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When I attach the lid the machine starts blending automatically and it seems to be stuck in this mode. What can I do?
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I have the soup and co and it wont lock, the lock emblem just flashes all the time
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When turned on all lights flash
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i need spare cutting rotor assemblies for one BL 9031 AU (held by four Allen screws) and one BL 908160 (bayonet fitting) soup machines . Both developed leaks through the shaft about one year after they were purchased. I live in Macquarie Pk Sydney 2113. Where can I go to buy and pick them up?
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I’m sorry. I have not repaired this machine at all so I’m unable to assist

I have a Tefal easy soup. I use it all the time. It has now stopped blending although is does cook. I have purchased about 10 of these over the last 3 years for all my friends and family, as I think it is one of the best kitchens assessories I have ever had. Is it reparable or do I need to buy a new one? I really cannot do without it
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It’s a bin job

How does it work as a normal blender as in just blending fresh chilli,garlic salt & pepper for a dry rub say for rump meat for the smokers? Thank You Ross
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Hi I have one of these soup makers, is there any way to stop the blending? Sometimes I just want the soup not blended and left chunky P2 is still to blended for me
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Actually, I haven’t tried that. I do make chicken and vegetable soup but make it in my philips 3 in 1. Best advice is watch the timer. It starts to blend at the same time each time so before it does remove jug. Hope that helps you.use the manual mode, you can set time and temp, just don't touch the dial, turning the dial tells it to blend

how long can this Tefal soup & co last, if I use it everyday making soup? I will take care of it of course, but wondering how long can it last? I don't want to spend $300+ to buy something that will bread down just after 1 year warranty. I would like it to last longer, as there are so many cheaper models that seems do the same thing, but only under $100.
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I have only had this product for the last 3mths. I do use it every day so I hope it lasts. It works great and makes perfect soup. It’s the lid I have problems with putting on. I don’t know if there a special way of doing it but I haven’t got it yet. Yes it is expensive, I had a kambrook one before and it died, and to be quite honest I would go with the new kambrook one it made soup just as good. The only benefit is the tefal keeps it hot after cooking. It still makes just as must noise as the kambrook did. I hope my answer helps you.The shaft seal on the impeller failed on mine after maybe thirty uses for soup, I think due to the seal getting too hot during heating or during the purée cycle. There was no repair kit so I don’t have it anymore and I was told that this model was obsolete. I enjoyed the soups that it made though. If I had another I would not set the cooking temp as high.Thank you guys! Hi Chris, I was using the new kambrook one for about two weeks. It does makes good soup, and much cheaper, with two year warranty. But i find i couldn't tolerant the smell given from the silicone rubber. It gave out a quite sting smell when the liquid is hot. Someone said it is common for silicone rubber to sting when cooking, but I am bit concerned. I am using a electronic pressure cook as well, it has good quality silicone, and there is no smell at all after one or two use. So I returned the Kambrook one, and trying to look for a safer product. I am sorry to hear your seal has problem Twodear! I actually ordered the Tefal one from Myer yesterday, told me no stock at the shop, though I was told there were 3 when I called. I picked up today, guess what, they gave me a old returned unit?! it looks used with water marks and dust. And has a plastic lid?! which should be glass! The p1,p2,p3 are not buttons, but just print?! Excuse me? Oh my gosh, i am so angry at Myer now!

Did anyone use it to make soy milk?
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Not me!yes you can - soak beans overnight in cold water, rinse out the beans and drain, place into tefal and add three cups of water, turn on the tefal, it is now in manual mode, using + & - buttons set time to 20:00, press OK, set temp to 85c, press OK (light will come on), when 20 minutes is up and unit beeps press OK again, now set timer to 2:00 and temp to 85c and this time turn the dial to zero and then to full to blend for two minutes. Now use a sieve to collect the milk into a glass jar, the remant is called okara and can be used to make lots of things too. this will make three cups of milk and two cups of okara. Add 1-2 tbsn white sugar to taste.

Hi I am Tefal Soup maker user from Malaysia. I have been using tefal soup maker (P1)for making pumpkin soup over the last 3 years. Recently the soup maker does not heat up the soup after 25 minutes. No error was show from the screen, timer and blades works well. I called Tefal service Center in Kuala Lumpur, they were not sure about the solution for my soup maker. I really want to fix it. I would say this is a great kitchen gadget for single or family. I bought 3 units for family members. Hopefully someone here can give useful suggestion for my problem. Thank you.
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Miy unit did this once, so I turned off the power and cleaned the points where the container and the base connect. Instant success! Suggest you try this.

