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Telstra TV

Telstra TV

2.3 from 102 reviews

Finicky piece of kit

We have had our Telstra TV now for about six months. The good is that when it works you can easily access the available subscription services or Free to air content. The bad is that the unit is prone to having “spin outs” for no apparent reason, usually when switching from one content to another. Typically the unit seems to have issues most frequently when switching back to live TV. It seems to get stuck and you need to try different things to snap it out of the dead end loop. Free TV channels also fail to list detail quite frequently. While overall cost of ownership is quite low you would be wrong to have high expectations if you are looking to buy one. On a value for money scale it would rate well when compared to other available products.

Purchased in June 2018 at telstra.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Poor functatuality

Absolute crap . Cant record. Can't access new releases easily have tried numerios times with new passwors, no success. Don't waste your time or money. Staff at Telstra were absolutely hopeless

Purchased in January 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Rebranded and Limited Roku 4 Player

This version of Telstra TV is based on a media streaming device by Roku Inc which is actually a pretty good piece of hardware. The Roku is natively a platform where you can add any number of thousands of channels from a world wide selection. As you subscribe (some free most not) a new Icon will appear on your screen. However, in order to keep the Telstra brand separate and the content tightly controlled, Telstra have locked off the units ability to load anything other than Telstra TV content which is a waste. The fact that Roku will not supply anything other than the Telstra branded box to Australia nor will allow you to activate the box when in Australia, speaks poorly of the business deal that must exist between Telstra and Roku. Save your money and buy a Nvidia Sheild TV device. It will play everything that Telstra TV plays, better and without limitations.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

absolute trash

The thing is literally a waste of space in my loungeroom. When my family got it, we thought it would be good to reduce screentime on phones and watch youtube on the bigger screen, but it is absolutely godawful. It is positioned maybe 5 metres from my internet router (a telstra one), and still cant load any apps. My TELSTRA tv tells me that my TELSTRA internet is too slow, how ironic, right? If you recieve one, just leave it in the box, it'll make it easier to throw in the bin.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Waste of Time

As much as I insisted I didn't want this piece of junk when signing up, they sent it anyway. Curiosity got the better of me so I installed it. After dealing with the various options and navigating the menus, ending up with 2 netflix accounts which I frustratingly couldn't cancel for 3 months ( I ended up canceling both accounts-Not Netflix issue was Telstra) I unplugged the box. My Smart TV has all the same functions and more - Telstra TV - Total waste of time.

Purchased in February 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money


Telstra TV came with my service, I didn’t want it. Recently I thought I’d give it a try. It should be ok. But it doesn’t work. Freezes on screens. Has to be disconnected from power and switched on, every single time. Telstra should be embarrassed with this product.

Purchased in February 2017.

Build Quality
Value for Money

Useless Rubish

I now have two of these useless devices.
One has been used for 5 minutes the other remains in its unopened box.
For the life of me I cannot see what they do that a 'Smart TV' doesn't and given that most TVs are smart these days, what is their purpose?
Telstra supplies these when you take out a new contract - in spite of being told not to. It would make much more sense to have a cheaper contact and not be lumbered with this useless piece of nonsense.

Purchased in February 2019 at Telstra.

easy to set up

this is a reliable unit with fast coverage and easy to use system for even the tech lame head like myself, recording is great feature to have and i am pleased with the set up

Purchased in October 2018 for $250.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

its an easy device to use

I have had this box for almost 6 months, no issues whatsoever, I still think that it is way more expensive than what it should be, I mean $196 come on!! i think $70 is a reasonable price, but what do you know, Telstra is always expensive, even when their service is just ordinary.

Purchased in August 2018.

Build Quality
Value for Money

In my opinion the best tv box on the market, you can get all the streaming services on it.

This a very straight forward device to use, easy buttons on the remote,it is reliable as long as you internet, obviously you can record very easily using this box. You can get Netflix,Stan, YouTube and Foxtel now on it and other stations,even the radio, streams effortlessly,has a dedicated button for Netflix and Foxtel. I highly recommend Telstra TV.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Telstra TV what crap this is

How can Telstra sell this for $196 out right? Chrome cast is only $50 if it was say $50 that would be ok, Telstra cannot get anything right as usual. They got rid of the Foxsports news app why?

The Kanopy app is impossible to activate on line and more adds on the catch up TV apps 7, 9, 10, and SBS
Yes it is easy to setup but that’s all
Telstra let me come and work for you.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Not worth the money!!

We are on to our THIRD REPLACEMENT BOX! Our first box was really messed up, it would infinitely reboot. we called up Telstra, they sent out a new box, 8/10 times, when you turn the tv on you would have to manually unplug the box from power, wait 20 seconds for it to reboot, and then watch what you want to watch. We called them up, got ANOTHER replacement. We still have the same issue to this day! Can't even do simple things like record. Waste of time and money!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

no good with Kayo sports

trialled Kayo sports on Telstra Tv, useless no split screens, to hard to access Foxtel sport channels, sound out of sync. Kayo need a dedicated box for streaming. not happy ,have gone back to my IQ3 sports pack. not worth all the hype ., etc etc etc etc etc etc

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Telstra Roku TV Useless

I am sitting here in fron of the TV and the test on my iPad says 43.8 mbps down and 18.3 up via Telstra NBN yet this useless Roku hardware says “poor”. Impossible to watch anything. Waste of money. The software not updated since Oct 2013. Now Dec 2018. Well supported !!! They don’t get it - if your network is good but hardware / software garbage the result is garbage.

