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Steelcraft Jetta

Steelcraft Jetta

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My daughter loves this walker and enjoys the toys on the tray very much. They get her engaged and entertained I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it, used it for my two daughters and the quality is excellent. Easy to assemble and clean with no fuss. Will buy it again

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Hi Samm, thanks for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Caster wheels are cheap and nasty

Grandson used this for maybe 1 month on wooden floor. All four caster bearings have collapsed.
Never again!!!
Ring up to BUY new ones as the shop we bought the walker from went under, then to save all the drama as well. Until they said they wanted to "charge" me on my combank debit card same as a credit card, I then said I want it done under warranty.... fixed up.

Avoid terrible product / company

Got this for my forth baby (had many baby products i know good from bad) and absolutely disgusted with product and company
The walker doesnt allow baby to walk as wheels dont roll more than slide accross floor when forced (will not move at all on carpet) and worst part is as he uses force to get it to move when he comes near you your feet get caught under it and get cut / bleed
After mine hubbys and kids feet been cut too many times contacted company who did not seem concerned with dangerous product just stated not manufacting fault! Stick to target/ kmart products far superior and customer service that cares will never buy steelcraft/britax again

A lifesaver for entertaining an active baby.

Firstly let me start of by saying, if you have carpet do not buy this walker. It is really only good on hardwood floors, tiles or lino. If you have carpet in your house this walker will not go very far.

My daughter absolutely loves this walker. She was 5 months when we started putting her in it and at the start reaching the floor was a bit of stretch so she couldn't really go very far. She loved sitting in it though and she would try bouncing up and down in the seat. I also found it very convenient for feeding as it has a tray under the toy tray at the front. It was always a great help, as I could put her down and keep an eye on her while I did things around the house.

Once she was big enough to reach the floor fully (not even 6 months) she learned very quickly that she could zoom around the house in it and it became her favourite toy to play in. It even eclipsed the Jolly Jumper which previously held the first place. The issue now was removing things out of her reach as she could touch things on the coffee table.

All in all a worthwhile purchase and would definitely recommend.

Love this walker

My daughter loves this walker. She is at the stage where she wants to sit or stand up constantly and gets frustrated in her swing, so this walker is perfect for her. She can't entirely sit for long periods of time unaided (Steelcraft recommend using the walker when babies can sit unaided - usually around 6 months. My bub is nearly 5 months), however we pop her in for short periods of time when we need to get dinner ready etc and leave some toys on the tray for her and she loves it!

We have tiled floors and have had no issue with the wheels (so far).

My only gripe is that there are three preset height levels you can select: floor/fold up level (bubs legs can still fit through on his level, although I'm not sure if it's recommend), middle and high height (I'm guessing for tall bubs).

Unfortunately my bub is quite small, so have to put boxes underneath so she can rest her feet on something when the walker is on the middle height level. I would have loved it if they could put an extra level between floor and middle or just allowed you to have free reign over the height level.

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Hi KM Thanks for your fantastic review. If we can assist you with anything in the future please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, The Britax Team :)

Very beautiful & safe walker

Don't be fooled by only one (limestone) color. Yes, this item also comes in pink color which is beautiful & very much ideal for baby girls. It perfectly meets all the safety standards. And it has very wide frame which protects your child smashing his/her head against the wall. Definitely recommended. I have now steelcraft high/low adjustable chair, steelcraft stroller & steelcraft baby walker. I don't know why but after detailed research, only steelcraft was my number 1 choice for these 3 items.

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Hi Saikun, Thanks for your great review. If we can assist you with anything in the future please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, The Britax Team :)

Wheels, grrrr

I was really excited to get this for my son, only after i got the steelcraft walker i also found that the wheels don't move easily. Now he just get frustrated in the walker cause he can't move. Disappointed purchase :(

Doesn't roll well

This walker is nsf doesn't roll well. The wheels don't seem to glide as well as other walker. Regret purchasing this walker.
Now I have to go out and buy another one because this one was a waste of money.

