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Smith's Thinly Cut Potato

Smith's Thinly Cut Potato

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12 reviews
James D.
James D.Sydney, NSW
  • 23 reviews

Green chips


Chips are green and oily as he'll never would of thought they would go backwards like everyone else but they did and they have. The product is terrible now...no good

Purchased in June 2021 at IGA for $2.50.

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paully2012Murrumbidgee Region, NSW
  • 52 reviews

So how thin can they make them. Absolutely disgusting


Ive been meaning to leave a review for months but held off. Well smiths chips are bad. Not only are they thinner to the point of transparency the cooking method makes the chips too hard to the point it hurts chewing them. Seems like half the bag contains a bad grade of potatoe mixed with some good.
Ill now be buying Aldi's brand. At least they cook chios how they used to be. There thins are also thicker and not as hard. Add to this the decreased weight and increased price Smiths has officialy lost the plot.

Purchased in March 2021 at Woolworths for $2.00.

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StevenSydney, NSW
  • 13 reviews

What a damn shame


I have been buying Smiths chips for the past 20 years and it is clear and highly evident that the amount of flavour they put on their chips has decreased dramatically over that time as well as the pack size.. It’s such a shame. The price has always remained the same yet from 1997 (250 g packets),till today, (170 g packets)… The cost is exactly the same yet the packets are smaller and the flavour is way less. It’s nonsense.

Purchased in September 2020.

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  • 5 reviews

Awful. Even international lays are better


These have a foul chemical aftertaste and the taste really oily and salty. Buy lays or other chips instead of this piece of garbage. No wonder why they are on special every week

  • 38 reviews

Disgusting. Terrible for your health


Oily, fake tasting and packs on the kg around the middle. they are also expensive and have absolutely no nutritional value at all. zero.

HatchmanS.A, 5114
  • 31 reviews

Yum Chips


Nothing like sitting down to watch a movie or the football while demolishing a packet of chips with a few bourbons. There a plenty of flavours to pick from, my favourite being plain and the bacon flavoured ones when they bring them out from time to time.

I like the plain ones with a light sprinkle of whostershire sauce. The only issue is it's hard to not eat the whole 175gm bag in one sitting. They are quite expensive if you pay full price or buy them at servos or corner shops. The only way to buy them is at supermarkets when on special as they can be up to 1/2 price.
Favour varieties, tasty, convenient, easy to get
Not very healthy, expensive when not on special

  • 4 reviews
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Very tasty, not a lot though in packet


I love the flavours that are out there, however the packets are getting smaller and less chips are being added. I suggest trying all the flavours as you can find some very interesting ones. Maybe buy in bulk if you are wanting to save money. Overall there will always be a great snack item.
Very Tasty
Not a lot they give you, in the 1990s there used to be loads.

chip@4.50each;200gram pack


Qiet quick with some leftover change for a packet of chip. crinkle cut original flavour just.
Enough to suit time in hand for the packet in hand.Very good Quick bite. No time for nothing else but the chip from the store at meeting point. Meet in elswhere is no go when smith chip packet original potato chip is adequate.
every thing else was unoriginal

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  • 27 reviews

My favourite brand of crisps


Smiths Thinly Cut crisps are my favourite and I buy them quite often, usually when they have specials at supermarkets. They can be quite cheap, you can get two big packs for $4, or sometimes 3 for $5. I used to buy the Crinkle Cut variety, but I now think the Thinly Cut variety is much better than the Crinkle Cut variety as it has a crispier and lighter texture. My favourites are Salt & Vinegar and Thai Sweet Chilli. They are quite addictive so be careful when you eat them while watching DVDs, because you can easily finish a pack without realizing it!
Nice flavours, inexpensive


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  • 24 reviews



I just love these Chips, especially the sour cream and onion ones. When I open a pack I can finish it in one go by myself. As this is not really a healthy snack I see Smith's chips as a treat. In the last couple of weeks they were on a good special and I bought up. Watching TV in the evening and having a bowl of chips in my hand unfortunately becomes a habit here now. I would think they are averagely priced and easily available in every supermarket and corner store. With all the different flavours you are not really getting bored and I would thing there is for every taste something. The right chips for a party.

sassy65356ACT, 2601
  • 77 reviews



This is a good tasting chip for the occasional snack and it is great to serve at a party. It is very crunchy and tasty albeit unhealthy.
The variety of flavours for this product are simply wonderful! I highly recommend the 'Salt and Vinegar' flavour, which has a stronger flavour than some of the other salt and vinegar chips I have had (though other peoplemay not like this strong flavour).
This is not a very healthy snack. It has a very high kilojoule content and the amount of fat that is found in this product is worrying. This is a snack that should only be eaten occasionally.

SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC
  • 676 reviews



These come in a variety of new flavours nowadays, so its nice to treat myself into trying them. These are great on their own and I can have a small bowl to satisfy my potato chip craving. They are great to relax with.
These are super yummy because they are thinly cut, so they are super crunchy and crisp. I can easily open one of these large packs and finish off most of it, so I have to limit them in the house.
They say that they are healthier because they are cooked in a healthier oil blend, but that is only in comparison to how they were cooked before, so they are still not a healthy snack option.

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