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Twitching Lure

Latest review: Exactly the same thing happened to me, after catching my first fish! I see several other people have had the same problem I was hoping they would replace the lure, but it doesn't look likely, judging

Berkley Gulp

Latest review: Have been using these for a 7 years now with great success. The packet's not great after it's opened and you can lose the liquid and they dry out becoming useless. I take all mine out and put them in

Daiwa Exceler DA

Latest review: I've had the 2000 model for about 2 years and it cannot be faulted. Sold to me at the fishing store as a low-cost entry into finesse bream fishing. Unless you're a pro tournament angler or have money

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bluewater

Latest review: The Shakespere Ugly Stick Bluewater series of rods are simply fantastic! The Bluewater series are built upon a graphite 'Howald' process blank, and this usually means a triple directional wrap of

Maxima Ultragreen

Latest review: I have used light tackle for years and trial and error has led to one of the few monofilament lines I will use. Many other lines would break unexpectedly but when tested in the hand they had seemed

Fin-Nor Affinity Reels

Latest review: Have had a 2000 sized affinity for about 3 years now, probably the smoothest drags i have felt, awesome line lay and no wind knots, it still feels as smooth as the day i got it, a little heavy but i

Okuma Makaira

Latest review: Just bought a Makaira MK-50WII reel. I haven't fished with this reel yet so this will be only a quick review based on my first impressions. This the second Makaira one I have bought in the past

Jarvis Walker Comet Combos

Latest review: Customer service in Vic is so amazing!! If you have a problem I’m sure you’ll receive 120% excellent customer service!! We enquired about replacing a small part on the reel and they sent us a whole ne

PENN Applause 6000 Spinning Fishing Reel

Latest review: This is a smooth and solid reel that will last a very long time if care taken after each use. It has a metal body construction so the reel doesn't twist and warp when fighting a big fish. The price

Shimano Torium

Latest review: I brought this shimano torium 16hg overhead reel to go on a 10' live fibre rod for casting from the rocks and it has performed very well indeed! For the price, it feels solid and smooth right out of

Berkley 3B Scum Dog Lure

Latest review: I like bream fishing with hardbody lures and have tried many types. This work a treat. They are easy to walk the dog and cast well. A bloke at the tackle shop told me about them and as a consequence

Saratoga Salterus 50 - 11 Ball Bearing Fishing Reel

Latest review: I have bought in a lot of fish with this reel in saying that I have it set up on a Juro Coastal Barra 7ft 6inch in the old scale but find the combination works for me 87cm Gummy Shark and 4 Snapper

Shakespeare Agility

Latest review: I have a couple of Shakespeare Agility spinning reels which I have had for a couple of years now. I primarily use them for bream fishing on Gippsland Lakes and these are a lovely smooth and well

Pflueger Patriarch XTR Rods

Latest review: I bought this one recently after a friend showed me his. Light, responsive, and powerful. Great value and while I like my spin rods to be 7 feet long this 6 foot 8 inch spin rod has become one of my

Abu Garcia Soron SX

Latest review: I actually own the STX10 and STX40 but there was no STX series in the menu. I have flogged them hard without an issue. The first one was the little STX10 which I loaded with heavier line and worked

Abu Garcia C4 Series

Latest review: I've owned a 5500C4 for the last 10+ years and its had a fair amount of use, with trolling lures and casting from the banks for flathead and other larger estuarine fish. The reel is built around a

Alvey ROD625 / ROD625L

Latest review: The Alvey Light Surf Champion is a fantastic rod, what needs to be said more? I've lived with this rod since 2005, however its had a facelift and some other changes. I've modified the rod with a

Alvey Rod 555

Latest review: I've been having a lot of trouble with finding a suitable rod for my Alvey 500C5 that I purchased a few months ago... I've purchased a Wilson Live Fibre 2pc that was horrid in casting and feel and

Gary Howard Estuary & Light Surf Rods

Latest review: I bought 2 Gary Howard Club Light, 1 piece rods in Brisbane a few years back to use down the NSW south coast for bream.I love these rods and I have accidently landed 2 Flathead over 10lb, when

Daiwa Saltiga Surf

Latest review: Hi my name is Richard i have purchased Daiwa Saltiga 6500 reel two years ago , very happy with reel smooth and excellent dragging system, I need to order ( extra spool ) rang Daiwa Australia

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