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Saxbys Sars

Saxbys Sars

5.0 from 3 reviews

Nicer than Bundaberg

Saxbys is my favourite Sars but as mentioned not every supermarket sells it now.
I prefer this over Bundaberg and recommend trying it


The best sars available if you can get it. It appears to be in short supply. Unavailable from many major stores.

Definitely perfect and the only best Sarsaparilla in Australia!

We all family love Sarsaparilla. We have tried lots of different brand of sarsaparilla soft drinks but Saxby Sars is the only best one!
Taste and it's perfect!

Questions & Answers

I live in the northern suburbs in victoria and cant get Saxby's Sars any where it is the best Sars ever made anyone got any suggestions on wher to go to purchase?
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We are in the Castlemaine area and find that the Maxi IGA in Castlemaine stocks it whereas Woolworths and Coles in Lansal Plaza Kangaroo Flat only stock spasmodically, in fact, very rare to find. I suggest to try your local IGA and if they haven't got it, ask if they will bring it in. I have done that and it works sometimes. Good luck.

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