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Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set

4.5 from 24 reviews

Makes cooking easy!

I knew Tegal to be an excellent brand with a good reputation, and I would like to endorse this. The pots and pans are the best I’ve ever used! They heat quickly, (induction), and are super easy to clean. They are not heavy to lift, and stack away easily in a drawer, saving space.

Purchased in June 2019 at Myer Retail Stores for $499.95.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Non-Stick Quality
Hot Handles While Cooking No
Even Heat DistributionYes
Non-Stick LongevityStill Works

Excellent quality for cost

Looking for an excellent quality yet space saving solution for home or caravan? Look no further than Tfal Ingenia. They look great, heat evenly and save space by stacking and by their versatility-- they can be used in the oven, the BBC, as well as on stove top, induction etc.

Simply brilliant.

Purchased in August 2019 at eBay for $279.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Non-Stick Quality
Hot Handles While Cooking No
Even Heat DistributionYes
Non-Stick LongevityStill Works

thought I was downgrading!

I bought this set because it was cheaper than my pan of preference, thinking "it will do for now" I have to say I am delighted, good quality, easy clean, multi function, of my new pan of preference, I have just purchased a second set. Very clever do try them

Purchased in March 2019 at TVSN (TV Shopping Network) for $329.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hot Handles While Cooking No
Even Heat DistributionYes

Best kitchen gadget

I’ve heard of Tefal since I was a child and saw mom used it and had a clear idea how is Tefal, but this 13piece Ingenio steel induction set left all Tefal products behind. What a great invention for every kitchen so people with small kitchen space will no more complain.
It’s very easy to use and clean just 1 click and handle attached or off. 1 pan can be use in or out of oven.
Love the way it can be store without any mess in cabinet and room for other stuff as well.
Cooks perfect without any food burn.
Very light and stylish lids such a great quality.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

A solid cook set, with clever, functional design concepts.

Declaration: I was one of a number of people selected by ProductReview.com.au to be provided with these items in order that I offer up a review. These items were not required to be returned. The supply of the items was not based on the presumption, request, or inference, of a positive, favourable review, or otherwise. The items were received on 14th August 2018.

Not being in need of a new cooking set, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, given that I figured cooking sets can only be re-invented in so many ways.

The set comes with 2 different sized non-stick pans (22 & 26cm), & 3 saucepans (16, 18, 20cm) with matching glass cooking lids, and plastic storage lids. Additionally, there are 2 (identical) quick-release handles, that can be used on all of the pans/saucepans.

The first point of note was the weight of each of the pans. Being stainless steel, with substantial thickness, they certainly didn't feel cheap in your hands. Mine were used over a gas stove, however, they claim to be designed with induction stoves in mind (though not limited to), so I couldn't test their functionality in that context.

The set comes with a nifty detachable locking handle that can be used on all the pans, which probably would distinguish it from most other cooking sets available. The lock/unlock mechanism is easy to use, and has a very 'positive' clamp on the pans, so certainly doesn't feel like it will easily let go. This is an important point, as the combined weight of the pans plus food content ads up. Additionally, the clamp itself is designed in a way as to not risk scratching or damaging the non-stick surface.
Obviously, storage of all the pieces is a lot easier when there's no handle involved. Some care does need to be taken so as not to subject the handle to excessive heat to avoid damaging the lock mechanism.

The non-stick surface performed very well, and appears to be a thick, well-bonded layer on the cooking surface, and not like a thin Teflon layer that cheaper non-stick pans tend to have. I expect it would considerably outlast a cheaper version.

The saucepans were great to work with also. Again, nice and weighty, showing they were made with the same solid design principles used for the pans. There were a couple of key standout features when using these. Firstly, they have a slightly higher than usual wall. Whilst one wouldn't necessarily take that to mean you can fill it higher, it did mean that the contents were slightly less likely to splash over the edges onto the main cooking surface. Secondly, their matching glass lids have a nice little cut-out for the removable handle to slot in and grip the edge, which also serves as a steam hole (there's also another small steam hole cut-out on the opposite side of the lid). Thirdly, if there's leftovers in the saucepan to keep for later, there's a snug fitting plastic lid that provides a very good air-tight seal, with just enough of the rim poking out for you to use to lift the lid off again (though would have been nicer if there was still a little more edge to get a good purchase on).

Overall, I found the set great to work with, and you're definitely left with a feeling that you're working with higher quality equipment, than the cheaper $20 non-stick pans from K-Mart or BigW. Because of this, I found myself being a little selective as to what I use the pans for, and at this stage, despite the robust non-stick surface, not likely to let the kids near the 2 pans for now as I don't want to test how well they cope with a stray knife blade. Certainly a recommended buy, however, I found that it wasn't until I was using them with some regularity, that I really got to appreciate the subtle design differences, and how practice they were during the cooking/storage process.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

An excellent cookware set, Full Stop. Be it for a small flat or a full time use cookware set

As a full disclosure, I received this set as part of the Ambassador program with ProductReview, however this is no way will cause me to publish a biased review. Long before being in the program, I have had many reviews, and all are unbiased and my opinion directly.

I received the 13 Piece Tefal Ingenio Preference SS Induction Set about a month ago. The set consisted of:
22cm stainless steel (exterior) non-stick frying pan
26cm stainless steel (exterior) non-stick frying pan
16cm stainless steel saucepan
18cm stainless steel saucepan
20cm stainless steel saucepan
16cm, 18cm & 20cm glass cooking lids
16cm, 20cm & 20cm plastic storage lids
2 removable handles

It arrived in a very compact box for so many pieces. Before first use, washing is always in order! This set is dishwasher safe, except for the nifty two handles (which are removable, more on this a bit later). Now some people recommend washing by hand, but to be honest, if the manufacturer states they are dishwasher safe and have the little "dishes and dishwasher" symbols, I will more than likely use a dishwasher for the ease and practicality. However, being a massive researcher on consumer goods, I have found that when any non-stick coating is involved, the recommendation is to use powder or gel dishwashing detergent and skip on the handy "pods". I currently have both for this very reason. The "Pods" usually have a chemical that can damage the finish of non-stick cookware, so of course throughout my evaluation, I used only powdered detergent. Also, the plastic storage lids can be placed anywhere in your dishwasher if it features a hidden heating element (most dishwashers these days are as such, but some, and some older ones will have the heating element exposed at the bottom of the dishwasher, and in this type I would recommend to only wash the storage lids on the top rack only). Tefal also states to "season" the non-stick coating before first use. Which I did do, and to "refresh" every so often after washing et cetera. The pots and pans were used exclusively on an induction cooktop as well.

Now that the technical aspect of my review has be laid out, we get to the good part; are these all they are hyped to be? Overall in on word I would say yes. Let me elaborate.

I found each piece to serve its specific purpose extremely well.

