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Staub Cocottes

Staub Cocottes

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shocking discovery rim of pot seems very fragile or faulty

my brand new staub today, just washed it gently and put it gently onto my drying rack. $400 on special, $659.95 full price. then on going to put it away in my cupboard, I noticed small indents, actually perhaps like parts rubbed off, around the top of the pot. and one looks like a small knife cut.I just don't know if this will be okay, ie that it won't rust and the degrading won't continue, or if I return it they might say it is not a warranty matter, even though I have not used it, and they may say this is normal??? Then I realised my drying rack is stainless steel, is it really possible that just putting it gently(due to the weight) into my drying rack, and taking it off, that this rubbed off the coating at the top rim where it rests in the dryer??? Is this a likely indication of future problems I might have. It is supposed to really really hard wearing.shocked to hear the above bad stories after I bought it... thanks for your opinion

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Quality is garbage - not even worth the price of a regular pot

The status was good for about three uses, when washing it after this bits of the enamel just started to flake off. It's been shelved now. There's warranty for them apparently but because it was a wedding present we don't have any proof of purchase. For the $300 or so it cost at myer, the staub range is a complete and utter waste of money. It's basically cheaply made garbage that falls apart after a couple of uses. Even if we were able to follow up on their warranty, what king of premium product could have such bad quality control that it breaks after two weeks. Do not buy these thinking they'll stay in the family for generations like your grandma's cast iron skillets. They just won't, it's extremely heavy cheap garbage. Avoid.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Dreadful value for money

It's so easily damaged and offers few advantages over a plain cast iron surface that I don't see the point in spending premium money for an inferior product. Not only does it scratch easily with metal utensils, but it chips and cracks to the point of unusability with anything above a low heat.

Ignore the 30 year warranty. It's not durable and when it fails the warranty will be useless.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

Food sticks easily, hard to clean

I bought a Staub Cast-Iron Round Dutch from Williams-Sonoma online, I just used it 3 times, the food sticks to the pot very easily, and it is very hard to clean. I called customer service of Williams-Sonoma to ask how to clean it, the lady who answered the phone kept saying I didn't use it right, and read the instructions to me, didn't help at all.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

The quality doesn’t match its price

I bought this Staub cast iron round cocotte (24cm) about 4 years ago. After the first year of use, approximately once a fortnight on average, I bought the second one for my friend as a gift because I felt great about this cookware and comfortable with their 30 years warranty.

I didn’t expect that the time of testing their 30 years warranty is coming so soon until I found a nail size enamel chipped on the base of my beloved pot. After a few email exchanges with the seller, I was asked to bring it back for examination. One week later, I was told that the damage will not be covered by the warranty because of incorrect use by “overheating”. I’m so confused that this is a stewing pot rather than a fry pan.The pot must always be used with liquid filled in. How on earth is it overheated by a domestic electric oven and cook top at the boiling temperature (100 C)?

I seriously rate the quality of this product from average to poor. It doesn’t deserve its price tag. The 30 years warranty is simply too hard for them.

Date PurchasedMay 2012

Love it and use it everyday.

I firstly bought a 24cm dark blue color, and it's still one of my favourite. The size is perfect for 3-5 people, you can make soup, stew, rice, bake bread, everything with it. Now I have a 26 cm one and a little 16cm. They all look so beautiful in the kitchen and they make cooking a pleasure experience.

Favorite kitchen thing

We've had our stab pot for a few years now and it is amazing, cooks beautifully, still looks brand new, we buy them as wedding gifts our nearest and dearest as we love it so much. You can regularly get good deals on them from peters of Kensington. Haven't used other cast-iron brands so can't compare but really happy with this one.

Best quality cocottes, and I've tried a few!

I have the 24cm cocotte (inferno red) and the 28cm cocotte (basil green). This review applies to both equally, but I will single them out as necessary.

These pans are worthy of me gushing like a new father.They are beautiful to look and beautiful to use.

They are heavy, and impossibly heavy when the tight-fitting lid is on. The lids are not domed like their competitors which allows you to pile ice onto the lid when a recipe requires, or you can heap coals on top and use it as a camp oven if you are glamping. There are also dimples on the inside to assist with condensation to braise the food as it cooks.

The 24cm pan was purchased on sale about ten years ago. It is still in A-1 condition. There is minor wear to the enamel where the lid meets the pot but there is still plenty of enamel left before it wears through. The cooking surface and external enamel are flawless. I estimate that I have cooked over 600 meals in this pan and it still looks new.

The 28cm pan was purchased about three years ago for tasks where the 24cm pan isn't quite big enough. This thing is BIG. It shows no sign of wear and has been used to cook over 100 meals.

If I had to have one pot, I'd probably go for the 26cm as a compromise (for a small but growing family).

Both pots go from hob, to oven, to table. They present beautifully and always elicit compliments from dinner guests.

The black matte enamel cooking surface is not non-stick, but the product doesn't claim this to be the case. If you use low/medium heat (which is all you need with cast-iron cookware), you won't have any issues with the surface performance or durability.

I have owned several brands of cast-iron cookware, from cheap Chinese pots to the top-of-the-line Frenchies and I will say, without any hesitation, that the Staub pots are the highest quality for fit-and-finish and performance. I would rate them more highly than Chasseur (no contest!) and on par or even better than Le Creuset, especially when you consider the design features of the lid (not that you'd have any cause for complaint owning/using LC!)

You can grab Staub on crazy discounts, so do your research.
Everything. Amazing pieces of cookware. Beauty, performance, value.
Nothing wrong with the product, but you will need to learn how to cook with cast iron.

Questions & Answers

Can you put this a staub coccette pot in coals when camping?
2 answers
Only cast iron ones, not ceramic ones.I'm not a materials scientist so I can't give you facts and figures. These pots (enameled cast iron) should only be used on medium heat, so I wouldn't put them on glowing coals. I would consider putting them on old, dusty goals if they had died down a lot. You may want to make a clearing in the coals and put the pot next to the coals. The lids are also neat in that you may consider putting died down coals on the top too, to provide heat from above. If in doubt, but a cheap non-enameled pot from a camping store.


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