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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bluewater

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bluewater

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Bluewater rod thats suitable for all styles of fishing...

The Shakespere Ugly Stick Bluewater series of rods are simply fantastic!

The Bluewater series are built upon a graphite 'Howald' process blank, and this usually means a triple directional wrap of carbon weave which makes the rod stiff and responsive to use. These rods are full carbon and are very sensitive and have a great deal of power especially when casting XOS lures for Jew's, Jacks and larger estuarine species - it would also double up as an excellent live baiting rod for Bull Sharks or other mentioned species!

The spin rod that I have is matched to a Daiwa Exceler 4500DA loaded with 30lb PE, and feels together in its use, however heavy it will not succumb to the vigour's of heavy lure casting (upto 100grams) and trolling of large 200mm plus bibbed lures.

I found that the rear grip was a little too long to tuck up into my arm pit / shoulder when popping and working a minnow so I have shortened it by 2.5cm and this little alteration made all the difference! Some people may prefer the butt length as it is, as it has a gimble butt cap, however for spinning / luring its better a little shorter - try to salvage the butt cap as they're $22 to replace!

The guides are well spaced and there is a nice cure to the rod when fully loaded, with no stressful angles exerted onto the line, the guides are Fuji Alconite however seem to look like the Fuji Silicone Carbide's, some online shops say either guides are set onto the blank and there is no way to truly know as they don't say anything on the feet other than Fuji...

The reel seat is a Fuji Heavy Duty seat and will take an absolute pounding and will accommodate a much larger reel, even upto a 20,000 size most likely and will take the hardest abuse possible. The hyperlon grips are the usual, hard and provide a good amount of grip, keep them clean and they'll last the lifetime of the rod.

Finally the rod is finished in the trademark and most typical Ugly Stick epoxy finish, all guides on the Bluewater are under and over bound and plenty of epoxy has been poured on to ensure that there are no voids or thin spots. The rod itself is also fully epoxied from foregrip to tip, which will protect the blank against the elements.

I would have liked to see Shakespere supply a rod bag with the rod to protect it from being banged around when transported, however these can be picked up cheaply enough. The rod comes with a 10 year warranty, which you take the rod and receipt to the retailer and its taken care of from there - no costly postage to you the buyer!

The rod is a fine piece of fishing gear, well priced compared to similar rods on the market and well below anything available from the bigger brands. But I need to stress that this rod performs as good or better than some of the rods available from Daiwa, Shimano or Loomis - you just gotto go and see them for yourself - take your reel and ask an assistant to load the rod for you to test the action.

You will be pleasantly surprised with the Shakespere Bluewater range!
Price, quality, 10 year warranty, Fuji guides and heavy duty seat, great action and beautiful rod blank!
Butt length slightly too long, gimble butt is pointy - easily changed or modified.

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Confirmed that the Fuji guides are Silicone Carbide. These are as good as you can get on such a cheap Ugly Stick rod! Love it!

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