The fry pans were very sturdy and well made (made in France) and extremely non-stick (PFOA free as well) and anything from fried eggs, scrambled eggs to even crêpes not only cooked evenly and quickly, but slid off so cleanly, it would leave the pan looking as if it had just been washed. Often, if I was not searing meat, or something that would be a bit messier, I would just quickly wash in the sink, which required no effort what-so-ever as nothing ever stuck to the surface. If it was a bit dirtier I would just chuck them in the dishwasher for a wash that night. I do know many people often use way too high of heat for cooking which can damage any pan, and often can void your warranty. Even to sear a piece of meat, a medium setting would be enough to accomplish the task with these pans, as the heat is distributed very evenly, and I did not seem to find any hot nor cold spots, as everything browned and cooked evenly, including the crêpes and pancakes.

The pots are made from high quality clad stainless steel, sans non-stick coating. These are extremely handy for anything from boiling potatoes, pasta, simmering soups and sauces, and one of the most attractive features was being able to use any of the three pots as "mixing bowls" for various ingredients, as you can use them without the handle attached. I often make homemade nachos (secret recipe :-) ) that uses real shredded cheese amongst other ingredients, and I found that being able to separate the different ingredients, from the cheeses in one "bowl", liquids in another, and dry in yet another and being able to store these in the refrigerator with the included opaque plastic lids earlier in the day, and pull them out when I was ready to melt everything together. I simply would pour everything into the largest of the three pots, attach the handle and place onto the induction zone and start to heat everything up, and usually saving the smallest pot to store any left-over cheese in the refrigerator to use the next day. I can say that the largest pot is large enough for most tasks. Obviously, it is not a XL stock pot by any means but buying this set I feel is geared to say a max of cooking for 4 people comfortably. I cannot say that I was ever left "wanting" for a larger pot, and the largest can comfortably make enough split pea soup, or nacho cheese for 4-6 people without any issues. Each pot came with a silicone and glass lid, which to be honest, were not used much, but knowing that you have them is an added bonus.

Cooking aside, the set was made to maximise storage and to be extremely practical to use and care for. If you have a bit smaller of a kitchen, or even if you just want to keep things clean and simple, this set absolutely delivers on that. Storage is a no brainer, as everything "nests" within each other. From the largest fry pan, to the next size down, then the 3 pots. I do used thin silicone "pot saver" sheets between each pot and pan, to prevent any damage done to either the interior or exterior of the pans. As the handles are not attached in the traditional way, and are removable, storage is so simple and takes up no more than 26cm in space, width wise, as every piece fits inside each other and the lids, both glass and storage, can be stacked on top on the set. It literally takes up 1/4 of the space my previous set had taken up, which being limited on cupboard storage space is a massive plus in my book. The pots and pans felt neither too heavy nor too light. I would describe them as substantial, but not overly heavy by any means, and not too light to indicate a lack of quality.

This specific set uses a unique handle which is easily detachable and is "universal" so it can attach to any one of the pots or pans included in the set. Two handles are included and attach very easily to any other the included pots or pans, and take just a press to "lock" the handle on the respective pot or pan, and another press to release. It states that the handles can handle up to 10kg of weight, although I never came close to that much weight in any one pan, I can say I wouldn't doubt that claim. The handles felt extremely well "gripping”, and not once did I feel as if one may slip or slide off or around. They were also very easy to grip, and I did not have any problems holding them while cooking or moving them around. The handles never got hot, so I never needed the use of a pot holder, however I did use my typical "cooking towel" and it never felt as though the handles lacked the same "grip" as with a fixed handle. Granted it is a different feeling than having the usual fixed handles, but not bothersome that someone could not just use it as they normally would any other pan. I have read that its recommended to remove the handles whilst cooking, however I did not do this. I felt that using induction, with no heat produced from the surface of the cooktop, unlike electric coil, ceramic or gas, it would not pose an issue. If I were to use one of those types of cooktops I would see if they indeed became too hot et cetera. I can only see gas creating enough heat to cause damage to the handles, however this is just in my experience, and I do not recommend ever deviating from the manufacturer recommendations for your own peace of mind. This is simply my own opinion.

Now those were the good things, now the not so good. Don't worry, there really is not anything major that I found after quite extensive use that would have me consider dropping a star off my overall rating.

The set is on the smaller side, but this is not a set for someone who needs a specific pan for every meal they make. It is a compact, extremely high quality and well-made set for someone who may be a bit shorter on space, but still loves to be able to cook at home and have the "main pot and pans" one would need to make just about anything (Minus the massive stock pots for making just that, stocks). So, I cannot fault the lack of larger pots or pans because I do not believe this was the market Tefal was targeting.

The warranty could be longer, it’s a decent 2-year warranty, but as they feel they will last a good while, and many of Tefal's other pots and pan sets have a 5 or 10-year warranty. I would have liked perhaps a 5-year warranty, just for that extra piece of mind, especially as the RRP is on the more premium end of things. However, according to their website, the non-stick coating is covered for the life-time of the pan from blistering and peeling, and I would have no reason to doubt this as the two fry pans are made in France and proved to be very durable. And as a matter of keeping this warranty intact, I would only use tools and utensils that are silicone, wood or non-stick safe. The handles do have a very good 10-year warranty, so all in all, the law of averages takes over here; although like I said I would have preferred a 5-year minimum warranty on everything instead of the 2, I feel due to the quality of the set, they should last far longer than 2 years.

One concern I had was with the handle and the non-stick pans. When placed together, I could not help but think that as the "clamping" mechanism is metal, and this being attached to the non-stick surface, will this wear out prematurely? And if it were to, would this be covered under the lifetime warranty for the non-stick surface, as it would not fall under blistering or peeling, but rather "scratching" is the best adjective I could use to describe this. Perhaps a small layer of silicone on the metal piece that clamps onto the inside of the fry pan may have been a bit more reassuring. Also as this handle is not attached by traditional rivets, which are usually fairly flat and easy to clean, the pan is simple to clean, but food that gets on the handle is not the easiest of items to clean, as you cannot submerge the handles in water and they are not dishwasher safe, so it is a bit finicky to clean, but again first world problems.

So, all in all I can confidently give these 5 stars, as they worked for their intended purpose, and worked extremely well compared to even some cookware I have had that costs 3 times what these do. The small things like the ability to nest to save space; the storage lids for the pots; being able to use the pots as prep and mixing bowls; and the space saving detachable handle which is quite a great idea that makes storing so much easier. I would like if Tefal would perhaps make a larger pot that could be purchased on its own or included in future (stock pot) but that is again, I am sure was not the intended target for this specific set. A high-quality set that seems will last more than long enough to justify its' cost. They are easy to clean, take up a fraction of the space of a traditional set, and for all the uses I put them through, performed flawlessly.

I will return after 6 and 12 months to update any issues, particularly how well the portion of the handle that is in contact with the non-stick surface of the fry pan.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great pot set. Love them.

