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Does not last 24 hours like it states on the packet

I get hayfever with itchy eyes, stuffy nose and phlegm stuck in my throat.
Bought Telfast 120mg 24 he relief and I've been on it a few days.
Took one at 2pm yesterday afternoon and took another one at 9am this morning because my eye was itchy.
That's 5 hours short of 24 hours.
Paying for a product that claims to last 24 hours and dosnt even last 19 hours has put me off and Il think Il try another brand

Purchased in April 2019 for $13.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects None
Symptom ReliefMild Improvement
Symptoms RelievedItchiness
Used for: Hayfever

Does not make any difference and Telfast shut down the cash back

Tried to claim the rebate cash back when I returned after the after the holiday period , well guess what Telfast have shut it down on 7th January. Do not buy this dumb product.


Telfast advertises a $7 cashback but when you try and claim it the website is faulty either it is designed to be faulty so you cant claim or it is faulty so you cant claim. The product in general is ok.

Rash (or is it hives)

I got again, Telfast does the trick. I take 2 on the first day...one at, say 7am, the other 6pm.
The 2nd one knocks me around a bit, I get dizzy when I get off my chair & gives me heartburn.
The following day I only take one. And on the 3rd day another & I'm back to normal

Doesn't work for 24 hours

We bought the 24 hour 120mg pack for our son. He took it in the morning and by the afternoon his symptoms began to return. By the late afternoon they were worse than they were in the morning before the telfast.

Cash back site constantly down

I have now purchased 2boxes and on both occasions tried to claim online and it fails at the end saying ‘ sorry something went wrong and our server is down’ what a joke . Back to Zyrtec.

Not working at all

It started out well by working for abbout 8 hrs even though it is supposed to protect for 24 hrs. Then gradually it lost its effect. After a week an half, it has stopped working completely.

Really fast acting!

I get allergies in the summer and because of cats. I take a Telfast and that seriously disappears. The allergies I have to cats disappear! I don't get welts, itchy skin or asthma! Really worth looking into if you're uncomfortable due to allergies.

Absolutely FAST

I was severely bitten by goodness knows what from something in the sea water at Wynnum! Everywhere I had applied sunscreen these bugs bit. I endured the crazy itch for a few hours by applying ice, before leaving for a Chemist where I bought and took TELFAST 180mg immediately. I utterly praise this product for its speedy effect; as by the time it took me to drive home - NO MORE ITCH :) I continued to use Telfast until the swelling resolved.

[+] Absolutely FAST

Made My Symptoms 10 Times Worse

After taking this within half and hour to an hour it made my hives worse on hands and feet. Prickly itch all over. After a few hours my lips were red raw and my tongue was swollen. Did not eat tea as did not know if it would make it worse. It is now 20 hours later and I want to rip the skin off my hands.

Best relief for itchy bites

I've found these to be the fastest working antihistamines you can buy at supermarkets. I also try to buy them in larger bulk boxes from pharmacies overt he counter. Generally worked in half an hour and the itchy bites aren't itchy any more!

This is great

This is the only one kind heyfever pill that could help me, I have really bad heyfever and tried a few brands they didnt work on me. I would highly recommend this product.

This is a god send

I hated not being able to be outside with my kids. But now I can enjoy the spring and summer with the pollen in the air without needing eighteen boxes of tissues with me!

This product does not last 24 hours, does the job when it is working however.

This product works well for my hay fever and allergy to cats, however, for me it does not last for 24 hours. It last for about 10 to 12 hours if I'm lucky. I'm considering switching to another brand as this Telfast does not last long enough for me.

Terrible waste of money

My husband and I had itchy eyes, runny nose, sneezing. All symptoms of hay fever. Took a 24 hour tab of telecast. Lasted 2 hours. Absolute rubbish. Supposed to last 24 hours. Nothing at all. Just a waste of money!

Excellent product for me

I have a severe allergy in spring season since moved to Australia. I have tried pretty much all the other brands but nothing comes even close to Telfast 180 mg. I can honestly say that it has saved my life. I get a bit of dizziness especially at night time but maybe because of its power. I highly recommend this product to anyone who's suffering from spring allergy reactions.

Actually works!

Telfast really does work very well for hayfever and it works quickly. I do wish the price was lower as I am on a very tight budget! I got my daughter onto using it as she suffers allergies more than I do and she was also pleased with how well it works

love it

thank you to my doctor and to telfast, i took the 180mg in no time at all i felt so much better im taking it every day now,telfast may have literally saved my life,

Quick relief

We live on acreage and I love using the ride on but my severe rhinitis causes me to have watery and sore eyes, swollen nasal passages, sneezing sometimes up to forty times. I have used a nuisance dusk mask but think I need a better filter. I also use goggles. Afterwards I take a 180mg Telfast and I have relief after about 20 to 30 minutes. I don't take them everyday but only when I have attacks. They work very well for me and my allergies. Could not live without them , highly recommended.

Very happy camper after taking Telfast!

Telfast may have literally saved my life. By chance I took it a couple of hours before having an anaphylactic reaction to another medication. I am not sure if it is placebo affect or not, but I find the Telfast brand slightly more effective than the generic one. I often take 180mg TWICE a day on recommendation from my specialist, and it significantly improves my quality of life, but this is not recommended on the packet. If I have had a bad allergy breakout it takes about 3 days of taking 180mg twice a day for my skin/Atopic/Dermatitis symptoms to subside. Strangely I almost always have a sudden outburst of sneezing about 30 minutes after taking it. I don't know why this happens, and no pharmacist has been able to identify why either, but it seems like I always have a sudden exacerbation in allergy symptoms just before the fexofenadine begins to work! WEIRD!!!! I can't imagine life without it though! I ALWAYS have some on hand. I can feel a 180mg dose wear off after about 15 to 18 hours.

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Can telfast make your skin sensitive to sun light? I’m on a medication that does I don’t want to add to it
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Sorry I’m not an expert best to ask your GP .

Telfast is it good for pimples?thanks
No answers

Hi folks, I have recently switched from Telfast to a generic Australian brand called Fexit. They seem to be doing nothing for me. Why would this be? I thought they would be the exact same thing. Thanks
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