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Toosh Coosh Kids Support Seat

Toosh Coosh Kids Support Seat

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PATHETIC - Unstable, expensive and company has poor customer service. UNABLE TO GET A REFUND

This seat was recommended by a friend who is an occupational therapist. HOWEVER it only works of chairs with a perfectly flat, wide, hard surface. My chairs are leather and therefore the booster seat rocked constantly and terrified my child. Contacted Toosh Coosh for a refund. They wouldn't provide an address to return the item to (even when I offered to pay postage) and insisted on collecting from my house, but arrived at a time that I said I wouldn't be home!!! And now are not responding to my emails.
PATHETIC!! Save your money and buy a $10 booster seat from Kmart.

Purchased in February 2019 for $70.00.

The fruit made me sick - WORST goods I ever had + RUDE service.

I ordered some nuts and dried fruits from toosh just recently. I've had dried fruits my whole life - but nothing ever tasted and looked as bad and rotten as this fruit. Me and my partner both got sick from consuming it. When we informed the TOOSH team of this matter - they told me (after a few emails) they'd reluctantly give me a full refund if I paid for the shipping myself. I did this - and after two weeks - I received an email saying - the fruit is not damaged and then they actually WEIGHED the amount of fruit which we've eaten (which made us sick) and subtracted that amount from the "full refund" which they had promised to provide me with. When I texted them back regarding it- all they said was "don't respond to this email". The figs were off and stiff - the peaches were full of sulphites and the abricots tasted like rubber. Do yourself a favour and DON'T ORDER FORM THESE GUYS!

Still waiting.....

I ordered this product one month ago and was really excited to try it out however, I am still waiting for it! I contacted the company who said it was sent to the wrong address and, yep, still waiting. I could get a product delivered more quickly if I purchased it overseas. Not good enough.

Loved in Our House

Great product, easy to clean, no fussy straps. Easy to move between chairs, light yet durable construction. My four year old has been using this booster since she outgrew her baby high chair. We will likely be using our Toosh Coosh for years to come. Very happy customer. Highly recommended.

Doesn't promote good posture

I have tried to give this product a go but its driving me insane. I bought 2, one for mr 3 and one for miss 5 and unfortunately would have to be the worst product i've brought to date for the kids. A waste of money for our family. I personally find it doesn't promote good posture (despite what i've read about them) as when it is placed on our dining chairs, there ends up being a gap between where their backs are positioned sitting up right and the chair, due to the design of the product (2-3cm of the material at the back of the product if that makes sense). so they slouch due to the gap!

Mr 2.5 thinks it is great

My son has refused to sit in a highchair or be strapped to anything since he was about 18months.
The Toosh Coosh is perfect, no fiddly straps, comfortable to sit on, easy to clean and light enough that my son can move it from chair to chair himself.

Love it!

We recently added a second Toosh Coosh to our table for Miss 3. Our eldest has used one for a couple of years now and it makes it so much easier for them to sit at the kitchen table with us for meals, craft sessions or homework. Our new one has a handle and is even lighter to move which I love. A real winner with my girls!
Looks great, great value, lasts really well.

Toosh Coosh - great for our kids

We have got two Toosh Cooshes, just got a second one after the girls were squabbling over the one we had. It really helps them see what is going on at the table better and feel part of what is going on. I find it is quite good for their posture too as they tend to sit up quite straight on it. The new design is good - fits our dining chairs even better than the old one. I only wish I'd waited for the new colours! So cute!
Helps kids sit up properly, they feel part of the meal time and can reach things better.
Our old style dining chairs are quite rounded at the back, so a slightly more rounded back would still be better for us, but that's not a fault, merely another design idea.

Not as good as i expected

After finding this product online I thought it was exactly what i had been looking for. my son was too big for a highchair, but still needed something to keep him high enough and sitting straight on a normal chair. i am actually finding it more of a pain then when he was sitting with nothing. when he tries to lean back the chair back is now too far back and he ends up all slumped back (if that makes sense) and it hasn't stopped him wriggling around on the chair at all. i think a phone book would have been better!
I guess the little bit of height it gives is good, but doesnt really make it worth it.
Too expensive for an average product.

Questions & Answers

Do you ship to UK? or are there any UK suppliers? looks like a great product and i would love to buy 2. Thanks Susan
2 answers
Hi As far as I know they don't have an international supplier. If you are interested in purchasing some, I'd be happy to get a price for them and the postage and let you know/organize for you. I know its hard sometimes when you want something from overseas and just cant get it! I just checked the website and they are selling them for $42.45AUD. Let me know if you want me to get more info or not. Tash.sorry, I just checked their website a little better and they say they are now available in the UK, so you should be able to get a hold of them somewhere!

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