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Is there any fees
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HI Alex, sorry about the slow response. Great question, there are fees involved. However the fees are wrapped up into the monthly repayments, and they are disclosed upfront so there won't be any nasty surprises. If you want to compare quotes, you just need to make sure the terms of the quote are the same (same balloon and term), and focus on the repayments. This is because the repayments are reflective of the rate you get, and it encapsulates any fees charged. If you have any further enquiries im more than happy for you to contact me directly on my email. Tim.chen@stratton.com.au Thanks, Tim Chen - Customer Loyalty Team Leader

I have had a loan for a motorcycle to commute on for $10,000 pre approved by another broker and I do have a poor credit rating but have $0 debt the interest rate they have come back with is 26% this seems a bit high, is this my only option? I have been told by them not to apply with anyone else as this can affect my chances of obtaining a loan.
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Hi Michael. Really sorry about the late reply. 26% is on the higher side, but it could be justified depending on the circumstances around your credit rating. As for not applying with anyone else because it will affect your credit rating. It is true that having multiple applications over a short period of time can affect your chances, however it sounds a bit like a scare tactic to me. We can definitely give you a quote to see if we can get a better deal for you, and no application will be made against your credit file unless you're happy and wish to proceed! Is this something you're still in the market for? Please feel free to contact me on my direct email Tim.chen@stratton.com.au and i will endeavor to assist you further. Thanks, Tim Chen - Customer loyalty team leader

Straight up, what is the interest rate on loan taken as part of a novated lease?
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7 percentThanks for that - seems many novated lease companies are a bit cagey about this important piece of information. I expect that would vary depending on credit scores, etc.

Hi im been looking at getting a new used car is the interest rates fixed or variable? thanks
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Hi Des - the interest rate on secured loans for cars is generally fixed, which is great as it means the rate you get now is locked in for the duration of the term of the loan. What are you looking to buy and how much are you looking to finance? I can get one of our Senior Finance Consultants to give you a quick quote. Regards Sue Leydon Customer Loyalty Manager Stratton Finance

as anyone use this company to finance a boat?
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Hi Natalie, yes we do finance boats and have a team of boat finance specialists on hand. Feel free to get in touch or if you email your details to social@stratton.com.au, we'll have a consultant contact you and assist with any questions you may have. Thanks.

I'm waiting for car finance pre approval through Stratton. Does Stratton work Saturday's and can pre approval be completed on a Saturday? I applied late Thursday afternoon. Thanks
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Hi Jamie, yes we do from 9am-4pm on Saturdays. If you email your contact details to social@stratton.com.au we can have a consultant get in touch. Thanks.No Strattons only work business hours Monday to Friday

Hi, has anyone here used car connect? If so how much did you save on your new car purchase? Cheers
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Yes, they're sensational. Very thorough and the guys I've spoken to seem to be across all the models I was considering. Extremely knowledgable and the price I ended up getting was far better than what I negotiated through my local dealer.Thanks for your answer. Would you be able to give me a figure of what you saved? No one seems to be able to give me a dollar figure. CheersWe tried car connect. They weren't really helpful. They rang a few dealers for us and price was average. We got a better deal than them through the local car dealer.

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