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Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold Series

Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold Series

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Improved my casting

I have returned to fishing after 20 years, dusted off my old gear and discovered my casting was terrible, I threw left or into trees, lost a few lures in the process. Thought I would give the little Ugly Stik a go as they were on sale at Dingas. Parcel arrived a few days after ordering, well packed and such a beatiful well finished rod. I put my old Shimano Aerocast reel on and suddenly I could put lure where I wanted it to go, beautiful smooth action on the Ugly Stik was a great improvement, caught a couple of little Bass, super stoked.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Very Disappointing

I Bought the Rod from Anaconda & took it home, while setting it up I found their was Fractured between 3rd & 4th Guides.I returned it to shop & asked for replacement but was only given a credit.
As they no longer had Uggly Stiks in stock. Didn't even get to try it. very disappointed.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great rods

This is about my 9th Ugly stik, I have Gutts butts, Gold tigers, Black tigers, Gold and Platinum Ugly's stiks. Bought my first one in 1979 and still fish with it when the situation requires it, I still have it and most of the others that I have bought since then, I have redone the guides on a few of them, they are excellent all round graphite composite rods, built on the Howald process, only thing that could do with an improvement is the type of guides that are on them. I now just put SiC guides on them. But for the price they are great!

Bought this 2 piece USG-BSW702H (10-20Kg) rod about 12 months ago and matched it to a Penn Spinfisher 8500 Liveliner spinning reel for my boat, have since sold the reel, so ripping the guides off it and converting it to a heavy overhead rod so need put on a different type of guide and changing the guides position on the blank with respect to the backbone.

Whilst they are not the lightest rod around they are a very strong and versatile rod with a whippy tip and can withstand a few knocks and scrapes unlike the pure graphite rods which can snap on the first use. They have a fair amount of give so they will withstand sudden shocks from fast running fish and if you don't knock them around too much will last a very long time, my oldest is now 39 years old. You would be hard pressed to brake one with normal fishing.

I also have a variety of other graphite/glass composite rods as well but still like and prefer the Uglys, The USG-BSW702H is a 7ft 2 piece 10-20Kg rod which is convenient as you can just take it apart and don't have to worry about fitting it in to the car.

Overall they a very good and affordable rod when matched with the appropriate line size and reel.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Strong and well made

I have a 12 ft medium beach model which suits the Alvey reel. Really well made, rugged blank, I think justifies the hype and performs well. High quality components and manufacturing. Nice to hold, very comfortable. I haven't really used it enough but going to change that with some more fishing this weekend. Recommended highly.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

GO the Ugly Stick!

Had a 5ft 6 lite O/H for 20 years, used it for estuary shore, boat and even inshore. Caught hundreds of fish. Sold it when I had no boat. Roll forward to my new boat and I brought another brand graphite 6ft spin for squid/bait catching - snapped it first use. So I bought this "new"Ugly Stick for bait catching - its just as durable, responsive and solid as I remember the old classic. Did cost about $100 but for any non-finesse boat use, the Ugly Stick is an ideal choice. Classic good looks with crisscross metallic binding. Run this with an Exceler 2000 (metal) and 6lb braid. Best for bait and jigs. Super-strong, should last a lifetime.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Ugly stik

I am very happy with my new Ugly Stik After braking my 2-5 kg i had to get a good quality rod one name came to mind Ugly Stik as they have been around for a long time in the fishing world performance and even the feel of the rod Good quality fittings
How light it is

Ugly stick usg-ohd56a

I recently bought a 5foot 6 inch ugly stick for use with my beach rod egg beater, it worked well while trolling of laparouse with a lure this rod is special because it has a dual spine which means its suited for overhead and egg beater [bait castor] use i reckomend this rod for first time outside boat fishermen.
For what this rod can do for the price is spectacular.
For 100 dollars aust you cannot ask for more.

Shakespeare Ugly Stick 'Travel' - won me over.

Just purchased another Ugly Stick... Another Ugly Stick to drown out the Shimano and Daiwa rods I own - these guys are loosing a battle big time!

