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Swann DVR4-4575

Swann DVR4-4575

2.1 from 8 reviews

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Very disappointed

This is an email I sent to Swann this morning and will serve as my review. I also agree that the after sales/ support from swann (not the people I purchased off) is also poor and leaves you with the feeling that the complaint will be kicked around until it's lost. I'm sure that most complaints just give up and go away.
I have ordered a 4 port cctv card for the PC and will run half my cameras on it with different software to see if it will improve my system.

My 8 camera setup I have had for some months now, and as such I have spent a lot of time move cameras and fiddling about to get what I need. The trouble is that despite my best efforts I am continually disappointed by the detection performance and the senseless inconsistencies of the setup.
Even with the performance at 8 you can drive past my gate camera and sometimes be missed completely . I have tried to run them on motion only and had similar results.
Image quality is fine when it works, but when I'm watching live and I see people walking in the detection area, or driving past without being recorded, I'm seriously concerned that I'm relying on a system that definitely cannot be trusted or relied upon. A good example of this is when the cameras catch the person or vehicle leaving having completely missed the critical event, the entry. The system cannot be trusted.
Over the years I have used cheap cameras and web cams hooked up to pc's and they appear to have worked flawlessly given their inherent limitations. Having decided to do things properly we spent £500 on a 8 camera setup. SWDVK847804 UK cameras: 3MPMSB true detect. I have also downloaded and installed the latest firmware available.

I believe that there is definitely a fault either in the software or the cameras. My money is on the software.

Swann Security System a Lemon

24hrs security system Pro-series HD. 4 cameras and a Hard Drive. No installation instructions, Hard-drive compromised & locked out from the system with no way to manage the security options. Customer support abysmal. Total waste. Do not buy.


After their big YouTube advertisement of how Google home works with this system.
i purchased the Dvr4 4575 only 1 month ago only to find, that not all are the same,
it seems my particular one was produced before this service and there is no firmware planned to update it.
i have asked for a replacement and said they wouldn't.
Thanks Swann.

Terrible interface. Terrible app

Make sure you plug it all in and test if before you go drilling holes to install the cameras or better yet, don't buy it. Installation is easy with just running some wires to the camera locations.
1080p for cameras just seems really poor. I was hoping a wired system would allow for less compression and a higher bitrate than the wireless Arlo cameras but alas the picture is still sub-par.
The app is absolute rubbish. It crashes constantly. It forgets the DVR. You can't get push notifications when motion is detected. I rang Swann Customer Support who told me that in fact despite the system saying it can do push notifications, it can't unless I get thermal sensing cameras but since this is a 4 channel DVR with 4 cameras, that essentially makes me need to throw out half of the kit to get the function.
I'm going to get an Arlo Pro system because I know it works, despite having to charge batteries.

True Detect does not work

The point of the newly released DVR4-4575 DVR and 4x1080P cameras with “True Detect” is that the combination of motion detection by the DVR and heat movement detection (PIR) by the camera will help eliminate false alarms.
In my view this is a mandatory requirement for an outdoors security system.
When I heard that Swann were making these claims, I thought at last there might be a reasonably priced system that you could rely on alarm prompts to your mobile phone and maybe even turn the audio alarm on on the DVR.
Unfortunately True Detect does not work.
PIR triggers on heat source movement but also inanimate movement (bushes, flowers trees etc).
To make matters worse PIR will trigger with small movements of very low heat creatures such as the movement of a spider in a web nearby!

Swann support is friendly, polite, but totally ineffectual.
Level 1 support tries harder than level 2 to follow-up and return calls.
My experience with level 2 support in Melbourne has been very poor.
The iOS app and Mac OS app have issues - but they pale into insignificance against the fundamental flaw in this product.
I have tried working with Swann tech support to trouble shot this problem for 6 weeks.
I give up - now the challenge will be to get my money back.

Great system let down by a terrible App.

I have just bought the newer version of this system with the updated cameras.

The system is easy to install even with basic DIY skills. Once all the cameras are connected up and you fire the box up it gets a little more complicated, but once you have played around with the menus it becomes pretty self-explanatory. The online instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow.

The 1080p provide high-quality footage and images. The night vision seems to work reasonably well. The thermal sensors seem a bit hit and miss, bushes in our front yard still manage to trip the motion sensors. You can overcome this by using the system to ignore particular areas though.

The one thing that really lets this system down is the HomeSafe View app. I can't imagine many people buy a CCTV security system these days without expecting decent online or remote capabilities. This system does not provide either. The App is amateurish, clunky and buggy. It seems to constantly drop the DVR. The alarm / push notifications switch themselves off so you stop getting alerts when someone enters your monitored areas. The app has locked up and crashed a couple of times. Having changed from the Netgear Arlo system ( I was sick of buying batteries) this App was a huge disappointment.

Good idea, but needs improvements

Purchased this 4 camera kit in April 2017 from Jaycar Kenwick WA.
Installation paperwork was pretty good. However I did NOT use the email aspect, that paperwork instruction looked very dodgy.
There was no way I could check the firmware version of the hardware/software. I found a reference which suggested it might be v1.2 but no instruction on how to check if there was a later firmware version and how to download and install. The Swann website was simply too much info overload, and I could not find the firmware reference. Just rubbish, This firmware should be a key element of paperwork with clear instruction on potential upgrades.
For the cameras four cables all of 10m are provided, there were no shorter cables at say 5m or 7m available from Swann. I think this is a marketing oversight. The cable power connections were NOT colour coded to avoid mistakes, eg black to black was black to white.
There was no HELP file on the hard drive, and the HELP file on the mobile phone was pretty poor.
I think Swann are probably producing too many products with little focus on serious improvement, esp wrt quality of HELP files. The HELP files need to be user friendly.
I will be much more cautious in any future purchase, and suggest Jaycar should be a bot more demanding of Swann before marketing their products, by ensuring details of Firmware are absolutely clear, and that HELP files are user friendly.

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