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Pepsi Max

Latest review: Last two cases of papsi max cans exp.20 apr 19 2 3237. Tasted stale. Was surprised to find use by date very close. Is this normal. Not the usual

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Latest review: Probably my favourite ginger beer. Refreshing served over ice especially in this dreadful heat. The perfect amount of ginger to not be overwhelming. The pull tab makes it harder to open, a lid would

Nexba Natural Cola

Latest review: What an awesome product to bring to the market. Me and my wife are both hooked on it. I prefer the natural cola taste

Emma & Tom's Life Juice

Latest review: I have tried a few of these juices and they are absolutely delicious. Packed with goodness and none of the nasties! Super filling and none of them taste like leaves or

Saxbys Ginger Beer

Latest review: Tried it once & immediately regreted the purchase. It's just far too sweet; aimed at young kids perhaps? I certainly would not allow my kids to drink it or any other similar

Coca-Cola Coke

Latest review: You came out with new cherry zero the old cherry zero I started drinking in 2002 when I was found to be diabetic. Why did y'all change it. I went to Walmart yesterday dug to bottom case thinking it

Buderim Ginger Refresher

Latest review: Bowing down to 2% of the population will lose you customers. Boycott halal. Does it contain pork or alcohol? What a waste of money paying for these fees. There is no halal certification in their

Waterfords Flavoured Natural Mineral Water

Latest review: I used to buy Waterfords flavoured natural mineral water all the time but since they have changed the shape of the bottle the taste has changed beyond recognition. In fact I have been throwing most

Coca-Cola Diet Coke

Latest review: I'm a dedicated diet coke drinker but I find the new tall cans flimsy and easily crushed. Then there is the matter of the diet coke getting warm faster and it tastes watered down. Get rid of the

Schweppes Lemonade

Latest review: I have found that Schweppes Sars in plasctic bottles low on gas and flat tasting. Flavour is OK. The best Sars I have tasted came from McMahons in Ipswich who I believe was bought out by

Bickfords Traditional Cordials

Latest review: I am extremely disappointed that I can no longer buy diet cordials. I don’t understand why they were removed. I will not buy the light cordials as they contain sugar. I feel for true diabetics as t

Schweppes Flavoured Mineral Water

Latest review: I nearly threw up on strawberry essence -flavoured who had to run to the toilet immediately. What the heck chemicals taste so

Berri Juice

Latest review: I was absolutely hooked on this combination. Wonderful taste, could easily have consumed a container a day. Very sad to see it removed from the juice section at Coles!! Hoping to find it SOMEWHERE

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Latest review: I loved coke Zero. Coke with no sugar tastes like it has some nasty chemical in it which leaves a bad after taste. Maybe that is because I don't normally use artificial sweeteners but I was

Coca-Cola No Sugar

Latest review: I guess it comes down to what we like personally and I for one like the no sugar ! been drinking it now for a few months, I have always liked coke heavy (Original), but wanted to stop consuming so

Angostura Lemon Lime & Bitters

Latest review: It's good stuff. The bitters taste is perfect for a hot day. Even the colour of the product gets me excited. If you make up a refreshing lemonade type drink sometime add a splash of these bitters and

Kiss Cider

Latest review: Tried one of Europe's favourite ciders last night over ice, you can actually taste the fruit- Stawberry, Pear and Cherry, Wow I was really surprised, clean, fresh, not sickly sweet, really

Nestea Pear and Honey

Latest review: I don't normally like any of the iced tea brands including Lipton & Nestea --except the Peach & mango. I tried Pear & honey once and it's amazing!!!! Although can be hard to find retailers who stock

Saxbys Sars

Latest review: Saxbys is my favourite Sars but as mentioned not every supermarket sells it now. I prefer this over Bundaberg and recommend trying

San Pellegrino Aranciata

Latest review: Mmmmmm! This is an excellent tasting product that has just the right balance of flavour and fizz. I first tasted it in Italy a few years ago and was over the moon when I found out that it was sold in

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