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Twitching Lure
Latest review: Exactly the same thing happened to me, after catching my first fish! I see several other people have had the same problem I was hoping they would replace the lure, but it doesn't look likely, judging

Berkley Gulp
Latest review: Have been using these for a 7 years now with great success. The packet's not great after it's opened and you can lose the liquid and they dry out becoming useless. I take all mine out and put them in

Jarvis Walker Comet Combos
Latest review: Customer service in Vic is so amazing!! If you have a problem I’m sure you’ll receive 120% excellent customer service!! We enquired about replacing a small part on the reel and they sent us a whole ne

Daiwa Exceler DA
Latest review: I've had the 2000 model for about 2 years and it cannot be faulted. Sold to me at the fishing store as a low-cost entry into finesse bream fishing. Unless you're a pro tournament angler or have money

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Bluewater
Latest review: The Shakespere Ugly Stick Bluewater series of rods are simply fantastic! The Bluewater series are built upon a graphite 'Howald' process blank, and this usually means a triple directional wrap of

Maxima Ultragreen
Latest review: I have used light tackle for years and trial and error has led to one of the few monofilament lines I will use. Many other lines would break unexpectedly but when tested in the hand they had seemed

Abu Garcia Soron SX
Latest review: I actually own the STX10 and STX40 but there was no STX series in the menu. I have flogged them hard without an issue. The first one was the little STX10 which I loaded with heavier line and worked

Fin-Nor Affinity Reels
Latest review: Have had a 2000 sized affinity for about 3 years now, probably the smoothest drags i have felt, awesome line lay and no wind knots, it still feels as smooth as the day i got it, a little heavy but i

Okuma Makaira
Latest review: I live on the Sunshine Coast Queensland Australia and ocean kayak fish on average once a week as well as fish from a mates boat offshore regularly. After thorough research on all makes of lever drag

PENN Applause 6000 Spinning Fishing Reel
Latest review: This is a smooth and solid reel that will last a very long time if care taken after each use. It has a metal body construction so the reel doesn't twist and warp when fighting a big fish. The price

Daiwa Saltiga Surf
Latest review: Hi my name is Richard i have purchased Daiwa Saltiga 6500 reel two years ago , very happy with reel smooth and excellent dragging system, I need to order ( extra spool ) rang Daiwa Australia

OMOTO Trolling Light Game KAM900H Fishing Reel
Latest review: its a great reel for the money i compare it as good as a penn internation and okuma but if your looking to buy the best no reel touches a fin or but you will pay the price. wow this reel is great i

Tortue IGFA 1000 Metres Fishing Line
Latest review: I always use the Tortue Nacrita dark brown fishing line as I find that I seem to get the best results with it even tho' my fishing partners beside me are using the same bait but with a different

Pflueger Patriarch XTR Rods
Latest review: I bought this one recently after a friend showed me his. Light, responsive, and powerful. Great value and while I like my spin rods to be 7 feet long this 6 foot 8 inch spin rod has become one of my

Alvey Rod 555
Latest review: I've been having a lot of trouble with finding a suitable rod for my Alvey 500C5 that I purchased a few months ago... I've purchased a Wilson Live Fibre 2pc that was horrid in casting and feel and

Saratoga Salterus 50 - 11 Ball Bearing Fishing Reel
Latest review: I have bought in a lot of fish with this reel in saying that I have it set up on a Juro Coastal Barra 7ft 6inch in the old scale but find the combination works for me 87cm Gummy Shark and 4 Snapper

Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed
Latest review: I have used fishing line for as many years as I can now remember. It all started with mono and then it went to Platypus Pink and then it was Platypus Platinum and stopped far beyond going to Pretest;

Daiwa Emeraldas 2506
Latest review: This light weight reel is a little beauty, it punches way above it's weight. I'ved used it for a variety of fishing from bream, whiting, salmon to shallow water snappers. The more I use it the more

Gary Howard Estuary & Light Surf Rods
Latest review: I bought 2 Gary Howard Club Light, 1 piece rods in Brisbane a few years back to use down the NSW south coast for bream.I love these rods and I have accidently landed 2 Flathead over 10lb, when

Alvey ROD550
Latest review: Alvey, what can I say ? Simple, reliable and never let me down. I have several Alvey rods and reels from my baby 45b estuary reel to my stump pulling 650c. Love Alvey. Have used Alvey for over 40

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