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Teac HDB850

Teac HDB850

MPNs: TEA-HDB850 and THDB850
2.3 from 54 reviews


i notice a lot of people complaining about this unit - I bought mine second hand from a Trash n Treasure market for 15 bucks - set it up, scanned channels - perfect. I admit it's an entry-level unit & the user interface is very dated but it does what its supposed to do - I have recorded onto USB Stick, External HD & the recorded images/movies etc. were as clear as the original. Not sure why people are so angry - I did notice a lot of people saying they were having trouble with channels dropping out & not picking up all channels but i haven't had one problem. The remote does what its supposed to do - the ONLY issue I've had is occasionally the unit will interfere with my PS3 via similar remote frequencies but that's not a deal-killer as far as I'm concerned. For $15 I can't complain.
*Several people are having problems with scanning TV channels - I'm not being a smart butt but the TEAC needs to be plugged in series via a coaxial lead from your TV's wall socket then a 2nd coaxial cable from the TEAC to your TV. I suspect that some people assume that the unit will operate simply with the HDMI lead but this is not the case.

Date PurchasedMay 2012


Was rubbish from the first day I bought it. Will not even play a complete movie from the USB. Cuts out about 1.5 hrs in EVERY TIME!!! HATE IT!! The remote is flimsy and not user friendly. don't waste your money on this item as you will be bitterly disappointed.

Date PurchasedMar 2017


Unit cannot be used as remote buttons are not working!!!!!!! Why these units are still for sale? Why seller did not test at least one unit before starting selling them ...???? What a waste of time and money!!! All sellers on eBay who are still selling these units should be marked as dangerous ...

Date PurchasedMay 2018

All remotes run on the same frequency

All the remotes run on the same frequency so you can not use two or more at the same time as each other and if anyone who live around you has the same set top box you can change each others channel or turn the set top box on or off

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Ok so far

Easy for me (78) to set up but I can't get the sub titles to work.
Can't connect with HDMI cable is this because I have an older tv, I also found the power cable was way too short so I used my old set top box cable, worked well

Date PurchasedDec 2017

A bit of a joke

I purchased this set top box and after a bit more than one year some of the buttons on the remote stopped working. The set top box works fine but cannot be operated without the remote. I called TEAC and was told a new remote costs $44.00. A bit of a joke .... when the complete set top box costs $47.00 at JB HI FI.

Date PurchasedJun 2016


Even for a relatively inexpensive STB I would expect more. The record button is not labelled on the remote and despite having the unit for 6 months I can still not find a way to push the record button and then enter a duration, eg 2 hrs. I have to remember to switch it off in the morning!
When replaying a recorded program there is no progress bar, showing the current position and the total recording duration - very inconvenient.
It's also poor a picking up the TV signal - reception is not good where I am but my Soniq tv always gets a single whereas the TEAC unit quite often doesn't.
Various other glitches as well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Good but not phenomenal...basic entry level that gets the job done

Moving over from South Africa we needed something that would help our Samsung TV pick up the local welfare channels. This device has done the trick. Took a while to figure out that it is very sensitive to electronic interference so cannot sit on top of our bluray player otherwise channels jump and it is hit and miss as to what you can pick up. Otherwise it does the job. Really happy and way cheaper than buying a new TV unit!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not Satisfied

I purchased this unit June 2017 Problem with standby recording. Will record currently viewed program but will not record on standby. I am assured that I am setting up according to instruction. The unit is satisfactory in other respects but not simple to operate. I need help to correct this problem.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Perfect if you have time to waste!

Purchased unit just after the mpeg channels went to air, and although I can now hear those channels, I have to constantly do a channel search to ensure ALL channels are available. The EPG is always out of date (a day forward, at least) but when correct, it only displays what's on and what's next.

Date PurchasedJun 2017


I purchased 2 of these HDB850 set top boxes because the high def standard has changed and 2 of my older LCD TV's didn't like the mpeg4 format. I like these set top boxes because one TV has component input and the other has HDMI and these boxes cater for both, plus composite.