Purchased the 13 piece set that contained three different saucepans and two different sized frying pans.
Extra pieces included lids and seals for the various pots/pans. Some of the lids were made of rubber and sealed the pots very nicely. (means left overs can be left in the same pot and put in the fridge).

What separates this cooking set from others in the market is the removable handles.
Handles attach and remove easily ( press of a button) and yet they feel firm and at no time did i think the handle would detach. Even when a pot was full of water. Would have preferred slightly longer handles for the frying pans but the handles were the perfect size for the pots.

Two great advantages for the removable handles - they take up minimum space in the cupboard. Perfect for people that have small modern kitchens or they would be perfect for camping/caravaning as they take up minimal room. And secondly removing the handles means easy storage of cooked items in the fridge ( for soups , sauces or meals that are made in the pots). Great for leftovers..

Bases of pots and pans are solid and thick, non stick surface performed well and all of the pots and pans heated evenly on my gas cooker. Washing up was very easy. Simply remove the handles and use a soft washing up cloth with warm soapy water.

Overall fantastic cooking set and would definitely recommend this set for your kitchen. Would have given 5 stars if the set contained longer handles for the frying pans and maybe a deep casserole dish was also included in the set. Bu still a great pot and frying pan set. Using them on a daily basis.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Really useful and great quality for a small family

I live in an apartment designed for 1-2 occupants. I cook regularly as I’m the only one who can cook in our household. In the past, I’ve used brands like Tefal and Baccarat - so I don’t go overly cheap or expensive when purchasing cookware. I also received these products as a part of the Ambassador Program - but I tested this product looking for any benefits AND/OR flaws to ensure this is a fair review.

When the Tefal Ingenio arrived at our door, it was in quite a large box. The packaging was strong and sturdy, with all the contents inside well protected from bumps along the delivery process.

The box outlined the contents which included:
2 X Frypans
3 X Saucepans
3 X Glass lids (for the saucepans)
3 X Plastic lids (for refrigerating)
2 X Removable handles

Overall, there wasn’t anything particularly noteworthy about this product’s packaging. Not a bad thing in this case.

The saucepans and frying pans are very easy on the eyes. Super tight steel finish that fits well with a modern kitchen. The saucepans are stainless steel inside and out, while the frypans are stainless steel outside, with a teflon interior (and the signature tefal red dot in the middle).

Each item has a nice weight to it, which gives the feeling that these products have been made with good quality materials. In saying this, the items aren’t overly heavy (where it may become difficult to use). I can definitely see this as being well suited for a 1-2 person household as the size of the pans are quite small which gives limited capacity.

Each item fits well inside of each other to minimise the amount of space they take up, so they can be easily placed into a cupboard away from sight. The glass lids have foldable handle tops that automatically fold flat, so you can also easily stack your lids too. You can tell Tefal made this product in mind for storage purposes. Each item is made to minimise the amount of space that is taken up.

When cooking, the interchangeable handles are ergonomic and easy to clip on and off different pans. They are also tight enough, so the pans don’t wobble if you’re transferring them from the stove to the table. Also, as you can now use the pan itself as a ‘bowl’ food stays hotter longer on the table.

Testing this in winter was great, as soups that would have normally gone cold before the end of dinner were kept warm in the insulating saucepans. It also saved time in the cleaning aspect of things - as we didn’t have a double up of items now, since the bowl and the pan were the same items.

I also tested the frypans and their non-stick capabilities by cooking eggs and they worked like a charm. In fact, my eggs turned out extremely clean (without any browning - which happens which it starts to stick to the pan) and with a velvety sheen. I do want to note that the frypans were not made to be transferred straight onto the table. These were strictly for the stove only - also indicated by the lack of plastic lids in the box.

Speaking of these lids; the plastic lids also allowed the saucepans to be refrigerated (as cling wrap would not stick well to these pans). They were also airtight and sealed quite well to the pans. An added bonus was that these plastic lids could potentially be environmentally friendly (assuming you used them long enough to replace the use of cling wrap).

I think the one big downside I can see with these items is that, with all the different hinging pieces, the likelihood that a piece may break becomes more likely. Having a clip on handle, means the clip may break, making this item useless. Having hinges attached to the lid means these might come loose over time. In saying this, these items are still extremely high quality - so I don’t see these items breaking any time soon.

General comments:
Overall, I think Tefal has created quite a good product for a small household of 1-2 people. I would think it is most suitable for apartments where space is a commodity. Seeing as I live alone in an apartment, it was great for me - I gave my old pans away to my friends and got to use these awesome items.

In terms of pricing, I looked it up and it is approximately $700.00. While it’s a great product, I’m not sure it would justify such an amount. It’s not a game changer, as cooking with handles never severely impacted my cooking/dining experience.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Compact, dishwasher safe non-stick, strong and well thought through and you can even put them in the

Update with more time and use:
This set is now 8 months old.
They are our go-to set of pots and pans.
Dishwasher the whole time and the non stick is going strong.
Nothing has broken.
Build quality is excellent. Really fit into everyday life well.

Funnily enough I get annoyed at normal pots and pans now with their space consuming handles!

Highly recomended. We miss them when cooking in other people's kitchens. Weirdly we have never seen then for sale in the shops. If you do find a set, grab them.

Original review
TL;DR - High quality, well designed, compact pot and pan set, this is well worth considering.

Full disclosure - I'm writing this review as part of the ambassador program and have used the set for about a month. With that out of the way let's begin. In fairness, we showed the set no mercy after reading that the non-stick pans can go in the dishwasher. They've been in use most days during the past month and not once washed by hand. So far they are still like new, as one would hope..I may return in a year or two to report back on durability.

At first, there was a small accustomization period getting used to reaching for pots without handle. The set comes with 2 detachable handles which if you want to use more than 2 pots means shuffling handles to the pot which needs moving. It's very easy to do, however, years of conditioned habits mean a little hand/eye coordination sequence adjustment is required from time to time.

After a bit of use the benefits of the handleless cooking idea really become apparent:
It opens up new ways of cooking - such as being able to move partly food straight from the stove to the oven to roast, bake or grill, and put cooled food directly into the fridge still in the pan covered by the lid.
The pots nest/stack brilliantly taking up noticeably less space in the cupboard than normal handled pots and pans, you can fit more into the dishwasher at the same time too. (Interesting point to note that the detachable handles shouldn't be put into the dishwasher or it will potentially void the special 10-year handle warranty)

The set overall is very well thought through and it shows up in the little things such as:
- like markings on the pots to measure liquid volume in the pots
- Solid bases make for good thermal stability when cooking
- Covers that fit the pots
- Lids with little notches to accommodate the handles when attached.

There are a couple of points to be aware of:
The thick bases on the pans take a while to heat up and are quite weighty, bordering on dense when the whole set is carried stacked - It's pro is it's con at the same time.
Just like a normal pan, a handle carelessly (user error) positioned above a hotplate or burner still gets hand burning hot
The sizing of the pots is generally pretty good but I would prefer a larger large frypan for the set to be perfect.

