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Saxbys Ginger Beer

Saxbys Ginger Beer

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Far too sweet, sugar is fast becoming a no - no

Tried it once & immediately regreted the purchase.
It's just far too sweet; aimed at young kids perhaps?
I certainly would not allow my kids to drink it or any other similar product.

The Best!

The Best Ginger Beer better than Bunderberg!
Drank Bundaberg before and then found saxby who is way better!
Saxby ginger beer is just the perfect taste!

Great drink

Saxbys is one, if not the best Ginger Beers available & has that real bite that the best ginger beers have. Great Drink

The best i've tasted...

Had this recommended to me as i said Bundaberg was my ginger beer of choice with my rums.
Saxbys is so much better... will thank him later.

Just came back from Stroud and bought this Saxby's diet Ginger Beer... WOW!

Best ginger beer I've ever had from a commercial bottler. Very gingery/peppery not too sweet, nice fizziness - perfect for a Sydney heatwave! Far better than Bundaberg....

Old bottles better

Great product Original Stone Ginger beer. Buy lots, Much better than Bundabergs pepper water, BUT I don't like being conned. The new bottles only contain 330mls against the old ones with 375mls. Now only get 1/12 glasses instead of two for the same price. That's a big drop. The scungy cost accountants have struck at quantity again. You would be better off charging more rather than this sneaky move to your customers.

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Notice they've gone back to the old style bottles now.

I can't get through the day without one! Love it!

I prefer the Saxby ginger beer flavour to any other ginger beer. I even take it with me when we go on holidays. It's the only drink I really love.

Saxbys diet ginger beer

Best tasting bottled diet ginger beer on the market. Having trouble purchasing this product though. Cokes and Woolworths not stocking it.


A poor imitation of ginger beer. Sadly lacking in every element. Does not come within a country mile to its major competitors.

Great option to the real beer & better for you

Took to drinking it six months ago after trying a competitors drink.
This is the best on the market and it is good for the weight. The taste was far better then the competitors that I had tasted and it was well balanced.

The Best

I've had a lot of trouble finding Saxby's Ginger Beer of late. It no longer seems to be carried by Coles stores near me.
I bought Bundaberg as a substitue - awful! Well, certainly not to my taste.
I came to this website to check that Saxby's was still in production and am so relieved that it is. It is my drug of addiction!
I'll be checking out Woolies tomorrow.
1 - taste 2 - taste 3 - taste

Saxby's gingerless beer

While being a member of a family of ginger beer lovers, I guess you could say I'd be a tough cookie to impress......
My husband bought a 4 pack from Coles & said "this is what we Smith's were raised on, I love this brand." He poured us both a glass & with our first mouthful we looked at each other with an expression of do i swallow or spit it out !
Disappointment to say the least.
You may have noticed that there isn't even a star rating, this is because there was no ginger taste or bubble in the drink. (Much like drinking water & sugar)
Sadly in good conscience I couldn't recommend this product.
Should this be of interest to anyone at Saxby's the batch number is 93215206.
Okay, so I have to place a star rating to place my review. ....not happy

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Hi - What has happened to your Saxby's Diet Ginger Beer?? It now has an altogether different taste to what I've been buying for years and years. WE DON'T LIKE THE NEW TASTE


Saxbys is Australian made and owned. It's the best Ginger Beer available in Australia and perfect on a hot summers day, accompanied by fresh fish and chips. No.1 in my opinion!
Saxbys Ginger Beer and Diet Ginger Beer are made with real ginger (unlike others). It has a true old fashioned ginger beer taste.
Coles and Woolworths fail to stock this product on a regular basis - thank you IGA and Franklins!!

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ibuy saxbys ginger beer in cartons from aldi at springfield queensland in two cartons ifound two bottles were not fully filled one ofthe bottles the seal was broken as well

The perfect summer beverage

I love the ginger beer- not overly sweet and great on a hot summers day. I wish it was easier to find a place to buy it!
I love the taste better than Bundeberg's concoction.

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is not good. Is not Don. Bundeberg whilst not being the best is a lot better than Suxbys. Diet Rite ginger beer is even better than Suxbys at an eighth of the price. Although, there is no good price for Suxbys.


We picked up this ginger beer because it was on sale, and I'm glad we bought it. Its great tasting, plus its an Aussie make. It is nice and refreshing when you dont want to have the usual taste of cola or lemon drinks. Its a very light and refreshing taste and still has the fizz which is great. Since it comes in a multipack, its easy to buy and store in the fridge so that I can enjoy it nice and cold. This is a great tasting light ginger beer which has a lovely hint of ginger which is so yummy and not over powering.
I love the fact that this is an Aussie company which is great and the product tastes great too!
Sometimes its a bit hard to find this on the shelf in the supermarket, but I am seeing this a bit more regularly, so its not too hard to find nowadays.

Questions & Answers

What is the sugar content per bottle?
1 answer
The diet version that l drink has 0.1 grams of sugar per 250 ml.

I love saxby ginger beer and are devastated that i can no longer get your ginger beer at the supermarket I know I can get the diet one but i dont really like it.Is there anywhere I can get it?
4 answers
Vick D, Have you tried Woolworths, as the ones near where I live still stock it. You may also be able to order it through an IGA supermarket as I did to get them to obtain the diet version for me, as the Saxby reps actually attend the stores. Hope this helps. TezI have tried iga in Tocumwal no go and Woolworth in cobram said they will only be stocking the diet getting desperateVicki D, try IGA in Yarrawonga, call them and ask for the manager. He will put some away or order it in for you.

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