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Titan T1 / T2

Titan T1 / T2

T1 and T2
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i personally need workout machines to lose weight and tone up. as your strength increases, you can personalise the weight limit for each machines function thus increasing your personal best to even higher limits. its great for any age or men or women. invest in a life long health plan and save money from going to the gym to doing everything at the comfort of your home.
the best health investement money can buy, over 100 exercises you will be working out different muscles each day
bit confusing to start off with but you get the hang of it after few exercises


It is handy and a space saver giving you area to place other apliances around in the same room. It is also good for your health unless you over do the execise.
Firstly it looks good, but with weeks worth of using it and doing it regularly you can look muscular and impress people as you walk past making you look confident and strong. It is very handy for it has most facilities that a gym has but all in 1. It is a space saver, instead of you buying each and every item representing only one thing you can do with it.
It looks rather large but really its handy, giving more room than you expect, but once again looks large and chunky.


The Titan T1 has everything that you want for a home gym set. Once you have this you wont have to get up and go to your closest gym ever again.
The Titan T1 is a very cool gym equipment. It is a all in 1 gym set. The Titan is like a gym that you can put in our own home. It doesnt take as much space in your place. It mostly has everything on the Titan T1, even my the gym i go to doesnt have a all in 1 equipment like this.
It is very tricky when it comes to the assembling part. It takes awhile to assemble the Titan T1.


I recommend this to anyone after Commercial Fitness Equipment, with the capacity of a gym in their own home!! 150% HAPPY!
The Titan is an awesome free-weight machine! At first when I saw this beast online at www.titanequipment.com.au i thought it would be too good to be true, so i did my research and read a few reviews...needless to say i bought a Titan. The Titan has more excercises than my gym had!! This is a BEAST!!
A bit tricky to assemble, took me about 5 hours - instructions werent the best...Titan Equipment helped over the phone so that made it much easier.


TITAN T1 Multi-Press system - the most comprehensive weight training system available on the market! With over 100 different training routines, the TITAN T1 offers a range of possible exercises that will give even the most comprehensively equipped health club a challenge. In addition to the range of exercises that you would normally expect of machines of this calibre; bench press, incline press, lat pull down, seated row, horizontal leg press, cable curls, to name a few; the TITAN T1 offers a number of unique features including crossovers, decline press and vertical leg press. Whether you are an advanced weight trainer or just starting out, the TITAN is built to accommodate your needs. Stack on the weight (up to 300kg on the smith-carriage or 360kg on the heavy duty free weight racks), or go as light as you prefer with TITAN's unique counter-balance system. So if you’re looking for the ultimate fitness system that will suit the needs of practically everyone in your home, office, or training facility, look no further than the TITAN T1.

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I cant believe these are real reviews. They sound like ads.

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