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Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Microwave

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Its pretty good.

I bought this steriliser for my babys bottles when she was a few months old and needed to move onto LF formula. It holds the tommee tippee bottles, which are wide, so you have no trouble fitting other kinds in. Its very simple to use and that makes it easy. Cheap and effective.
Cheap, Easy, Wide

Great steriliser and great value!

I am very happy with my Tommee Tippee Microwave Steriliser. So very easy to use, and peace of mind knowing all the items inside are sterile. I have used this many, many times, and I haven't found the locking mechanisms on the lid to be any problem at all. It's also fool-proof since the microwave times and power levels are printed on the steriliser, so you don't need to refer to instructions. It is very reasonably priced, and comes with 3 bottles and a bottle brush which is a fantastic start-up pack for a new mum. Very convenient and I love it!
Great value, easy to use, good quality.

Love Love Love this product

I was planning on only breast feeding but when my daughter had lots of trouble I had to express and bottle and could not have lied without this steriliser. We use the tomme tippee closer to nature bottles and therefore the steriliser was the natural choice. Love the fact that it takes only 7 minutes from start to finish to sterilise. I am able to fit in 4 bottles and teats, lids etc. I also do the dummies and caps etc. The lid is great as it gives you another sterile surface to work on. Also love the holder for the little tongs, this means they always get sterilised and don't seem to get lost.
Easy to use, not over the top in price, We got ours for $39.95 on special.

Great Little Steriliser, but could use some improvement.

Having used other microwave sterilisers i think Tommee Tippee could improve their design. I've also found that the plastic side clips on the lid are quite flimsy and broke pretty soon after purchase! I've got friends who've had the same problem, so It seems to me that they aren't designed to last quite as long as others on the Market. I will need to replace mine after only 12 months of use.
Compatible with the Closer to Nature Bottle Range. Pretty easy to clean.
Not a fan of the "flip top" lid, it's gets pretty annoying. Side clips on the lip are flimsy and broke pretty soon after purchase :(


If you are using Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature bottles this is in my opinion the best choice for sterilising.
You can (and we do) sterilise other bottles, dummies, breast pump attachments as well. However the cut outs in the rack that make it excel at holding the Closer to Nature bottles will get in the way.
easy to open
wide lid makes it easy remove sterilised contents
lid provides an easy to use sterilised surface
formed rack makes it easy to fit in Closer to nature bottles
difficult to fit in other brand bottles so not many can be done at a time
the sterilising cycle is 4min for a 1100watt microwave but you need to wait an additional 3mins before opening


This steriliser is a good product. It's versatile and you can use it in the microwave or with sterilising tablets. I personally use it in the microwave and therefore there is no extra expense.It is also nice and big so you can sterilise all your bottles at once. Would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone.
Really like this product. It has good capacity and a good rack inside to hold all the bottles etc. It is versatile and you can use it in the microwave or with sterilising tablets.
It wasn't cheap, however i got it as a present so that didn't bother me. One of the clips on the lid broke after 4 months of use. However i contacted Tommee Tippee and they sent out a new clip to me within the week for free even though i didn't have a receipt. Great customer service!


A great steriliser! So easy to use, pop some water in the steriliser, put it in the microwave for 6 minutes and presto you're done. It is a little large so it isn't easily transported, but generally you only use sterilisers at home anyway.

It fits 6 bottles at any one time, but I find that if you're sterilising teats and lids as well, you can only comfortably fit 2-3 bottles in. It does fit all kinds of bottles though so that makes it very handy.

The lid also doubles as a sterile work surface because it becomes sterilised in the process. This makes it very handy for putting lids and teats on it while you prepare the bottles.

Overall a very handy steriliser.
- Easy to use
- Fast sterilisation
- Lid doubles as a sterile work surface
- All bottles fit inside irrelevant of brand.
- Doesn't fit too many bottles and lids in at a time.
- Not very portable


This is a great product and although I used avent bottles, I bought this steriliser as it was bigger. It still fit the taller avent bottles no worries. Had to do a little problem solving to get the bits to fit and not fall through the holes, but then was very simple routine. I don't like chemicals so loved that it worked so quickly in the microwave. Just be careful when opening it to keep your hands away from the steam
Very Large capacity, easy to use fits everything in one go. Microwave so no nasty chemicals (though can be used with tabs if needed)


I love this steriliser. It is quite large so you need a decent sized microwave. OUrs came with some bottles so that was a bonus. I fits other brand bottles too and we can do all of our bottles at once (6 240mls including caps and lids etc). It was pretty pricey but in my opinion it is definately value for money. You dont have to use it in the microwave you can use the sterliser tablets in it too. The best thing about this one is that you can take it anywhere!!! I love it- highly recommended
It is easy to clean, easier to use and comes with bottles

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