In summary, this is a great pot and pan set. Perfect for the person who appreciates high quality, long lasting, and well-designed cookware. Excellent for small kitchens. Great as a nice present for someone you like who is setting up a house.

Purchased in August 2018.

Build Quality
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hot Handles While Cooking No
Even Heat DistributionYes

Beautiful, innovative and highly functional cookware

From the moment one opens the box, there’s a palpable excitement with this five-pan cooking set. The shiny, stainless steel pans are solid and weighty with thick bases; the removable handles; the collapsible butterfly-winged silicone knobs on see-through, glass cooking lids; the silicone cold storage lids and the measure-markings inside the saucepan walls immediately suggest that Tefal’s designers have been very thoughtful and thorough in meeting and then exceeding one's expectations for cookware. Made in France, eh? Do you think the French know something about cooking?!

The Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set’s most striking feature is undoubtedly the removable handles; something I've never seen on cookware before but is a god-send in terms of safety and storage. While the quick-release handles increase the cooking functionality of the pans – enabling transfer from stove-top to oven cooking – the remarkably comfortable, removable handles negate the ever-present potential harm that protruding pot handles present to cooks or especially to children in the kitchen, where loose clothing or stay hands easily catch and can result in scalds or at minimum, spilt liquids and sauces messing up stove tops. Storage-wise, food can be left in the saucepans and covered with the provided silicone lids for refrigeration, unfettered by handles. Clean, the entire set can be nested together neatly in a cupboard without handles fouling and destabilising the stacking. Wonderful! Even when placed on a dining table, the pans sans handles make for an elegant solution for those families who serve food in that ‘help-yourself’ way. The handles have a simple and effective mechanism for attachment and removal; the minuscule ‘give’ in the attached handles no doubt a consequence of the quick-release mechanism. Tefal claim the mechanism is good for lifting up to 10 kilos and they offer a 10-year warranty on the handles, such is their confidence in the design.

The Tefal Ingenio cookware actually cooks food really well too, with Tefal’s ‘Thermo-Spot’ heat indicator in the middle of frypan bases turning a dark, solid red when hot enough to cook and bright red when the pans get oil smoking hot. The solid, thick bases on these pans is exactly what chefs look for, knowing that thick bases hold in the heat and distribute it evenly across the base. We don’t have an induction cooktop to take advantage of the Tefal Ingenio’s induction capabilities – but even with our conventional electric glass stovetop there is no doubt that the Tefal pans are transferring heat to the food much more effectively than pans we’ve previously used. With the bigger (though only medium-sized) 26cm frypan for example, the heavy base and high side walls combined to brown a batch of minced meat for spaghetti Bolognese quicker than any saucepan we’ve used in over twenty years of cooking. Steak, and bacon and eggs cooked well but an omelette we made was noticeably tastier and fluffier than we had become accustomed to with previous pans.

The glass lids on the Tefal saucepans feature silicone lugs underneath the rims to hold the lids in place: another innovative nod to safety and efficiency. Handles are attachable even with the lids on. The non-stick surfaces on the frypans work really well too. A big test was wife’s ‘cheesy toast’ – French toast with melted cheese, which easily burns and sticks on our old pans – browned beautifully on the Tefal Ingenio frypan and the residue cheese wiped off effortlessly. What a far cry from the burned scrapings she formerly had to deal with! It’s indicative of what quality pans can do for one’s cooking. Although a larger frypan of at least 30cm diameter, and a big stock pot in a 5L-plus size would round out the set, it seems Tefal designers know that not everyone has such needs, and those who do already have these items at hand or can easily add them to this set. This a core cooking set that will see the most use in most kitchens, most of the time. At its extant sizing, all the pans nest nicely into an extremely compact stack that takes up the least amount of precious cupboard space.

Tefal recommend washing this cookware with a non-abrasive sponge, in warm, soapy water and not in a dishwasher where harsh, caustic agents can damage metal and especially non-stick surfaces. We’re guessing the handle and non-stick surfaces on the frypans are the most vulnerable components of the cookware, affirmed by the (rather awkwardly small-lettered) instruction sheet suggesting the handles always be removed when cooking (to avoid heat damage) and forks, knives and whisks not be used to stir ingredients in the frypans. Only time will reveal how resilient the non-stick coating is but according to the reviews of older Tefal non-stick cookware we've read, with care we can expect many years of trouble-free performance from these slick surfaces. With some cooking and hand washing, we noticed that the shiny stainless steel gets a little tarnished, as stainless steel does, but wiping the surfaces with a cut lemon or a splash of vinegar brings the sparkle back.

A delightful mix of old-fashioned know-how and solid construction combined with innovative, state-of-the-art cookware technology, the Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel Induction Set is the perfect core cookware set for most people. Families and dinner party entertainers can bring their own large frypans and stock pots to this marvellous set with our highest recommendation.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

A Practical Starter Kit That's Easy To Store

I'll say from the outset that I was sent this Tefal Ingenio 13 piece set as part of the Ambassador program to do an honest review (good, bad otherwise). When it turned up and I unpacked it, I was immediately surprised at the quality of the units (heavy bases, non-stick pans, stainless steel) and couldn't wait to give them a try. Tefal's known for great quality cookware that lasts.

The main features of the set are small storage area (they all stack on top of each other as a space saving design), they'll handle up to 260 Deg C, the pots or pans can be put into the oven (no lids but extra aluminum lids available), store the pots in the fridge (reducing the need for extra leftover containers), the pots can double as a mixing bowl with level up the side (clever feature) and a 10 year guarantee (if you read their fine print on the instructions - it's 10 years guarantee on the handles and 2 years for all pots/pans/accessories).

This set came with three stainless steel pots (16cm 1.6L, 18cm 2.1L and 20cm 2.6L), three glass cooking lids and three plastic lids to match, two made in France non-stick stainless steel frying pans (22cm & 26cm) and two removable handles.

The pots feature heavy inductive bases to transfer heat which works very well (maybe a little too well). Using a gas stove, the time it took to heat up to boil was noticeably quicker than my old pots. Searing rump cubes for a stew worked OK. The glass lids have rubber gasket which help to stop juices running down the side of the pot. The handles fold flat, so are easy to store in drawers and very easy to clean. If there's any leftovers you can just put one of the plastic lids over the saucepan (when cooled) and place in the fridge to reheat (saves on extra storage containers).

I do have a couple of gripes about the pots themselves:
- The largest pot could have been a bit higher (boils over when you're trying to cook pasta) maybe another 15-20mm
- While the lids folding handle is a great idea, the lid seal actually let's out too much steam from the side notches and if you're not watching, easy to boil dry your vegetables
- I tried to fry some sausages in them (for a stew) and didn't have much luck. The sausages didn't brown evenly (even with oil) and ended up burning slightly. This actually caused staining to the pan that was impossible to remove by their recommendation of filling with hot water and leaving to soak for an hour. Then I tried what I'd normally do and boiled the water with dish-washing liquid - still no luck. I tried a non abrasive scourer - no luck. In the end I had to use a green scourer which cleaned them, but also left some scratch marks on the bottom of the pan.