Anyhow the latest and greatest is the Ugly Stick (UGST) 'Tavel' 6'6" 4 piece spin rod, this rod is filling a specific hole I have in my fishing rod and reel line up - a dedicated rod and reel for travel either interstate or even out of Australia. There are a few rods in the market that could have fit the bill but most of these are "noodles" as they are too soft to the feel and have no backbone or clear action which equals soft from rod handle to tip or just like fishing with soft spaghetti / noodle.

The UGST Travel rod comes in 4 pieces (other models 3 or more pieces) and in a nice clear tube, which is handy; however a stronger one would be preferred - this tube can be crushed easily. It comes apart into 4 pieces about 40cm long which in any shape or form will fit into a backpack, suitcase or carry on bag.

The blank of the rod is perfect - literally when its put together it feels like its a one piece rod, this is not a noodle rod, I would even suggest that it would be suitable for lure casting for estuarine species. Nothing too extreme however there is a lot of feel and rigidity from this rods blank. All the sections go together smoothly and do not separate at all while fishing and casting - unlike other two piece rods I have experienced.

The UGST Travel has been built with Fuji guides and lots of them and when the rod is under load there is a nice ark in the blank, nothing too flat with where the ferrules are placed; a nice sweeping ark is present. The line has ample support from all guides, the Fuji's are the Alconite type and will take monofil and braided lines without a worry. The Travel also has ownership of a Fuji reel seat that never fails to impress me with how comfortably it seats a reel; on the handle side there are two hyperlon grips which are as usual comfortable and are quiet firm and feel right at home in your hands. I have matched this rod with the Shimano Cazna 2500FA and it has matched the rod very well, enough power and line capacity for a wide range of fishing scenario's, either at home, down a river or while on interstate travels.

All in all this rod has impressed me with its clear and ample ability to fish with a travel rod - the available power in the blank for a 4 piece rod is unlike any other travel rod I have experienced. Also true to its name the typical Ugly Stick quality craftsmanship and 10 year warranty.

Anyone needing a rod that breaks down into a small package should look into the UGST 'Travel' - as it certainly ticks all the boxes and my high expectations.
Extremely small size when folded, huge amount of power in the blank, extremely lightweight, well made, fantastic components, extremely low price
Would have liked a more rounder and stronger travel tube - but I will make one myself.


absolutely a brilliant rod for 4kg line when matched to the catala 200, totally reliable
Comfortable in the hand, very flexible during a fight so the fish really has to work

Questions & Answers

Hi someone knows the weight of the gold series or from where I can find it PLEASE??? Because IT LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE!!!
No answers

Found a Shakespeare 1.5 MTR ugly stick gold bury in mud with reel striking out of mud up the Murray, just wondering if these are a kids rod? PS cleaned up like a new one
2 answers
If it still has the model number on it then just Google the number. Or measure the length and look up the Ugly stik golds that are around that length. You can bend it and compare to a known rod you have to compare what rating it is approx. I don't know if they make a kids rod but I don't think they do. Great find.Hi, re the Ugly Stick, the other reply is along the right lines (no pun intended). Most rods will have the weight rating on their labelling above the foregrip. With lighter duty rods this usually equates to the line strength you would use, eg: 1 - 3 kg equals you should use 1 to 3 kg (2 to 6 lb) line, etc but once you get to about 8 or 10 kg rod rating, the rods start to handle much heavier line eg: An 8-10 kg rod should have 10 kg minimum line, with 15kg quite suitable. I thnk US Gold would max out at an 8 or 10 kg model. Also, rods (beach rods excluded) usually get shorter as they go up in weight rating, as the shorter the stiffer and stronger. If its 1-3 kg it'd be suitable for fish to about 2 or 3 lb and from a boat or kayak. Won't cast too far. If its heavier then suitable for a larger reel and heavier line and cast even less well. I don' t think US make cheap, crappy "kids" rods.


Shakespeare Ugly Stik Gold Series
Release dateMay 2004
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