Sticky Wheels

Everything else is fine and working as intended but for goodness sake this is a walker not a station seat. The wheels do turn but you need to push really hard for the walker to even move.

Seems like the more weight you put on it the easier it is to move, so if you have a child weighting around 10kg or less you will find that your child will find it harder to move around compared to another child weighting around 12-15kg.
Easy to setup
Wheels don't turn and lots of effort required to make it move

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Hi erc, please call our customer service team on 1300 303 330 as your wheels may need cleaning or replacing. To maintain the wheels we recommend a silicon based spray ensuring it penetrates the wheel and axle assembly for smooth movement. Also the recommended maximum weight limit is 13kg's and the height is 81cm. Kind regards the Britax team

Good, does what it is meant to do but I'm not raving about it

this was a gift from my mother when our baby was starting to get mobile but she did pay around $100 for it.
It's definitely sturdy and good quality but is quite a heavy walker.
The seat is adjustable to three heights. In saying that though when I was adjusting the height the whole thing collapsed onto my fingers- Ouch! that has happened to me twice now ( has anybody else had this happen?)
When my daughter first started to use it she just sat there as she didn't have the strength in her legs to push herself along, as she became stronger though she learnt to push herself backwards and went backwards everywhere but because it's heavier then other walkers she didn't go far. At this stage she used to get a little frustrated in it.
As she got a little older and learnt to walk sideways and eventually forwards she loved to be in it. Now at 9 months she manouvers herself around no problem. The walker tends to get stuck in doorways when she goes through on an angle as it's quite wide but I guess that makes the walker more stable. It also gets stuck on the strip between the floorboards and the carpet but I think as she gets stronger she will learn to push herself and the walker over these little hurdles.
The tray has some toys on it that play aeroplane sounds which she loves and a "beep Beep" button. the tray is removable for easy cleaning and you can use it with just the tray.
So to conclude my review, I am happy with the walker but it's not something I would be lost without as we do not use it every day. It's sturdy and well made but be careful with those fingers when changing the height.
well made
be careful of your fingers when changing the height


We had to return the walker the day after we bought it because our son simply couldn't move anywhere while inside.
My son loved the toys, contrary to the previous reviewer I didn't think they were too loud. Two height settings which gives flexibility of use.
This "walker" doesn't "walk". When the baby is in it, it takes a lot of adult strength to even pull the walker. There is no way our baby could roll himself. The safety feature actually prevents the baby from rolling around, especially on the carpet. Kind of defeats the purpose of having a walker.


This is a great walker for people who don't want to spend the extra money to get the Beepa but still want a very high quality walker. The safety features of this walker are hard to pass up.
This is such a great toy for babies. It has a lot of different activities on the front of the toy and it makes lots of noise that gets a baby excited. It is very colourful. The walker has a very sturdy frame and the seat is very strong. One of the best things about it are the brakes that prevent the stroller from going onto any uneven surfaces. Our baby can't even walk from polished floors onto a rug because of the brakes. This safety feature gives us extra piece of mind.
The toy can be quite loud. Our baby was over 70cm before he could use the walker. The Beepa 4 in 1 is suitable for babies at a much younger age.

Questions & Answers

How do you turn on activities?
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Hi Jules, thanks for your question. Please refer to page 11 in the attached link for the instruction manual - https://www.britax.com.au/media/9678/jettawalker.pdf kind regards, The Steelcraft Team.

Hi, I am having a lot of trouble folding my walker down and adjusting height, it just won't budge -- any tips?
1 answer
Hi Wellbuggerme, thanks for your question. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can discuss this with you in further detail. kind regards, The Britax Team.

I need to replace the seat where can I get one from please?
1 answer
Hi Keryn, thanks for your question, we do have limited spare part available for the Jetta Baby Walker, please give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can provide you with availability and pricing, kind regards, the Britax Team


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