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Shake Weight

Shake Weight

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Works for me!

I thought it was a big joke when I got this from BigW after seeing on Ellen where the way it is moved was ridiculed. But why not have a bit of fun? It was hard to do at first and I still feel the burn when I get toward the end of the reps. The DVD was very motivating and keept me going and I definitely have good tone in my arms and shoulders now. I do follow this 6 mins daily with another full body workout DVD that goes for 20 min, so I get other areas with that. But it is so easy to start when you know it doesn't take long! It is a great feeling when you finish and after 6 weeks I can definitely say that it works for the target areas. I have been using it most days for 3 months now and it is still great.
It is Fast, Lindsay on DVD is motivating and a good instructor, it is not hard to do after the beginning.
The backing music on the DVD gets irritating! Men's version (heavier) is impossible to find in Australia.

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I bought the 5kg on Ebay Australia, and it comes with the Men's version music.

It looks funny but it does work :)

I bought it in K-mart for $30, it looks silly when you are exercising, jokes are flowing in on this one, but 5 min a day shaking this weight does tone up my arms and shoulders. I like that it is small and you can work out at your office desk. I don't like that it just looks so silly when working out...but after you've seen results funny is secondary to success.
it's small and affordable, simple and tones flabby arms.

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