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I bought the TAAV Pro a couple of days ago but um unsure where to put the eucalyptus? Do I put it in the bigger hole at the back or the one at the front where the steam comes from? I like to be able to smell it at night and cannot at the moment. Also can it be run just using water? Have noticed I’m not as stuffy in the morning.
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How do I use tablets to clean vaperiser
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You put a tablet in every time you use it. I think it tells you this on the tablet bottle.

My TAAV 2008 is making a whistling noise, I have rinsed it out several times with no improvement. Any suggestions?
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cleaning process

Why is my vaporiser spitting out water
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Needs cleaning like mine does. I can pop open my water container and clean it. I just rinse it and wipe out if needed. Takes a bit of effort but you should be able to do it.

My Taav Vapor Pro stops working recently. How do I claim warranty?
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Mine makes a loud noise any suggestions? it’s a task vapour pro
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I brought a T2000 secondhand. Is there a way of making it steam more? Can I move the small arrow dial above the eucalyptus liquid section from high/light/low to change the steam intensity?
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yes you can. Soft and hard water may steam and potentially " spit" differently, so this allows you to vary the amount of steam. I use a screwdriver to move it.

I just bough the TAAV T2008 model and when I turned it on, it doesn’t look like it’s doing anything. Am I meant to see the steam come out? Or is it so super quiet that you can’t even hear or see anything? I’m confused
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The water has to heat up to boil before the steam begins. Takes a while. Once at the boil I could see steam billowing out, but no sound.

I have the taav vapor pro and I have lost my instructions on how to clean it does anyone have it?
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all I remember was you were advised to rinse it out after use and stand upside down to drain and dry. Other wise ring the manufacturer or look up online to see if they have instructions there.

How are you supposed to put the cleaning tablet in this product ? And is there an antibacterial cleaner available as l know mould forms inside the chamber removing lime scale is important but more importantly is removing bacterial infestations
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I think this is a question for the makers of the equipment.Correct; apologies

Hi! I have a Taav T2008 vaporiser which we've had for maybe 5 years now. I last used it last winter and forgot to empty it. Now I notice a little black spot inside which I think is mould. I have Taav cleaning tablets but it states to use only for electrode type vaporisers. Is the T2008 an electrode type one? And the tablet doesn't fit too. If the tablet can be used on this model, should the tablet be crushed or halved?
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I think this is a query which should be directed to the Company. I'd think if it has lasted 5 years maybe I would buy a new one.

We have the OLD Taav machine, but we put some vicks vaporiser liquid in the machine- now im worried i have done the wrong thing? Is the vicks vaporiser safe for babies? It doesn’t say anything on the bottle. Also it smell very strong!
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I've never used the old one, but I would imagine you could use Vicks liquid - it's made for vaporisers. I suggest if it smells too strong dilute it more. use less of it in relation to how much water you have in the machine, and don't put it too close to the baby, just have it in the room, it will soon spread around. I wish I had one when my children were little and had croup.

Do I put any other products in the water when using the TAAV 2008 Vapouraire for the units maxuim & it's best vapourising output & for the products optimum result when using the TAAV 2008 vapouraire besides !the actual water I'm filling the TAAV 2008 vapouraire Reservoir with besides the product each time when I'm cleaning the Vapouraire unit?
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Well Craig, I know they recommend their product but I am very keen on eucalyptus, so i put in a teaspoon of eucalyptus oil with the water. After I finished the session I just rinsed it out with plain water and let it drain upside down.

Ever since we bought the item it Blows water vapour even when not filled to water level. Any ideas?
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What type of water to fill it with cold or hot???
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Hello I have the Taav Vapor Pro, but have not used since last winter and now the inside has mould in it. As you can't take it apart I cannot scrub the mould off - does anyone have any ideas what I could do? I have soaked with vinegar but I can still see the mould - any help would be greatly appreciated :))
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There are Tavv cleaning tablets available at chemist warehouse. From what I understand you simply pop a tablet into the water whilst in operation.

I have been using my TAAV T2008 daily, for more than a month now, and quite satisfied with its performance. I turn it on when I get up and keep it on for about 12 hours until bedtime. I used to have a blocked nose most mornings, and my sinuses would play up, at times making me dizzy and heavy-headed, but not anymore, thanks to this Vaporizer which has given me relief. My only worry is that I may be running a high power bill because of daily 12-hour usage. There is nothing in the manual which spells out the voltage of this unit. Any thoughts or experiences on how much its daily use will cost me?
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I really dont know but if it is helping surely it can't be more then leaving the microwave or a light on. My view is if it helps then dam the cost, rather be comfortable than in painThanks Gail for echoing my own thoughts. Cheers, Emmy.Emmy, how do you get the lid off to empty all the water out & clean it properly? I am frustrated as I've lost the manual. Please advise what you do? Thank you. Cheers Lou

Hardly any steam. We are on rainwater. What can I add to it to get steam?
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Add a teaspoon of salt to the waterAdd a teaspoon of salt to the water

Brought today. Why is their hot water sprouting out the top where the steam comes from?
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I had the same thing with mine, take it back and get a refund on it or ring the company and they will arrange a replacement one for you

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