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Sunbeam Cafe Series 17cm Food Slicer ES9600

Sunbeam Cafe Series 17cm Food Slicer ES9600

MPN: 35903103
3.0 from 12 reviews

Bad design

The machine can’t be pulled apart to clean it. So the food stucked everywhere. Therefore it’s not very hygienic. Not very happy customer.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Great Slicer

I purchased this slicer one year ago. I have only recently started to use it. Simple to clean, in fact so easy it is ridiculous. Slices well (meats, cheese, vegetables, bread). Great product and easy to use.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Sunbeam - poor design, badly executed.

This product is near impossible to clean, the instruction booklet (and the online version) are different from the machine, and the slicing guide has to be set on at least 3mm before it can slice at all.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

This is rubbish

The cog which is attached to the blade does not have to wear much to render the machine useless. I could keep replacing the blade at $50 per time but with two gone in a short time of normal domestic use I won't bother. Each blade lasted less than a year per blade.

Date PurchasedDec 2014

A professionally designed and made machine

We purchased our first Sunbeam slicer in 2001 and have been cutting our home-baked bread regularly since.
We have never had a problem with it or have had to replace any working parts.
We bought a Eurochef brand on eBay as a back-up, but it failed at first attempt because the belt drive was obviously too slack and no adjustment possible.
so returned it for credit.
We just purchased the latest model E9600 and tried it out today. Wow like a hot knife through butter!
It is a professionally designed and made machine so smooth and quiet and now has an extension table for longer items.
We would definitely recommend it to anyone.
It seems strange to read so many negative reviews on this brand as we have also two bread makers, a stainless steel electric frypan, and an electric grill, all giving faultless performance

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Hi Len, Thank you for your great feedback on the Sunbeam ES9600! If you require any further advise or information on the unit, please don't hesitate to give our Customer Care Team a call on 1300 881 861 and one of our representatives will be more than happy to assist. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Possible problem-fixing!

Having been GIVEN a machine because "it's stripped it's second cutter-gear," I ordered a new blade/gear, and while waiting for the part to arrive, did some careful inspecting and thinking.....I'm a retired farmer, and have had to repair many and varied machines over the years. Now, the problem is that the plastic flanged retaining nut for the blade is not long enough to bottom in it's hole (poor design or manufacturing mistake!), consequently when it's tightened to a reasonable tension, the subsequent rotation of the blade causes it to further turn and overtighten to the point of labouring the motor, lowering the revs markedly, and obviously causing great stress through the whole drivetrain! I started to add small spacer washers to the bottom of the threaded hole, and ended up with four- five allowed the blade to remain slightly loose. (this would prevent the drive gear teeth from meshing fully!) A correct thickness spacer, "4 1/2 washers" ?? thick would obviously be ideal. A small amount of Canola cooking oil under the nut's flange as lubrication can only help, too. (lubrication, including boring and cutting tools is the best use I've found for the aforementioned oil!) Obviously I can't prove a long term outcome for this, but I'm quite convinced it is THE permanent fix for this problem!

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Dear Baldrick, Thank you for your review. Please note all customer feedback is important, also passed on to the relevant departments. Should you wish to discuss further, please contact us on: 1300 881 861. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Needs more robust gears

The most important part of the machine the gears, these are made of plastic, which is hopeless, considering the rest of the machine is die cast metal. This is a like a miss representation of its robustness. I hate products that I am always having to replace the parts for at a price of $50 a pop.
Very disappointed.

poor cogweel design / material

With the good reviews of the slicer I had bought it in 2008. I had expected a reliable machine. We own a similar machine from another manufacturer overseas and had no problems whatsoever over decades. Still the same machine and working great in a multi-person house hold. We really used it for anything from bread, meat and cheese. For the Sunbeam cafe series slicer I have now the third set of cogweels and blade installed. Unfortunately it starts making the same unhealthy noises when slicing cheese. I am only waiting for the day coming soon again until it does not even cut crusted bread anymore.
Very disappointed.
Once you got in the habit of using a food slicer you do not want to miss it any more.
Unacceptibale wear of the cogweels.

Even easy food slicing

Decided to buy an Electric food slice due to problems with hands and being able to cut fine or straight, it is a very solid cafe quality unit, very sharp able to cut all types of foods, have used on meat, bread tomatoes especially good slicing Pepperone for my pizzas, its especially good slicing bread to a fine thickness
Fast, sharp, solid build, easy to use, reasonable price good replacement warranty

Cant get the blade sharpened

I bought my food slicer several years ago and have found it to be OK for slicing meats such as Spanish Jamon, salami, etc. It takes some getting used to placing the meat so that it cuts right through and does not leave bits hanging off the bottom or getting stuck on the blade. The biggest problem I have is getting the blade sharpened. It is almost useless now that it is several years old.
Does the job - once you get the hang of it.
Absolutely no instructions on getting the blade sharpened. Almost useless after a couple of years of average use.

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Hi Alfe, Thank you for your feedback, we recommend that you contact your nearest service agent to organise a replacement blade. The part number for the blade is ES18474. Please visit the following link to view our list of service agents - http://www.sunbeam.com.au/support/repairers/ Should you require any further assistance, please contact us on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Cafe Series 17cm Food Slicer with your details. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.au


overall a great product to have at home, its easy to use, has a safety holder that you put the food in so you dont slice your hands, stays on the bench and doesnt move as the suction cups keep it in place
this slicer looks great, slices very well as thin or as thick as you like, is very easy to use, isnt too loud, is not too heavy however does take up a bit of room but its ok, fast to use, has a safety switch with is important, is very sharp so everything is sliced with ease
there is nothing i dislike about the slicer

I expected more from it.

I purchased this to cut extremely thin slices of Steak & chicken for stir fries. It is abysmal for that purpose.
Unfortunately the gap between the meat support & the blade is too large. The slices do not go thru completely & the steak all gets stuck, half sliced underneath somewhere. Pity as they could easily tweak the design to fix that issue.
It does work great if the meat is slightly frozen. but tricky to get the level of frozen just right.
To be fair this was designed for cold meats. It does that job very well. But so does a sharp knife, & they are much easier & faster to clean.
I returned it.
Easy to adjust slice thickness. Easy to setup & use. Quick to create many even slices.
Cleaning is a pain. Especially as the back of the blade needs the grease in the centre but you need to kill the bacteria from the raw meat on the blade edge. Also meat can get into the small cracks which are hard to get to. Safety switch is annoying, but may save some fingers. Doesn't cut the last 25mm of the item.

Questions & Answers

How do remove the plastic cog that the blade works against? I have removed the grey casing but cannot get the old one off.
4 answers
Hi Vanessa, if it is the part I think it is I use a coin. I hope that helps.No it’s further on, once you remove the blade, you remove the grey casing which in turn exposes the plastic wheel/cog that the slicing blade connects with!Hi Vanessa, Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. So sorry , removing the blade is the farthest to go with this unit. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

(thick and thin with a 0-23 mm variable slicing dial) is it possible to cut 0.07mm for shabu shabu asian meat. paper thin?
1 answer
Hi yuka, Thank you for your query. The ES9600 cannot be adjusted to that low.

Can you cut warm loin of pork without the crackle? What is the maximum height and width of the product to be sliced?
1 answer
I would assume so. Let the meat sit to absorb the juices and slice. As it is rolled you may want to add more string so it doesn't unroll. Remove the string after you have sliced.


Sunbeam Cafe Series 17cm Food Slicer ES9600
CategoryAutomatic Slicers & Graters
Price (RRP)229
Release dateMar 2007

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  • MPN: 35903103
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