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Selleys Grout Stain Whitener

Selleys Grout Stain Whitener

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The best way to get white grout back to white

So long as you clean and dry your grout beforehand this product is PURE GOLD!!! Transformed the grout between our subway tiles in an en-suite masterfully, both in the shower cubicle and vanity area.

Purchased in June 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

"Ideal way to revive a tiled area"???? Afraid not.

I followed the instructions and unfortunately most of the grout paint came off during cleaning. It failed to cover any of the light mould stains in the grout.
To be fair when you apply it really thick, let it dry and then spend a couple of hours scraping off the surplus off the tiles it looks ok. But its not worth the effort. Better scrape out the old grout and re-grout.
Also, next time you clean the shower you will have bits coming off.
Anyway it was only $10, cheap price and cheap results.

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $10.00.


I had dirty grout pn my toilet, laundry and bathroom floors. I bought a bottle of Selley's white for life at bunnings. Applied it, and did as the label instructed me to do. Removed it and scrubbed, after the prescribed amount of time. The grout was exactly the same, absolutely no difference! It was completely useless, and a waste of my money! I expected better from Selley's.

Not the product I expected

I expected this product would 'bleach grout' in some way but instead it is just sits there as a film on top of the grout. I am sure it will wash off in a few showers. What's the point. I want a permanent fix.


I have used every potion, lotion, cream, spray and home made concoction imaginable to try and whiten the grout in my shower over the last 5 years, absolutely nothing has worked and it was looking so bad that I was considering painstakingly removing all the grout and redoing it all or even more drastic, pulling all the tiles off and starting again. Then a friend recommended that I try Selleys Grout Stain Whitener, I was a bit dubious but it was only $12.49 at Bunnings so i thought it was worth a go. I applied it and was astounded at how well it works and what a difference it has made, it now looks like the whole area has been re-tiled. I really wish i had known about this a long time ago!

The applicator does leave a bit of residue which is quite tough to rub off however it doesn't take too long and the end result is really worth it. This is an amazing product which i highly recommend

Great product, did what it claimed!

Excellent product, did what it claimed to. Made a huge difference in our shower. The only thing was it took some time to wash off the excess after it dried. But overall it made a big difference! Would definitely use it again and recommend.


Applied according to instructions i.e. cleaned with mould cleaner, rinsed, left til completely dry, applied whitener, left for a full 36 hrs before showering. 3 days later a quarter of the whitener has already washed off. Maybe it works on new tiles/grout, but not on old ones. Waste of time and money.

Fantastic to whiten old grout!

I have recently retiled one quarter of our shower after removing the old tiles and drywall following an internal water leak. I used Selleys "White for Life" Grout with the new tiles.

Once I had finished grouting the new tiles, the grout in the old areas surrounding it had become obviously discoloured over the years. I actually thought it looked fairly white and clean beforehand!

I purchased this Selleys Grout Stain Whitener and recovered the old grout. Having just used the Selleys White for Life Grout (pre-mixed in a tub) the previous day, this Stain Whitener I would describe as a very similar to nearly identical product. It was like applying a very thin layer of fresh white grout over the old grout.

As others have mentioned, the rubber pad applicator can be used to apply but due to its width a bit can be wasted. You can use your finger in conjunction with it as I did.

The whitener that ends up on the tiles does tend to dry quickly, I found that I could leave it to dry and then using a steel blade scraper it came off the tiles as easy as anything.

Highly recommended, so easy to apply, and great results. A perfect match to the Selleys White for Life Grout too.

Bathroom looks new again

Excellent result first time. Grout came up very white. Tiles look revived and new again. I used baby wipes to remove excess and applied it with my fingers and cotton buds. You could also use a kids paint brush to apply. A great product! I'd suggest doing small sections at one time.

Awesome product.

I have just found this product and I love it. I found the easiest way to apply it, is to squeeze some out into a small artists paint brush and brush on/in. I tried using the sponge applicator but found there was quite a bit of wastage. After using the little paintbrush, residue on the tile is minimal and comes off easier than when using the supplied applicator. My grout looked pretty good before, but it looks brand new now. Happy Customer.

A fantastic product

Completed 2 showers and 2 bathrooms using 3 tubed and I can't believe the difference it has made. From worn and dark stained groot lines to shiny white .... the bathrooms almost look new. Like the other reviewers have said start with small area to get the hang of it... I ended up doing all the groot lines in one go by the time I did the second bathroom and left it for a half hour and then cleaned up. Another pointer from my experience with this product..use a rubber ended scraprr/ filler tool that you can get from bunnings to go over the grout and smooth it out and then clEan up with the same rubber end any residue along the tile and reapply that to the next line... don't worry took much about light residue as it cleans off very easily ..... and make sure to rub diagonally both ways across the grout lines when you are cleaning up as this will get rid of any bit where too much had been filled in the lines and evens out the paint where adjacent tiles are slightly higher or lower... overall bit of work involved but very satisfying and we'll worth the effort.. Highly recommend.

What a great product!!

Such an excellent product. Just finished using it.... my bathroom looks better than when we moved in. Will definitley keep this in mind for any new properties. It looks so fresh!

Great results but takes time

I was a little heavy handed when I first put it on and had to scrub the tiles to get it off them, my tips are as follows 1. From trial and error. Only use the pad on the smallest pointed side as it smears the white too wide over the tiles if you use the other side. 2. Only do a small area as stated on container, when applying have a rag close by to wipe excess off the pad as you are trying to get it in the grout line not on the tiles. Or use your finger to put excess in the lines so you don't waste it. 3. By the time you have done a square metre you can go back with a damp cloth and wipe the tiles around the grout and use a damp finger to smooth out the whitener. 4. After an hour its dry and I went back and gently wiped over the tiles and grout lines. Allow a good 2 hours to do a shower but worth it.

Agree this works well

Take it from Pete28. Do one square metre at a time and when you get the hang of it you can widen your scope. You get the hang of it pretty quickly and don't stress about the result you can always redo it. I'm refurbishing a shower recess and one tube should be enough. Great value and great finish. Good product. A bit labour intensive but rewarding. If you inadvertently let the grout go off too hard, at any time you can use a Stanley blade to scrape it off back to the join. Wear a head lamp so you can see everything clearly. That's the labour intensive bit but it's worth it.

What a brilliant product

This stuff is fantastic. I've just finished using it and am so happy with it I just had to write a review. It is vary rare to find a product that does exactly what it says on the package but this does!
As a typical bloke though, I did try and do the whole area at once and had to busily clean up the bits that got on the tiles, but as it gives you quite a bit of time to do the clean-up it wasn't an issue. My tip: do 1 square metre at a time.
It looks like I've just re-tiled my bathroom. Well done Selleys.
Simple, effective and great result.

Selleys grout stain whitener

Love it. Works great, easy to use. Makes grout look new. Whiter than the original grout. Worth doing every 6-12 months to keep them looking great. Supermarket stopped selling however just found bunnings sells it. Never will buy white tiles again however this product helps us keep them looking respectable.
Easy, quick, makes tiles look new.

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Love it, it does what it said get the grout real white never be without it I give it 100% great stuff

Questions & Answers

How can I remove this product, it has been a long time since it has been applied and some has worn off, not giving a very good look. Please help?? Thank you
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What are the ingredients, is it the same ingredients as grout just more liquidt?
No answers

Can you describe this product? Is this like a white paint that goes over the top of existing grout?
1 answer
Yes It's like gritty white paint Works a treat And lasts for ages

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