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Toobs Tasty

Toobs Tasty

4.5 from 24 reviews

A gift from the gods themselves

Somewhere out there, there are trees working diligently to create oxygen to breathe for the executives at Smiths Chips. Whichever executive cancelled production of Toobs owes those trees an apology.

Purchased in January 2019 for $3.00.

I miss Australia's best tasty snack.

Please Bring back Toobs,they were the best, Australia's tastiest snack,even if they did tear your mouth apart. Yum yum yum.

I am grieving the loss of Toobs !!!

I don't understand?? Why ..?? Toobs were always my GO-TO snack for any occasion. There is absolutely NO substitute.. Nothing can satisfy my deep craving & im devasted. Hope hope hope for a come back..... !!!

My life has no meaning now

the thought of digging into a packet of tasty toobs was the only thing that got my up each morning, I can't express in words how much I miss the tangy tasty snack, taking the first bite of these absolute gems was like having a hug from the feeling of love. BRING THEM BACK

Best snacks out ever bring them back

We all love toobs and wish they would bring them back. I love eating a big whole packet to myself and the burning tounge afterwards

Toobs are here to stay!!

Hi i am 45yrs old i grew up on toobs at primary school and high school my kids love them too. Keep making this product. Pls. They are the best ever!!.

why discontuie toobs

tasty chips ever they were great as a snack man who am i kidding there gods gift to earth sad that they stopped making them

Bring back my Toobs

DEVOSTATED JUST DEVOSTATED!!!! WHY???? I love these chips even my kids love them.... then you stop making them


Please help me find my beloved toobs. I live in the central coast. I grew up loving these yummi chippys. Please help me. Im at a loss. I miss not seeing them and vuying them on the central coast. Thankyou

The best.

Love these so much, hard to find them these days though. They are dairy free which is great for people who are allergic.


I love tubes they are one of my favourite types of snacks. They're low in calories, sugar and fat and are great for you and you're friends (if you're willing to share) and I highly recommend them :P


Toobs leave an awful after taste in your mouth. Far better to just suck on the south end of a north facing camel.

Can't buy them anywhere in Nelson bay NSW

Love them but can't find the in any shop in Nelson bay NSW !!!!!!

Toobs rule and are lower on calorie than chips!

As a kid they were a favourite and rediscovered as an adult (after returning from UK). Tasty, lower calorie than chips and super tasty! I've turned my 4 kids into toobs fans as well! Long live the toob!

Amazing .. It was really tangy n tasty..

When i tried this toobs for the first time.. I really loved the taste . It is so perfect for snacks. I enjoy every bite of it and made me feel like i am in heaven. Really wanna try some more other flavours of smith toobs. Omg i have got the boxes at home.
Tangy n spicy flavour

Long Live Tasty Toobs!

These are the best snacks ever! I can eat truck loads of these - and I would, if my tongue didn't burn from licking the flavour off first and then eating the chip! I was so devastated when they weren't on the shelves any longer (as a kid) and so glad that Smith's brought them back! Keep them coming. Long live Toobs! :)
Flavour and texture
Just that the packet eventually empties ... wish it was bottomless.

Toobs are great

Toobs are great love em, I am hoping that they will bring back the toobs in the red packet. Does any one know? Tasty toobs are great but the ones in the red packet were all ways my favourite. I hope they don't stop making toobs again and I hope they do bring back the ones in the red packet

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Hello. I like toobs too. I hope they bring them back in the red packet too. Red is my favourite clour appart from blue. I like toobs too and I hope they bring them back in the red packet too. I hope they don't stop making toobs, especially the ones in the red packet, can you still get the ones in the red packet? I love toobs. I hope they bring back toobs in the blued packet. Does anybody know if this is happening? I love toobs.

crunchy love

Pleasure and pain all in one little bag...light enough that you don't feel like a pig when you polish off a big packet alone...fill my carb craving...salty cheesey delish :-)
Did anyone else stick one on each finger as a child...like the best jewellery ever?
I didn't get a promo code..is it supposed to be on the packaging?
everything...please never change them!

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Yeah, I used to stick all fingers inside. I'd pull them out and lick every one of them!

Best chip ever, on par with burger rings

Eating too many can make your mouth hurt but the pain is worth the delicious taste. Tasty Toobs are tasty delicious and I'm very glad they are making a come-back, always nearly sold out at my local woolworths.

Thanks Tasty Toobs for making the world a better, more exciting place.
Everything, salty, spicy secret delicious

Love them. They helped me give up smoking once!!!I used to smoke big fat sausages, but now I discovered toobs.

Greatest chip ever!

These are the greatest chip ever, I remember eating these as a kid and then they left the shelves. The day they came back may be up there with one of the happiest days of my life. The flavours are amazing and the crunch is to match, not sure you could want more in a chip...
Not enough

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Questions & Answers

How can i get toobs in Tasmania it has been way to long since i have been able to get them .
No answers

I'm pregnant and I'm after the toobs chips please help me
1 answer
I feel your pain ! Toobs were a craving I had while pregnant. Would be great to get them back. I settled for burger rings or onion rings from the international food section at Woolworths.

Have these been taken of the shelves ? Could not find them at coles or woolies.
3 answers
They sell them at my local Woolies (Melbourne Eastern suburbs- Middle Camberwell), and also at Leo's fine foods (Camberwell and Kew, Melbourne). I'd assumed they were at most Woolies. Maybe try asking someone there? They were in the Chips section but near the end and at the bottom so not hugely obvious! Good luck finding them! Maybe you went in after me and I'd cleaned them out ;) !I haven't purchased for some time, as I stocked up, but I believe they are still at Coles at least. That's where I do my shopping. Foodland also stocks them.Yes, they've been discontinued! http://www.news.com.au/finance/business/tasty-toobs-we-should-have-paid-you-more-attention-while-we-could/story-fnkgdftz-1227563862381

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