The set includes a unique feature whereby the handles are removable. Basically you can stack them on top of each other to store and use only a small amount space. The handles are easy to clip on and off and seem pretty sturdy (rated to 10kg). I would like to see how they fair after 12 months. It's also useful if you have inquisitive kids that like to grab hold of handles on the stove "Look mum, no handles"! (yeah it's a dad joke). Plus, the handles won't get hot or in the way over the stove.

The downside is that the handles are not supposed to be attached while cooking (which is generally inconvenient if you're using the fry pan or you're searing meat for a stew in one of the sauce pans). You need to hold on to the pan/pot while stirring or you're likely to knock the pan off the stove. So, attaching and detaching the handles is a pain. It's also recommended not to submerge them in water (or dishwasher) but to wipe them dry. Personally, I don't know who they think cooks that way as I make a mess when cooking, so the handles are gonna need more than a wipe! And while it might be a price thing, the set only comes with two handles (I suppose we only have two handle). I think at least one more handle would be handy.

The frying pans feature Tefal's Titanium non-stick coating which is safe to use metal utensils with (from instructions but contrary to website). Once you initially wash and then oil the surface they're good to go (regular oiling is recommended). They claim the non-stick surface is up to three times longer (don't say against what on the box but website says they're older titanium non stick coating). There's also a heat indicator ring (Tefal's Thermo-spot) in the centre which goes red when the pan reaches cooking temperature (about 190 Deg C). There's enough room for two steaks (like porterhouse or scotch), but you'd be hard pressed to do any more than one T-Bone. However, steaks will cook no worries without any oil and the results are good. If you have thick pieces of steak (like rib-eye), you can even sear them on the stove and finish it off in the oven. Eggs are a breeze, never stick and are easy to clean.

I did have a couple of gripes with the pans and much like the pots in the set, the pans aren't real big. The small ones fine for a small meal (maybe for a few nuggets or an egg). The large pan is really a medium pan and too small for cooking a lot of stuff. For example you couldn't do bacon and eggs for two in it. I was hard pressed to do a hamburger with an egg, onions, bacon and the patty for one. In reality, you'll probably have to use both pans which means extra washing up. The sides aren't real high either and they tend to spit oil and cooking debris over the stove top (meaning more cleaning). Not having high sides, you also can't cook anything significant in it (like a bolognese meat sauce for example). There's also no lids included (you'd have to source separately). There's bigger pans available though and a higher walled pan as well. But realistically, the sizes should be a 26cm and a 30cm for a set (not the 22 + 26cm)

A note on the inductive bases: Both the pans and pots bases conduct heat well - a little too well in fact. Generally, I found less heat was needed as if left it was easy to start burning oil in the pan (lots of smoke). If the pan was too hot, it was also easy to burn your meats initially.

While I can't see this set completely replacing what I have now, I think as a core set it's great (I may even add to it if I can find different sizes). For someone that has limited space (or in the caravan!) or wants a decent set to start out with I think they're pretty good value. Considering that they're easy to store, don't take up a lot of space, the pots are multi-functional and can be used as mixing / storage bowls and all can be put into the oven. For a medium to large family, I think you'll find (like I did) that the pans aren't big enough and you'll need to purchase larger sizes on top of this set ( might get the 28cm and wok). One or two extra handles wouldn't go astray either.

+ Detachable handles makes it multi-functional
+ Neat and small practical storage (stack inside themselves, lids fold flat)
+ Quick heating Inductive bases
+ Can be used in oven and leftovers stored in the fridge
+ Pots double as mixing bowl with measures
+ Pans have non-stick surface (easy to clean) and temperature sensing to start cooking

- The pots/pans themselves are good, just the sizes aren't so practical for a "set"
- Pots can stain if they get too hot and hard to remove
- Lids let out too much steam
- Not supposed to keep the handles attached whilst cooking (and only two included)
- Included instruction manual is pretty scarce & contradictory from the website
- 2 year guarantee

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Highly impressed with all aspects of this cookware

The Tefal Ingenio seems to come in a variety of configurations. The one I own is known as the 13 piece set, containing three different sized stainless steel saucepans, and two different sized non-stick coated frying pans.
The extra pieces are three lids, two for each of the saucepans. Three can be used during cooking, and three can be used to seal the top fully for when you're storing food in the in the refrigerator, directly in the saucepan.
The lids used for cooking have a rubber surround for a nice seal, and the rubber handles fold flat for storing each of the lids together. At no time when I've been using them have the lid handles been too hot to touch.

The final two pieces are handles that attach and detach from each of the saucepans and frying pans.

The handles attach easily with the firm press of a button. It requires a moderate amount of pressure to press the button that clicks the handle on. A touch of arthritis may be enough to prevent you using this easily. For everyone else, it's a breeze. And even easier to detach the handle by pressing buttons on the side of the handle.

Speaking of arthritis, the saucepans and frying pans are not lightweight, but they're also far from being the heaviest pans I've used. They're good, solid, mid-weight.

There are two advantages to being able to easily detach the handles. One is that if your recipe calls for frying ingredients and then baking them, it can all be done in the one frying pan. You can use the handle to move the frying pan from the stove to the oven, click the buttons to detach the handle, and then bake the contents without the handle being in the oven.

The detachable handles also have good heat isolation, so no matter what you're cooking on the stove, the handles can be held comfortably. Bear in mind that you will need the detachable handles. There's no other practical way to carry the pans while they're hot. Oven mitts are not going to safely grip them.

The other advantage is storage. With the handles detached, all three saucepans and the two frying pans stack neatly within each other.

I've been using the set for a few weeks on an induction cooktop, and only on one occasion did I also bake something in the same frying pan.

Being able to attach and detach handles is good.
Having a lid for cooking and another lid for refrigerator storage is also good.
But where these saucepans and frying pans excel is with the cooking.
They are beautifully constructed, and the heat across the entire surface is incredibly even. No hot-spots in the centre.

Because the non-stick surface of the frying pans is so good, I've been able to avoid oil for some frying, such as roasting walnuts and frying eggs.
The frying pans have performed well at relatively high temperatures for frying scotch fillet steak to perfection in just three and a half minutes per side.
And my flagship meal, crumbed veal schnitzel (fried in canola oil), came out better in one of these frying pans than I've been able to manage before - largely due to the evenness of heat across the whole surface of the frying pan.

The real test will be in the longevity of the non-stick surface, but of course having had these for only a few weeks, I cannot comment on that.
Additionally, the saucepans have measurements printed on the inside. It looks like it's engraved, but when you run your finger over it, it's smooth. So it remains to be seen how long the printing will last.