Easy to set up. My only grumble is the amount of time it takes to change channels, about 2 to 3 seconds.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Very disappointing

The Auto setup organised the channels as it found them, not by the channel number. Eg: CH16 was 9 GO, CH24 was SBS HD, CH30 was ABC ME, Terrible.
Then the info switches itself off within seconds, I'm pretty good at reading but couldn't read half before it was gone.
EPG is only for the channel you are viewing. Video is delayed from audio. The display looks like from the year 2001. My old set top box from 2004 was similar in price but more advanced than this piece of rubbish.
Had this for 48hrs, swapped it at the store for something twice the price but so much better, thanks Harvey Norman for allowing the swap.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Cheap and nasty- absolute crap

We have an analogue big screen TV, and needed a suitable tuner. This STB has good quality on HD, sharp and vibrant. Problems: EPG crap, when scrolling thru channels, it shows 3-4 days from now and it's messy getting to today; recording- a booked TV show only records 16 minutes; pausing timeshift (live TV) only lasts 16 minutes and then it resumes real-time, not good if I'm watching sport and have to pause for a bit. Uploaded the updates, no change. USB- tried formats FAT32 and NTFS, swapped formats several times, no joy. Tried 4 x USB, all the same. What a piece of junk. As a tuner, it's great, except for the EPG showing 3 days ahead. For recording, it doesn't work.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Don't waste your money

Have owned 3 of these now, every single one of them has been a lemon.
I admit one of them was purchased off ebay, so i took it as it may have been just a dodgy seller, bit the other two were purchased from the good guys and they were all useless.
They all worked ok gor about two months then began playing up.
All the remotes stopped working, the display on the front of one of the units became unreadable, please don't waste your time or money... very frustrating!!

Date PurchasedJul 2016

My cheap Chinese brand was better than this known one. Chinese one was half the price too.

Constantly having to reprogram to find all the channels. And had to go back to using old school bunny ears because the antennae is woeful. I live 5 km from the CBD. There should be no excuse. This product was twice the price of my old unit which performed light years ahead of this brand. Not a happy customer.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Some good points, some bad

The good - it records on a format that I can watch and convert on PC software to save as DVD or watch on a TV. Good menu, good display, easy to program a recording. Easy to play back recordings, can pause and switch to TV and back without restarting playback. Good price.
The bad. Like some others here, it sometimes loses all channels sometimes all 9, or 7 or ABC, or sometimes just 1 or 2 channels.and must retune.A few times it has frozen and will not power down, have to unplug it to restart.
I bought another unit from chain store and it would not recognise the USB stick, so reset factory defaults and no luck. TEAC said download updates but no luck so back to store and they swapped for a new one. Again, USB was not recognised.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Quite happy

Had problems from day one with recording schedule. Schedule would disappear after a few hours although it recorded well enough when it did do. I downloaded the latest firmware update from Teac website and then reset to factory default. It now works perfectly. Remote was a bit fiddly compared to others but soon got used to it.I usually record to a 16GB flashdrive but have had it recording to a 500GB drive with no problems. Recording quality is good but a pity that there is no resume facility.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

set-top box

It doesn't always replay what it recorded, or replays only a bit. It doesn't always replay a .mts file recorded by my earlier set-top box even though it produces .mts files too. It records well and voice and picture are in sync during replay. TEAC tech support are very helpful.

Only one problem otherwise perfect

Same prob... all chanel 9 channels disapear one week then all chanel 7 the next. Retuning and resetting the record list is tedious and anoying. Ap0art from that one issue i love this product. It records and plays everthing i have ever needed it to . The guide and schedual are easy to use and i have had the box for 3 years now and the chanel dropout only started about a year ago so i persevere with the problems. There are no other issues that i have had.

It does well what it was designed to do

Although there does seem to be a problem with recording, I bought the HDB 850 primarily because I was having real problems of reception with my old Marconi SD STB (cable system) connected to my TEAC TV. The substitution of the HDB 850, together with the installation of a HD antenna on my roof has resolved all these problems: no more freezing of pictures, and much stronger audio and visual signals- I have to turn down by as much as 50 % the sound and colour controls. Clearly the TEAC HBD 850 was designed to work with a TEAC TV and high quality external antenna.

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Channel info display on screen shows “Searching....”. The screen used to show the program now in the channel and the next program coming up, including their start/finish times.
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Cannot get back to TV from radio?
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Price (RRP)$69
USB Ports1
Release dateJul 2012

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  • GTIN13: 9325073015272
  • MPN: TEA-HDB850 and THDB850

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