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Swann SWDVK-845808

Swann SWDVK-845808

3.8 from 4 reviews

Great value.

I already had a year old 8 camera system. It was made of mixture of Z...o and a couple of no name cameras. I replaced all with the Swann unit except the cabling which was installed by sparky many years ago.
Wow. I am loving it. Everything works, installation and setup was easy. Works on my iPhone/4g.
Great value.

Love it.

Bought the system last week. Was so easy to install. A real breeze. No need for any electrician or cctv experts. Very easy to setup. After sales service is awesome. A++++.
Highly recommend for such a low price of $480.00.
Very happy with the system. Slowly finding out what the system can do.

8 camera system

I bought 8 camera system and you can't view cameras when you're outside your home wifi network.. and i spoke several times to swann support then got no idea how to fix it.. they will try to claim it over your mobile net work.. told me i need a speed of 2-4 download speed even me having over 6 it still doesn't work.. and even with other wifi networks with very high speed it doesn't work.. don't waste your money and time over swann products

Love the easy install and barcode network setup - Issues with 4G mobile viewing at the start

I'll keep it short. I bought the 8ch + 8 cameras from JB Hifi $489 delivered overnight. Fantastic considering 1000km distance. I installed all the cameras and wiring myself in a day without any expertise in electrician etc. Plugged them in and scanned the barcode and away they went. Was so surprised after having a cheap Chinese one yrs ago trying to network etc. All my cameras and DVR worked straight away and linked to my TV and a separate network to my Computer (recording as well as the DVR) The biggest problem I faced was getting the network to come up on 4G network on my mobile using Homesafe App (Recommended for this system) I contacted Swann for hours and emailed - Still no response (2 days) After service so far is terrible. The issue was actually within the App itself. If anyone having the same problem go into your app settings via your mobile phone app settings. There is one section that enables data 3/4g for this app and it worked immediately. Good app so far and I can record again to my phone and activate it remotely if I see something while out. The cameras are amazing and clear for the budget I was on. Easy system to manage and set up, configure and record, playback. I have seen allot of negative feedback for systems crashing and failing so at the time of this writing I have had it for 1 week and very happy with it. Highly recommend if purchased under the $500 market.

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