The instruction manual recommends hand washing for the non-stick coated pans, stating that dishwashers and dishwashing detergents are harsh, and they can reduce the lifespan of the non-stick surface. I haven't minded hand-washing, because no matter what I've cooked so far, hand-washing has been a breeze.

When I write a review, I try to find both pros and cons, but I am struggling to find anything wrong with the Tefal Ingenio.

If I were to be very picky, I'd suggest that in addition to the existing lids for the saucepans, there are times when I'd also like lids for the frying pans.
And perhaps it may also be useful to have an additional larger casserole-style pan with higher side walls.

In summary, I am highly impressed with the build quality, the usability, the evenness of the cooking, and the versatility of using the same implements for frying, baking and storage. Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great for Smaller Kitchens

When I first opened this set I literally said the design was ingenious - I'm a sucker for marketing. First, I love the fact that it can be stored easily within each other. My Le Creuset set was always difficult to store in my small kitchen due to the handles being fixed, but these allow you to remove them for easier storage. Ok, you might think it'll break over time and maybe they will but it says right there on the box that you get a 10 year warranty for the handles (2 years for the set), so I was happy with that. The overall quality however is superb - the base of all the saucepans and fryers is thick allowing for an even spread of heat. I had no problems with my induction cooker hob. So overall, very happy.

+ Storage
+ Complete Set
+ Two sets of covers (one glass, one plastic)
+ High quality

- Only a 2 Year Material/Manufacturing defect warranty

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Perfect space-saver

As part of the Ambassador program I was sent a set of Tefal Ingenio stainless steel cookware for review.
I was impressed when unpacking, as the size of the packaging didn’t reflect in the size of the cooking set. All of the saucepans fit inside each other and stack neatly in the frypans. The glass lids have sprung handles allowing them to be stacked on top of each other. The 13 piece set consists of three saucepans with both glass lids and plastics storage lids, two frypans and two removable handles.

I tested the handles on the pots and they close shut with a solid click and seem very sturdy. The handles are thick and give you a good grip. Two buttons on the side release the handle from the saucepan. The design seems solid as it would be very difficult to release the handles accidentally.

I cook on a gas stove and the saucepans sit on the grate without moving. The cook set I had previously had a problem that when empty they would often tip the way of the handle if not placed correctly. The Tefal set didn’t do this and I think it may be due to a thicker pot base giving more stability.

I used the pots both with the lid on and off. The lids have an open side to allow the handle to be attached or removed with ease with the lid on and small opening to allow you to drain liquids with the lid on. Always make sure when the pots are on a gas stove that the gas hob is the right size and the flames do not breach the bottom. The metal plate on the removable handle can get very hot if you let the flames climb the sides of the pan. Yes… I found out the hard way.

The storage lids are a very good, tight fit for that leftover pasta to go straight in the fridge after cooling.

What I really wanted to try was a Frittata. In the past I’ve had to cover the frypan handle when putting under the grill for the final top setting method and in removing the handle it worked a treat. Straight from the cooktop and into the oven and the result was perfection.

Clean up was a breeze and with no handles in the way the dishwasher was so much easier to stack. Everything bar the plastic storage lids (they can be warped from high temperatures) can be thrown in the dishwasher.
I only had to remove one large saucepan from my pots & pans drawer for the whole set to fit. This set would be perfect for someone short of space in the kitchen (most people).

*Ease of storage (in cupboard or dishwasher)
*Versatility from stovetop to oven to fridge
*Solid build and well thought out features
*Care to be taken with steel piece on handles getting too hot
*Frypan nice and deep but could be bigger.

I told my sister I was reviewing this set and she really liked the idea of being able to put the pans in the oven. It was her birthday middle of August and I bought her the 8 piece non-stick set from Matchbox and she absolutely loves it!
I haven’t used my old cookware since receiving the Tefal set.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

A space saving, good quality set that cooks well.

First off, let me say up front I was sent the Tefal Ingenio set in order to try it out and review it, but at no time has anyone tried to influence my review in any way.

The set is labelled as induction cookware but I have gas and it works perfectly on that too.
The thing I really loved about this set the minute I opened it is how neatly it packs up into a really small bundle. It looks so tidy, so organized. All that I aspire to be but have never quite managed when it comes to storing my cookware. It’s because the handles are detached so you haven’t got them in the way, sticking out everywhere.

My set consisted of 3 stainless steel saucepans with lids and 2 non stick frypans, one smaller, one medium sized. And 2 detachable handles. The set is a good quality weight and feel without being too heavy.
It’s advertised as being a good set for units or small kitchens. My kitchen is reasonably big, but even so, who wants their cupboards cluttered more than they need to be? Seriously, this set takes up about quarter the room, I think it would be great for any kitchen. The saucepans & frypans are easier to fit on the cooktop too, when you need a few going at the same time. No having to juggle handles away from the flames.
The saucepans are space savers in the dishwasher too.
Don’t even consider popping the frypans in the dishwasher though, because you shouldn’t do that to any cookware with a non stick coating.
Luckily, you shouldn’t need to. I’m loving the look of these fry pans but more importantly, they brown things nicely without food sticking to them so they’re really easy to wash by hand. They are incredibly non stick in fact and I say that as someone who has four other non stick frypans to compare it to. Whether this coating will stay so amazingly non stick over time though, I don’t know yet.

What really, really excites me about the frypans is that because the handles are detachable, the pan can go straight from the gas into the oven to finish cooking. I feel just like a Masterchef contestant now, it’s the first time I have had frypans where I can do this.

I like the lids on the saucepans very much. That is because they are see through but also because they have butterfly style handles that stay cool to the touch even when in use. You won’t burn your fingers. The saucepans also come with a plastic lid for storing cooked food in the fridge. This isn’t something I have used yet although I can see the possibilities when entertaining. If you manage to cook your rice or whatever without things overflowing & dirtying the outside, then you could use the pans as serving bowls at the table. That’s my plan for Christmas and New Year in any case.

The set won’t cover your every need. There is no stockpot sized saucepan and the biggest frypan is only what I would call medium size, not large. Also a lid for the larger frypan would have been useful.

Only 2 minor cons: The first is that the small enclosed pamphlet is a bit light on in the details a buyer would want to know. Saucepans and frypans are fairly self explanatory, but I would have appreciated some brief notes about what cooking surfaces they were suitable for. It said induction cookware but I have gas and I wasn’t sure if it was okay to use on that or not.
Also, is the red dot in the centre of the frypans simply decorative or does it have a purpose? I don’t know and there is no explanation in the pamphlet. For a set like this, I would have expected more in the way of details about care and use.

The jury is still out for me with the detachable handles. I absolutely love how detaching a handle makes for much easier storage and cooking, as I have already said. But my worst fears were realized the other day when I was in the kitchen, cooking away, and needed the handle to get the frypan off the stove. So frustrating as I couldn’t see it anywhere. Eventually found it right in front of me, on the saucepan I was using. You do get two handles but it was the principle of the thing as I knew I had one already out. You’ll have to be organized if you don’t want to mislay them and even so, I bet most people will have a "Where is it?" moment occasionally. On the plus side, if you leave the handle off during cooking, you won't burn it, which I'm sad to say has happened to me with saucepans before.