I keep getting an error message on p1 and p2. Help.
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Hi Can I use ice while making smoothies (in blend function?) Thanks
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We never added ice to any of our blends. The users manual/receipe book implies that it is built for it though. I think ours failed due to heat damage to the seal, not shock from blending.I have chopped ice without any problems, as this is what the machine is designed for. A very strong blender.

We have the Tefal easy soup maker and all of a sudden we cannot get it to start, all of the P option lights are flashing and when we select one and then press start they still continuously flash and nothing happens? anybody had the same?
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We didn't have this problem. Timing is bad because Although our kettle portion failed, the base was working great, and just today I scrapped it; I would have shipped it to you. I hope you find a solution.

I was hoping to use my soup and co. to make apple sauce (pureed fruit) for my 8 month old. Will the soup and co. be able to cook and puree fruit appropriately? Thank you!
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Yes should be same as cooking Veggies but you may need to experiment on amount water to use depending on thickness required.

I really need to know about this product as mine stopped working and it is only 18mth old. Like a previous reviewer mine is not heating properly. I really needed to be able to use it in two weeks time when my 10 year old has cleft palate surgery but no one can repair it in time. I'm very disappointed and unsure what to do. Can TEFAL advise me?
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I rang Tefal Sep 25,2017, re my 2 yo unit and was advised OOW check repair dealer. Looking at quote to fix $60, plus extra parts and labour $...It also has hair line stress cracks in both lids and quoted at $37 to replace whole lid assembly. I decided not worth fixing what appears to be a leaking seal below blade assembly (??) At greater than $ 100 to be repaired I decided will try Kambrook $119 (HarveyNorman) with 2 year warranty. Hope your little darling is doing well.

I want to buy one online. I live in Melnbourne. Can you please advise?
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Soup makers are fantastic.. I started with the theTv one from target but after 3 disintegrated within the warranty periods I went for the apparent robust tefal soup and co. It has been a great product for me but has been superseded / discontinued. It only has 1 yr warranty and expensive problems are showing within 2 years... I will consider a Kogan soup wizard $65 or or Kambrook soup2 simple $119 replacement as likely equal to repairing existing unit and with a new warranty! I guess that I am saying is that even the expensive ones have a limited existence!#2 updated model avail. with more features - e.g. removable blade including serrated for better blending. Still ?? at $399 if previous model issues not fixed.. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/tefal-soup-co-2l-blender.html

hi would I be able to purchase a whole fish steamer and on the same time make soup fish in the same time?
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No. I think you are thinking of the Tefal Cuisine Companion and the Fish steamer accessory.

Do you have a book on how to work this machine? I've lost mine
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Call the company. They were more than happy to send me out the book.

We have had our soup maker for just over 2 years and love the soup it produces. Have now noticed that fluid has begun to leak from the base of the jug - took the unit to the local(Adelaide) service centre however they were not able to fix the problem at the time. They contacted Tefal Australia who informed them that there now was not any technical support available here in Aus! The service centre advised that they would now email Tefal head office in France to clarify what was required to fix the leak. The information that they could access online was according to them not clear. Response could take up to a month they said. We are not happy with this as my wife cannot use the machine in its present condition and we have paid a significant amount for it when purchased. Would have thought the local service people should have been able to rectify the problem. Would appreciate any response that would help- would rather not have to go out and buy a new one.
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Have the same problem maybe... can you describe this fluid? mine is clear brown like fish sauce and deposits as droplets around inside the base and up under the jug.( Cant determine that it is due to leaking seal under the blade or not... I was advised that it was OOW and to check with a repairer ( at $60 plus P&L) ! Kogan sells one for < $70 -free shipping & one year warranty Kambrook has a new "soup 2 simple" too - $119... Also the plastic lid is showing stress lines / fractures and I was quoted at $37.00 posted for the complete 4 piece lid (as parts not available separately). Seems like writing is on the wall to me... but I too would love to hear differently.... however I absolutely cannot be without a soup maker !

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