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Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel

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I've been wearing Rimmel nail polish for years, and have noticed that on certain colours after a couple of days I start to get chips. So I decided to buy the Sally Hansen gel nail polish hoping that it would atleast last a week without chipping. Unfortunately after using the colour and the top coat, my nails chipped the next day. Very disappointed.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $13.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneFair/Light Skin
Chipping / Cracking Yes

Not happy

I wish I had read these reviews before buying this gel. I thought it was a UV gel, it doesn't go well with UV gels blended. wish.com cheaper and better.

Purchased in March 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $15.00.

Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Chipping / Cracking Yes

High Hopes Diminished

I applied the first coat and waited 15 minutes before applying the 2nd coat. After waiting another 15 minutes, I applied the top coat. The nail polish went on gummy and did not last at all. I watched two Youtube videos to make sure the application was done correctly. I want my money back!

Purchased in February 2019 for $7.89.

Value for Money
Ease of Application
Causes Irritation No
Skin ToneMedium/Olive Skin
Chipping / Cracking Yes

5 days no Chips

I have very long nails and I tend to get chips after 1 day.
5 days later and only a few tiny chips on the top of 3 nails, not really noticeable. Day 6 one of my nails peeled (ongoing issue for me).
The bottle promises up to 16 days and for me 5 days is amazing, this to me is the promise of putting nail polish on for a Saturday evening up to 4 days ahead and not having it look tacky and worn.
Removal with regular nail polish remover is also great, No more soaking in acetone and feeling like I'm scraping off a layer of my nail.


I used the Sally Hansen gel nail polish and top coat and it started to chip at the edges the same day. I even wore gloves when doing the dishes. Not happy!!

Looks good but overpriced

I had high hopes for this nail polish because my previous experience with Sally Hansen polishes were really positive. I have the shade Pinky Promise and After the first coat it’s pretty transparent and streaky but the second coat covered it nicely and made it more opaque. The top coat makes it perfectly smooth and it dries relatively fast. It Looks really good and definitely as good as a gel mani at a salon would look, the only downside for me is that after a few days the nail polish starts to chip and crack so this is quite a disappointment considering it claims to last more than a week without chips and the nail polish cost about $16 a bottle.
Overall this nail polish looks good and dries in an adequate amount of time but is very overpriced for the quality.

Let down

I was excited about having an alternative to getting gels done at a beauty salon which is an expense I was trying to reduce so this alternative seemed perfect. Wrong!!! Polish chipped after 2 days, I tried a different color & still the same. At $14 a bottle I would have expected a better quality.

A big waste of money

I bought the miracle gel gold glitter if defiantly does not last for 14 days you will be lucky if it lasted a week & the brunch deteriorated!!! So to use the nail polish I have to use another nail polish brush


The product takes a very long time to dry, then flakes off in large pieces soon afterwards. Not strong at all. Horribly over priced. Save your money, don't fall for the hype.

Waste of money

I was so happy with the finish of this product when I first applied it. It looked fantastic. I chose the colour birthday suit. However less than 24 hours later they all looked cracked and shabby. I removed it and reapplied and again within 24 hours it looks all cracked again. Definitely won’t waste my money on this stuff again. A $2 Kmart polish does a better job. It’s a no from me.

Wouldn't pay for this.

Not worth the $$$. Used it as an overcoat but it made cracks in the undercoat. Tried again to see if the undercoat wasn't dry enough but same thing happened after drying the polish for an hour.. Will go straight in the bin.

Not worth the price

Terrible product
Would not suggest buying waste of money??? Would not recommend
It is rubbish for that price really I do not recommend paying for it
Honestly...my nail were not better after using it for 30 days

A waste of my money!!

I am extremely disappointed in my purchase of two colours and a top coat in this range. Both colours go on that they are bubbly or crack and last a maximum of three days at the most. I can not recommend this product as a replacement for gel or shellac nails. This product lasts about the same time as normal polish.


This is terrible polish. 2 coats of colour followed by a coat of top coat, ok. I put this on last night. Got up this morning had a shower and all the tips have chipped off! Unbelievable. Sadly I bought 3 colours as sally Hansen is usually great. Nope.

Worst experience

Let each coat dry for 10-15min, was still tacky and never really set.
After 20min it felt touch dry.
I literally washed my hours 2hrs after application. The polish slid off of my nails.
All of them just came straight off. No idea why. Tried again since, same thing. Waste of money. I could of gotten a spoilt batch but still I won't be buying again. Very disappointed.

Miracle gel

Waste of money, chips off within a day. Bought another product for $3.95 & works brilliant. This is the second product of Sally Hansen I have bought that has been rubbish, very disappointed especially paying top dollar.

Chips off within one day of application

I bought 4 colours and found it to be a total waste of money! It is no different to most nail polishes. It chips off within 1 day of application regardless of how you use your hands.

Neither a miracle nor a gel

I'm a long term user of gel polishes set by light, including Sally hansen's former gel products. I tried this miracle gel according to the instructions and it was barely 24 hours before they started chipping.

I get about 10 days from light-set gel and I expected a similar result from this new product that claims up to 2 weeks without a light.

Worst product ever. Just straight up a waste of money.

The next two times I used it, it still came off in 2 days. Miracle gel annoyed me enough to write a bad review and I never donate the energy usually.

I need a hard-wearing gel, and if that means I have to fire LEDs at my nails then that's what I'll do.

Does not do what bottle says. Don't bother.

Takes practice

I have never used any gel nail polish before.I used Sally Hansen Diamond strength, before and liked it.However, I liked the idea of not having to redo my nails for 14 days, as advertised.I have had chemo, and that made my nails flakey, I was lucky to not loose my nails,though I did put lots of care into keeping the polish upkeep going.The gel polish didn't last 14 days, as advertised, I get about 5days at a time.I found I had to practice using it, as it's thick and found drying it in the sun was helpful.My favourite colour is,' Birthday Suit,' it's a nice natural pink and goes with my skin colouring.I found using this polish has protected my nails as they have been repairing, and I only have two flakey nails now,pretty happy with that, I feel this polish has helped a lot.Everyone is different, maybe some polishes don't suit everyone,I reckon it's worth a go, even perhaps,go halves with a girlfriend, have a nail polish day, just to test it out?Hope this helps!

Not worth the money

I actually bought around 5 of them and found out they were not like gel at all... So i used 2 coats and top gel coat and waited so they dried. Just a couple of days later they started to peel off and get chipped like normal cheap polish.. they are very easy to remove as it says def not worth the money.
I think their Complete Salon are so much better as they stay on my nails much longer!

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Solution: I was about to throw my Miracle Gel away, or at least hide it down the back of the drawer when I tried putting the Topcoat on FIRST. That is, I used the #2 Topcoat as a base coat - and guess what! The polish is not nearly as streaky when applied over the Topcoat. It’s not ideal as a product such as this should have been thoroughly quality tested before being released into the shops, however it least saves people’s money when you would otherwise have been binning it. Just a note, 2 applications of Topcoat used as a base under the nail polish work even better.
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Miracle Gel
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