The handle is extremely easy to detach, it just takes a press on two side buttons, but attaching it takes a firm snap of a lever. It’s not hard to do but I had an injured wrist for a few days and it did give me a twinge snapping the handle on, which made me think this might not be the ideal set for anyone who suffers from arthritis in their hands.

But overall, a very good set, well worth having.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Pretty good set

This set of pots and pans where supplied to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review, be it good, bad or other wise and I have only used them for 4 weeks before writing this review.
So the longevity of the non-stick coating has not been proven.

The fry pans have been great to cook with and are absolutely non-stick. Hardly any oil is required to use the fry pans and the selection of sizes covers all requirements that I have needed in the kitchen so far. They are also a dream to wash up, the non-stick surface allows any oil or food particles to simply slide right off with no effort.

The pots have been a little harder to use and are definitely not as non-stick as the frypans. After a slight overcooking of some mushrooms, it took quite a bit of soaking and scrubbing to remove the food from the bottom of the pot. The various pot sizes have been good for my small to medium size cooking needs.

The removable handles make for compact storage which I really like and the spare resealable lids are handy for popping the leftovers straight in the fridge without the need to transfer to another container.

Build quality looks and feels very good.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

A great product!

Overall, I was very satisfied with the cooking results of this product. Upfront, I need to mention that I have only used the product for 3 weeks, so cannot make a comment as to how these would continue to function after this time. However, I have cooked with them each day to really get a feel for them, before writing this review. They are still very easy to wash and clean. My experience with new pots and pans is that they are often very easy to maintain initially, however after a few months that changes . I hope that these pots and pans continue to perform as well as they do at present. I hesitated in giving 5 stars only due to not knowing if these would continue to perform long-term.

This Induction Ingenio Tefal Stainless Steel pots and pans feel light and were easy to use. The advantages of removing the handles would be the ability to create more room on a small cooktop. To be honest, it did take a bit of getting used to cooking without handles. Since the detachable handles do not remain on the pots and pans whilst cooking. This meant that a handle needed to be attached again to stir certain foods, lift the pot or move the pot to another burner. The handles were very easy to attach and remove though and lids did not need to be removed to attach or remove the handles. Any inconvenience of removing handles was far outweighed by the ability to stack the pots and pans in a drawer quickly and easily. The stove top to oven feature of these pots and pans is fantastic. I was able to make meals such as shepherd's pie in the one pot (boiling potatoes) and one frying pan, saving additional washing up. The clear lids with steam vents were terrific, ensuring that I could see the progress of the food and ensure that it did not over boil. Pots and pans heat up quickly, saving both time and energy. Heat is generated and dispersed evenly ensuring that there are no hotspots. They also seem to cool down fairly quickly too, which was handy for when I was cooking something like onions and wanted to remove them before getting too hot and for not overcooking caramel! The 26cm frying pan included in the set would be good when cooking for two, but a much larger frying pan would be needed for a family.

An idea to improve the product would be to ensure that the instructions are consistent as there was a bit of a discrepancy between the instructions on the box, the leaflet enclosed, on the website and even given over the phone when speaking to Tefal for clarification in regards to whether these pots (and handles) could be safely washed in the dishwasher. This was a concern as some dishwasher products are known to be corrosive on pots and I did not want to ruin such great pots and pans. Tefal could not recommend any particular dishwashing product that would be suitable to use.

I will continue to use these pot and pans and prefer these to anything I have used before. Thank you, Tefal for a great product. I look forward to many years of great cooking!

Date PurchasedAug 2018
Just baked a cake in the small frypan today. I didn't grease it or put any baking paper in it just to see how it turned out. - Almost lost my cake. As I turned it over to finish cooling on the wire rack, the cake slid straight out of the pan. Really impressed with that. I sincerely hope the nonstick pans in this set continue to perform as well as they do now. Cleaned the pan by rinsing it under cold water and wiping it with a cloth. Certainly, at this stage, nothing at all has ever stuck to these pans and they are a treasure to clean.All righty! I think I've been using these pots and pans long enough now to give a fair and accurate review. When I first reviewed them I had only been using them for 3 weeks. I should have noted in my first review that I would like to update that review down the track, but failed to do so, sorry. I've been using them every single day for approx 6 months. If I could change my stars from 4 to 5 now, I would. I was hesitant in giving 5 stars after 3 weeks, and I did think they were a little pricey to be honest so just wasn't quite sure about that either. However, I cannot believe I'm saying this, I LOVE these pots and pans. I haven't used my Scanpans or Estelle pans since I've had these and I cook every day. I bake in the oven with the frypans, cook cakes in them, bake pies in them, anything that needed to be browned off first then baked in the oven just goes into the frypan and then straight into the oven. No fuss, extremely little mess, and one pan wash up. Everything I have cooked this way has slipped straight out of the frypan without any hesitation. My grandkids who eat here often, are scrambled egg freaks. I don't mind one little bit now. I do them in the frypan and as soon as it cools - a quick rinse out and it's all done. The egg falls off. No trying to scrub the pot to get the egg off the sides and base. I would not hesitate to recommend these pots and pans at all. I do put the stainless steel pots in the dishwasher. I HAVE NOT, and will not put the frypans in there. I wouldn't risk it. Dishwashing powders can be terribly corrosive and to be honest, why bother. A quick rinse once they're cool and they're done. If you hesitate about the detachable handles, I'd suggest you not worry about that. I struggled a bit with the concept initially, as I am decades used to pots with handles on. However, now that I have adapted to these detachable handles, which took me surprisingly little time, I wouldn't go back. A big thumbs up on these. And as I said, if I could, I would give them 5 stars now. Well done on these Tefal, they're great.

Excellent store-ability; clever design

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Review of Tefal pots n pans

Day zero; they arrived.
First item – storage:

In order to do a good test, reviewed the pots-n-pans deep-drawer.
The Tefal Ingenio suite was 13 items. We will use all of those. By themselves, they took up less than a quarter of the drawer volume.
There were 30 items in that drawer. 13 items from Tefal and we kept 8 other items (mostly very big or very small) – putting aside 9 items (which overflowed the box the Tefal set came in.)

Point the first: in terms of storage – this is a big advance; fold-flat lid-handles and Russian-doll stacking.
Also – looking forward to using the ‘vacuum-seal’ for leftovers.
And mighty curious about the ‘red spot’ 190C indicator in the middle of the frypans…

Friday, 17 August 2018

Have used most of the items (except the vacuum-storage lids) to date.
Experiences thus far.

Minus: - noted the absence of lids for the frypans. We’ve used an old one with smooth corners, but it isn’t a precise fit. Works okay.

