free to email us your contacts details at rheemcustomerrelations@rheem.com.au, or by phone on 131031 so that a member of our team can assist you. Kind Regards, Rheem Australia

Great product, but let down by bodgy install from Rheem Service.

The Optima is a great product, it's well built. I've no complaints with its operation.

My only complaint is with Rheem Service. They're abominable. I wouldn't use them again.

They failed to properly insulate the copper pipes that run between the HWS, and the temperature limiter & house.

Their bodgy installation didn't adhere to the Australian standard. Nor did it follow their own product's installation guidelines. Page 26 of the Optima installation manual states "Reducing heat losses - The cold water line to and the hot water line from the water heater must be insulated in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 3500.4"

My next door neighbour had a HWS installed by "Harvey Norman Hot Water", their copper pipes were insulated properly. I wish I'd called Harvey Norman for the installation.

I called up Rheem Service to report their failure to properly insulate the pipes, they replied "that's not part of the service we provide". I then wrote a letter to them, they eventually agreed (which much reluctance) to send someone out to fix it up ... but then they NEVER ARRIVED on the agreed day. I ended up giving up, resigning myself to the conclusion that I'll never use Rheem Service again.

I dread to think how much I've been PAYING EXTRA on my ELECTICITY BILLS, due to Rheem Service's bodgy installation.

Very good product

Very good product.
I would have rated it excellent but for the bottom of the unit rusting with actual rust pieces breaking away.
This may be normal as the unit is now 9 years old but I hope that the inner holding cylinder is ok.
I only discovered this problem today so will have to investigate soon.
Bottom of cylinder rusting away

Faithfull Service

We have had a Rheem Optima 400 ltr,twin element hot water system for the last 16 years and never had one bit of trouble with it.After installing it was just a case of set and forget,with 6 people in the house and a lot of hot water washing it has never given any problems or ever failed to supply continuous hot water.Being off peak,it only costs about $50 a month,but sadly has now reached the end of its days.The replacement will be another Rheem Optima 400 ltr because a man would be a fool to go away from the topline Rheem.Tried and proven service.
reliable,inexpensive,well finished,quality from top to bottum,you get more than you pay for.

Hi Mick Mountain, Thank you for taking the time to provide your positive feedback. If you require any assistance with organising your new unit, our general enquiries phone number is 132 552, while service can be contacted through 131 031.Already organised,will be installed Friday,Thanks for providing such a top line,quality product,cheers.Agree with this post. 15 years service from Rheem Optima 400 twin, and just purchased identical unit as a replacement. Excellent product.


This gas hot water service has good solid performance. The recovery time is amazingly quick, which is a very handy feature. There is a 10 year warranty on the cylinder, so you cannot go wrong there; great piece of mind really. I find the unit is efficient with gas usage (I haven't got natural gas, only bottled LPG so I can really notice the usage which is quite small). Even on LPG it is cheaper than off-peak electric units.
Quick recovery time. Easy to access gas controls (including temperature setting). Never let me down. Reasonably effecient gas usage.
Nothing to report.

Never missed a beat

This hot water system is as reliable as they come. Quick heat up time and you can select the temperature if you wish. Ours has just given up the ghost after at least 18 years and we are going to replace it with the same thing. I have been waiting for the last few years for something to happen, as our first hot water system lasted only 7 years before the storage tank leaked. We have looked at the newer instantaneous models, but by the time we pay for installing a power point for the electronics, pay to brick up the hole in the wall from the old one, and then take a punt on the reliability of the newer models,(if there is a power failure does the system still work??)so we decided to stick with the tried and true old faithful! I'm all for simplicity.
Reliable, energy efficient. Our average bill is below average. no maintenance - set and forget. you can adjust the temperature

Questions & Answers

What's the cost of a Rheem optima 170lt.?
1 answer
Hi Chris, Thank you for your question. If you could please contact us by phone on 13 10 31,one of our friendly staff will be able to offer suitable assistance. Kind Regards, Rheem Australia

Looking at buying an old rheem optima 88 series 135 liter Is there any problems running it on LPG(bottles) ? Is there anything to look out for eg rust bunt out tanks It's for a bush hut so it has the be reliable
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To be honest it would be better to contact rheem themselves and ask.Their web address is www.rheem.com.au,that will give you the phone contacts you need.I hope you get the advice you are looking for,cheers.Hi Chappo, Thank you for providing us with your question. If you could please email us your contact details and referencing this question to rheem.service@rheem.com.au, or by phone on 131031, our team can assist you accordingly. Kind Regards, Rheem AustraliaAgree with Mick Mountain. Best to contact Rheem and get the lowdown on LPG. I would question whether it would be wise to buy these second hand, (unless relatively new perhaps) as it would be almost impossible to check for things like rust etc. If you are out bush and reliability is an issue, then new might be a safer option.

Hi my Rheem optima 400L was gone after 12 years. I have to replace it, looking for same brand, same size. anyone knows any cheaper prices?
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Hi Oliver, We are happy to assist you, however we’re unable to confirm your contact details due to limited personal data availability on this website. Please send us your contact details to rheem.service@rheem.com.au, referencing your question, so a member of our team can assist you. Kind Regards Rheem Australia

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