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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electronic

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electronic

3.2 from 13 reviews

Does the job

This product sterilises the bottles just fine. The design to hold up to 6 Closer to Nature bottles is quite good but there are aspects of it that are very cheaply made. The top shelf just hangs in the steriliser, it can't be fixed to stay in the middle and leans over. The lid is also a bit cheap. It does fit on the steriliser but you have to fiddle it a bit.
Sterilises bottles, good design to hold 6 bottles
Lid and top shelf are quite flimsy

Not worth the money or bench space

error light comes on every second time I use it, have to have EXACTLY 80ml of water or it won't work properly, leaves water over everything, sterilization not effective at all as you have to wipe items with towel. Not enough room for bottles, they don't sit side by side with tommee-tippee bottles, which you'd think they would, being a tommee-tippee sterilizer!

water remains on items


This was an OK steriliser. It did the job but often had to run two cycles as there was usually an error at the end of the first cycle even though I had followed the instructions perfectly and did the scale cleaning every 4 weeks. I also noticed the metal heating pad was starting to deteriorate after 2 months of use even though I was only using it twice a week and keeping the whole unit clean and dry. I didn't like how you couldn't utilise all the bottle holders when you had the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles so had to run multiple cycles. I probably wouldn't recommend this steriliser.
Came with some good extras, good price, fast cycle.
Had the error alert flashing a lot even when instructions were followed to the tee, couldn't fit more than 4 Closer To Nature bottles even though the same brand.

Really not worth buying

Boiling the bottles etc. In a saucepan of water is much more effective.. The steriliser leaves white and brown marks on bottles. The items come out wet so you have to wipe the inside to dry which defeats the purpose! Takes up a lot of bench space. Really not convenient at all!
Nothing at all!
Does not sterilise at all! Just gives you more work to do!!


I used a Closer to Nature microwave steriliser before using this and it is such an improvement in terms of ease! I can steriliser my breast pump and two bottles in this unit at once, and this is a life saver for a working mum who has to pump milk several times at day!
Fast Steriliser with a 5 minute cycle (but it is too hot at finishing and I need to allow more time to save my fingers)
It makes me feel comfortable that it has done a through job and that the baby's bottles are safe and clean.
Good starter pack with bottles and brush- It helps to set you up with necessary items
So much easier to use that a microwave steriliser
Very easy to set up and use!
After 6 months of use, my LCD display has partially died.
Plastic is a little flimsy and the whole unit heats up.


Highly recommended especially if bottle feeding predominantly. Have not compared with other sterilisers but ability to push it to the back of bench appealed.
Works great. Good design fits all bottles, tucks neatly away on bench. Fast sterilising time.
A bit pricey but bought second hand on ebay.


A steriliser is essential to any bottle fed baby equipment and I wouldn't hesitate to purchase this again if required.
Lid drains steam droplets to into steriliser when opened - saves me having to wipe up the bench. This was the clinching factor for me when tossing up between the avent steriliser and this one.
A bit small. We cycle through 6 bottles (sometimes more) a day and it's hard to fit all 6 plus their lids into it without stacking the lids on top of the bottles which i think might cause the sterilisation of the lids to be less effective.


Found this a really handy device and gave you piece of mind that everything was nice and sterile. The cycle is really quick so you are not having to wait for ages for bottles.
I used this many times a day and found it did a great speedy job of sterilising the bottles
A bit big and cumbersome so takes up allot of bench space. I could not fit all 6 bottles in at the same time comfortably as the bottles are too wide to fit, however if I did a mix of Avent and tommee tippee bottles they all fit fine. The bottom heated pad went brown often as I used it allot, so had to do the white vinegar and water cycle pretty often to clean it.


Honestly, if you really want a steriliser (although I can truly say I see no practical purpose if you have a clean dishwasher you can just use that) just buy one on ebay. I paid $65 for it and used it a few times before it drove me insane. I have a double dish drawer and just used the bottom exclusively for bottles and that worked much better, took far less bench space, didn't spill water everywhere and did exactly the same job!
Pretty quick to do the job
flimsy, difficult to put bottles in and out without getting water all over your hands.


Very happy with this purchase! Came with a starter pack. Have been able to sterilise not only my tommee tippee bottles, but also my avent. DF can also use this without any issues and we are just in love with this product!
Quick! Isn't an eyesore on our kitchen counter. Lets you know where it is in its cycle!
Can be a bit hot after the cooling period


We purchased the Tommee Tippee steriliser because we were using the Tommee Tippee bottles and assumed it would be the best for the bottles. We also preferred the electric rather than the microwave versions for the sake of babys health.
It was expensive and did not really accomodate the bottles very well. Nor does it fit much.
I will be returning it hopefully i find the receipt as it takes ages to sterilise a load of bottles....I believe it was supposed to be 4-5 minutes.
Flimsy design, falls apart easily and instructions that were included were not very helpful.

Looks crappy, crappy design. Although its supposed to be a fast steriliser, it sometimes takes over half and hour to do the job. Worked ok at first but i believe it is faulty and needs to be returned.


Not recommended our machine broke down after just 3 months of use. Bought a new one on a auction site for a fraction of the price of the Tommee Tippee.
Fast sterilising, allthough other brands do this too...
Broke down, steam escapes through side vents which can hurt when you get to close, Too expensive, poor customer service.


The unit came with a starter pack with a couple of bottles, a bottle brush and some plastic tongs to pick things up with. I predominantly breastfeed so haven't had to sterilise bottles much however because the sterilising cycle is so quick and it is easy to use, I sterilise all my dummies and medicine droppers in it. It doesn't take up much room either, so it pretty much lives on my kitchen bench.

Great value for money. Can highly recommend this product.
Not too bulky
Has a loud, long, high-pitched beep at the end of the cycle.

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