Date PurchasedApr 2018


Agree with the many reviews that have given Telstra tv one star. Every day when I try to use it another problem arises. No internet connection (when it’s working well on my iPad and mobile ), its stuck on kids, there’s an error, etc. I rang Telstra TV and told turn it off and on. Sometimes it worked, other times not. Rang again told to try it again. It worked, next day didn’t. Sometimes, in frustration, I end up watching the show on my iPad. Someone suggested trying chromecast which is another expensive. I’ve rarely had luck with Telstra over the years and I’m mad I got sucked in again being assured that ‘this time it’ll work). Never again.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

This device out of date technology, don't waste your money

Terrible design that it does not even have the volume and power buttons,
absolutely you get nothing extra when you want to use it with your smart tv,
your TV does more than what this device does maybe beneficial with nonsamart tv. Overall downside of it does not support or allow any other apps such Android apps particularly the internet browsing app! Waste of money! Disappointed

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Well at least Foxtel now has some good shows on it...

Had trouble from the start. The screen would flash on and off. Unplugged and started again. OK for awhile. Seems like it doesn't like hot days. Now I'm convinced Telstra don't want you to use free to air because I regularly get poor reception and full drop out of aerial connection - meanwhile the TV in the kitchen with rabbit ears antenna is going on fine at the same time...explain that one! Had it now for some time stuck with it. It's just no fun when you feel stuck with something inferior. Just added the date purchased - seems like I've been struggling with it for much longer than that.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Free Netflix for travellers..

For anybody travelling in a van or staying in a hotel, or simply don’t have the internet on at home, you can simply plug in your Telstra TV and get Netflix etc, using your Iphone. All you need is a good data plan( I have 30 gig) and switch on your Hotspot in settings. It then gives you a wifi password etc. Netflix uses about 1 gig an hour. This works perfectly where is a good phone coverage. I’m not sure the telcos will like you knowing this but as you will now be able use all your phones data.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

A poor relative of fetchtv

Moved house, previous provider was not available...
Ordered bundle with Telstra TV (Oct-Nov 2018), and after setting up, discovered TTV has almost no content I want to watch...no recording or time-shift capability, and a number other disappointing features.
Box & remote try to be stylish, but not simple to use in the dark, no chunky buttons etc. Menus are mostly in the wrong places...
Will keep exploring, but very likely to look for a different device in the coming weeks.

December 24th 2018 Update: Very average

Poor user interface, slow, and a requirement to register online separately for most of the apps.
No antenna loop-through...
Did I mention you can’t record or time-shift.
Back to fetchtv for me.
The unit forgets where you were after timeout, and forward/reverse is jumpy.
Not good. As it’s part of a package subscription, i’ll leave it there for the cat to watch.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

A step backwards for Telstra

Let me start by saying how much I loved the Telstra T box. What an amazing piece of technology. Pause, record, rewind. The truly value add features every viewer is looking for. The remote control was unstoppable. It could be hidden under 10ft of concrete and still work. When starting the t box it was super fast. Started in seconds. Super easy to navigate tv channels and check out what other shows were on whilst continuing to watch the current show. I was so happy.

Then Telstra discontinued the service replacing it with the “amazing” Roku powered Telstra Tv. What a disappointment. Clunky viewing experience. No...nothing...I mean no ability whatsoever to pause, records and rewind live tv. We travelled back in time. Telstra has introduced an inferior product. And the good part is they wanted to charge more! Sure there access to more apps and whatever but I have a smart TV and chrome cast. I can do all that stuff and more.

My favorite though, Telstra has obviously listened to customer feedback (maybe even my own) and added the ability to pause and rewind live tv on Telstra tv. But only in very limited conditions. It’s such a pitiful attempt to right the stupendous wrongs.

The remote control is also inferior. You need to be pointing that thing directly at the box or it won’t work.

Telstra has made a huge mistake. I’m locked in. I would thoroughly recommend avoiding Telstra tv if you’re considering your options. I’m pretty sure anything else would be better.

Telstra, you have failed.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

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Questions & Answers

how do you delete tv channels not required (standard def), and how do you choose a channel directly without going through the menu?
1 answer
HI, Sorry for late reply. Firstly, you should know that Telstra doesn't want you to watch anything but the channels that it supplies with the Telstra TV (Roku) unit. I'm not sure if it works on the latest model, but it may be possible to side load the content you want. Essentially you need to. 1. Switch the Telstra Tv (Roku)_ unit to developer mode. 2. Access the Telstra TV (Roku) unit via a web browser 3. Upload the channel/app which you need to find in "unconventional". Here are some good guides. Good luck! https://www.howtogeek.com/290787/how-to-enable-developer-mode-and-sideload-roku-apps/ https://crowdsupport.telstra.com.au/t5/Telstra-TV/HowTo-Plex-for-TelstraTV/td-p/519486 https://www.lifewire.com/roku-hacks-4168171

My "Roku Powered" remote that we use for "Stan"is U/S. Can I purchase one of those units on ebay for less than $10.00 and use that??? They look identical.
1 answer
Yes you can

does Telstra tv new roku version up scale free to air tv channels to 4k?
1 answer
Sort of. The Roku will scale the broadcast stream so that it will fit across your entire TV screen, but it wont change the resolution. So a 720p broadcast will not appear any better on a 4k TV, but it will fill the screen. You will only get true 4k resolution if the channel is broadcast in that resolution. Note: if you are on any of the NBN's current plans you wont want to do much 4k streaming. It chews through bandwidth.


Price (RRP)$192
Internet ConnectivityWi-Fi and Ethernet
USB Ports1
Internal Storage512MB

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