Big plus: - the lack of fixed handles and not having to worry about knocking things over or to the floor – is great. I hadn’t realised how often I was ‘moving handles to safe position’ (so they wouldn’t be bumped, or get hot.)

Minor minus – using a mix of detachable handles and fixed – one forgets the safety procedures ‘with handles’ remarkably quickly!

Design plus: - I’ve noted the fold-flat lids have ‘decent hinges’. Obviously they will last a good while.
Design unknown minus: But will the fold-flat lid-handles last ‘forever’? Normalising aside: I still have some old, completely serviceable stainless steel (thin, dimpled – great design) saucepans awaiting my skill and motivation to make new handles. The original Bakelite handles/knobs lasted about 15 years.
Same ‘is it a minus?’ applies to the detachable handles. New, they are working perfectly! Unknown how long that perfection will continue. Context: a detachable handle for Corningware lasted about 7 years before becoming ‘too loose for safety’ – and was not adjustable. Oven gloves since…
Tuesday, 28 August 2018 (Final on the handles: If I were working in a major purchasing capacity for Defence (buying 1000 sets or so), I’d want to know MTBF (mean time between failure) for the detachable handles. Also, if the handles could suffer if accidentally left attached to an overheating pan. So far, so good – and what I can see of the internals seems ‘adequately robust’.

Saturday, 18 August 2018
Design Plus/Plus:
The saucepans come with volume-marks. Excellent – and why doesn’t everyone do that?

Practicality almost-minus:
When using the detachable handles, it’s almost inevitable to get some food on the gripping end. Unless cleaned immediately, cleaning would be difficult.

“The Red Spot”
(Still to test properly.) (Conclusion – although I cook an excellent steak – and have done with the fry-pan – I couldn’t get the ‘red spot’ to light up. Maybe I wouldn’t like steaks cooked to their spec?)

Summary so far:
Storage not-in-use; brilliant.
Use – as good or better than conventional saucepans/frypans.
Cleaning – as good or better than conventional saucepans and non-stick frypans.
(Codicil: attention needs to be paid to keeping the handles ‘sanitary-clean’)
Storage/refrigeration etc; excellent.

Sizes/pieces in the suite:
For our purposes (2-person household) – a smaller ‘smallest’ saucepan would get more use.
Adding a frypan lid would be good. A manufacturer’s guarantee that ‘spares will be available for moving parts’ would be reassuring.
For a 4-6 person household, these would suffice nicely.

RRP is something like $799 for the set. This is easily competitive with comparable high-quality items, particularly if purchased individually. It would be easy to spend more than that.
However, a quick search on the Web turned up prices in the $400 range for this exact set – at which price the Tefal pans are a bargain – winners on quality (1st) and price (2nd).

Tuesday, 28 August 2018
Recommended Y/N?
Unequivocally yes. Big winners on storage/convenience; comparable/competitive in normal use; some clever design that becomes ‘the new standard’. Queries only on the life-expectancy of moving parts; so far I have no indication that the engineering of the lids/handles would not last the distance.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Surprisingly Good

Really solid feeling pans, and they conduct a LOT of heat through my regular electric cook top. I'm pretty impressed with the quality feel of them, and the handles seem to have a good positive lock-in clasp when you attach and detach them. Handles seem strong too, you have confidence carrying heavy, full pans once you've clipped the handle on. I am not usually a fan of non-stick pans, because the coating is rarely very long lasting and there are some concerns about that coating flaking off over time and contaminating food, but I have to say I do like these in terms of quality and heat conductivity. I like the 3 x stainless steel pans in this set, but wish there were cooking lids for the non-stick pans as well. the shape of the frypans is good, they have a nice broad, flat base and not that "bowl" shape that some pans have which limits the amount of flat space on the bottom. The glass lids provided for the stainless steel pots are nice quality. Overall, I think this set represents very good value for money, and it would make an excellent all-rounder set for a first home owner or kitchen starter pack. The fact the handles come off makes cleaning and storage so much more convenient!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

The best i have ever used!

The Tefal ingenio preference stainless steel induction set has to be the most versatile pot and pan set on the market. Why you ask, well not only is it a pot and pan set, its a container set and the frying pans can also be placed into the oven, with the handles off! the pots have measuring points on the side. The lids used for cooking and very ergonomic and have amazing grab handles that never get hot and also have a rubber seal to sit around the rim of the pot to prevent overspills. This pot and pan set is an induction typeset but works on all cook types including gas, coil, electric and ceramic as well as being able to be put into the oven! Heat transfer is even, there is no heat in the middle and not to the sides, just perfect, even cooking. I was intrigued to see how good the non-stick quality was with the frying pans and they are amazing. I cooked an omelet without using oil and had no sticking, pancakes like it was nothing, steaks, chops and more, all without oil. I mean I was amazed by the quality. Each detachable handle is tested to withstand 10KG and there is also a 10-year guarantee on them. I never felt that I could not trust them to hold a put full of water or a pan full of scrambled eggs, the truth is that they are very solid and well made. I do however dislike the angle that the handles sit at but this is minor and I also believe that they would not work if they were at a normal flat level. Also, and I never thought of this until I went to put them in the Dishwasher, however, the removable handles, make a difference when loading as there are no handles in the way.

Negatives, you may ask. Well, the kit comes with 2 pans and 3 pots but only 2 handles, however, you only have 2 hands so I guess it's nothing to be annoyed about and the handles are easy to detach and attach so this really isn't an issue. Also, they are quite a small size set however it states the size on the side of the box. I'm not too sure if they make a larger kit, it's probably something I would invest in for my family as a 30cm frying pan is normally the smallest we would use in our household and the largest in this kit is only 26cm. These are more formalities then negatives. I mean this is, and always will be, my first choice when I am cooking!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

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Will this set be just as good if used with a gas stove top? Thanks
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Hi Mel, Although I used my on induction as my review stated, in sure gas will be just as good. The only thing to be aware, and many people don't realise, you don't usually need extreme high heat to be able to cook great. Now it depends on the power of your cook top, some gas are very good, and some verge on commercial style strengths. Stoves like Wolf (which I cooked on for years at my parents home) are very powerful and you had to be much more conservative with high heat. The only thing I would be more cautious about, as I was not able to see was the handles. As they seem very durable, they will more than likely get hot from being over a larger gas burner. So see how they go in that respct, otherwise I'm sure they will do just as well if not somewhat better as you have more precise control than with induction. Since induction doesn't produce actual heat outside of the area the pot or pan is on, versus electric or gas, just make sure you use a pot holder if touching the handle as it may become hotter is all. They are a great set of pans that perform extremely well and take up very little cabinet space. Good luck. CheersHi Mel, I've been using my set on a gas cook top, and they've been absolutely fine. No concerns with the handle, as far as heat goes. Cheers Chris

What is price of arcosteel 30cm frypan?
1 answer
I believe the kit I was supplied with retails for nearly $300.


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