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Fin-Nor Affinity Reels

Fin-Nor Affinity Reels

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Unbelievable for the price

Have had a 2000 sized affinity for about 3 years now, probably the smoothest drags i have felt, awesome line lay and no wind knots, it still feels as smooth as the day i got it, a little heavy but i like that in a reel, they have full metal bodies unlike other reels in that price point with weak graphite bodies, 8 ball bearings too which is also uncommon for a reel in that price.

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Tested, thrashed and still going

The new Fin-Nor Affinity offers Kiwi inshore angler a taste of something a little different from the Fin-Nor's stable of ever growing reels, which wont bust your bank and give you fantastic bang for buck with strength and reliability. The Affinity reels feature a deluxe full metal body that protects the vital internals including eight stainless steel ball-bearings giving the angler super smooth use. The Affinity sports a infinite anti-reverse system, A lightened alloy spool, a machined alloy handle with your standard rubber knob and a special worm-driven slow oscillation system for even line lay, and by crikey it lays alot better than more expensive brands that I use, even with braid, without the need to add spacer washers after months of daily use. The drag is very smooth and has alot larger drag washers than most high end shimano’s. The reel gets a large amount of water over it with it living in the rod holder on the roof day to day and like all small reels does get a wet drag but for day to day use the selaed drag will keep most water. The drag washers are unusual, and hybrid construction which looks like a fibre washer and a carbon washer interwoven and this seems to be the business. The bling factor on this little beauty is very low, a black matt body is what you see throughout the Fin Nor range of reels. There are four sizes to choose from and all are great little reels
On purpose I didn’t service this little reel for two months apart from re-greasing the drag washers and spraying with Inox and unlike the reels I use on the boat there was only a very very small amount of salt intrusion in the anti reverse release shaft and this surprised me as I was expecting more from the sheer amount of water that has been blasted over it. So far I have only needed to replace one part and that’s the roller bearing, but that’s more my fault for being slack as all reels need the roller cleaned and lubed. Touching on the roller system, when I first laid eyes on the reel leaning against my mates wall, I did like the design, having a semi shield over it, I thought this might just make the bearing last that little bit longer. Another place I think this reel stands out and will make me look at Fin Bor in the future is the oversize gear bearings which you dont find in other more big name brands and this gives me that little bit more confidence for my operation where there is a multi person users, which typically wreck even the best reel.
Like all new reels that come on Sanity, from Stellas to Jigging Master, I striped it down and re-greased all components and have a good look at design. The affinity was easy to completely strip down and from what was a nice reel to use off the shelf, that little bit extra lube made is a super smooth little reel and was my friends ‘go to’ reel on a recent trip to Gt Barrier and he had Shimano and Diawa to choose from and that speaks volumes, I was impressed to say the least. The tuff body means that there will be no chipping to the housing and without those little annoy flashy parts on the outside that so often flake and crack and hold water.
With a low purchase price this series of little reels will serve you fantastically well. We have caught many kingfish up to 18kg on this little beauty and it still goes on and on and now has pride of place in my reel line up on my charter boat – when I’m not using it myself!

Smoooth as plus value for money

I used it recently on a NZ fishing charter Epic I normally use shimano or Daiwa but using this reel was nice to fish with very smooth and good drag too, would buy one in a heart beat top shelf. The operator Toby said he liked using them something different they did the job well we were pulling 5kg plus kingfish on them that says it all.
Everything the feel the weight nice contrast colours very light

thanks richard - the reel is still going strong and has caught kingfish up to 18kg in the bayThese are the old Penn Affinity and they were excellent too

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