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TAL Income Protection Insurance

TAL Income Protection Insurance

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TAL Opens a policy without my knowledge

1. I shut down my income protection policy with TAL over 12 months ago.
2. TAL, unbeknown to me, retained my credit card details.
3. This year, without my knowledge or permission, they opened another policy under my name and charged my card.
4. They now refuse to refund the entire amount. Essentially, I’ve had to engage the regulators in attempting to get the money that they stole from my account.

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Claim DateMarch 2019
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Very disappointed

I applied for my wife to have life insurance through her super it was rejected because she had a hysterectomy. I will now cancel my policy with TAL and take my and my wife's business elsewhere

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Worst insurance company i have ever encountered

I've worked in finance and with insurers for 14 years. Worked 2 jobs since i was 13, until i was struck down with severe depression, anxiety and depression.

Been going through my income protection claim with TAL for 10 months now, strung along, harassed, asked for documents i could not legally supply to them, then declined for it. My medical condition has deteriorated rapidly as a result of their actions. During this time lost half my home in a freak fire, $300,000. Only insured for half. TAL knew, had everything to finalise my claim, managers told me repeatedly they were finalizing it everyday for months but never did.

The horrendous treatment they have subjected me to has meant i now have to undergo further medical treatment, and other treatment for the rest of my life as a result. This is all medical treatment i desperately need but cannot afford due to TAL's actions. I will also have to sell my home very shortly because of TAL and the extensive time they have taken.

This is also the home i have been unable to leave for 3 years, and still currently can't. Because of what TAL have done, i don't know if i ever will be able to now or what will happen as i cannot afford the medical treatment i require to get better because of TAL.

I am currently pursuing this with AFCA to hopefully see the right thing done.

I cannot stress enough, this company is the worst insurance company i have encountered in my life and i have worked in this field for 14 years.

If you need further proof, have a look at the news recently regarding TAL and their appauling treatment towards their customers, as well as declining valid claims and dragging them out for no reason.

Insurance claim madeYes

Abysmal company. Do NOT use them. Do NOT trust them.

I wanted to give TAL a lower rating than 1, however, there is no option to give them zero or a minus figure.

I won't go into their atrocious customer service as I truly couldn't be bothered, but I just want to warn anyone who seeking to get Life Insurance cover to NOT go with TAL. They are a disgrace.

Insurance claim madeNo

TAL investigators lack intelligent investigative techniques,

I have had experience with TAL on an Income Protection claim. What a company of two characters. The account manager assigned to my case provided good service under difficult conditions. But the investigations into if I was working at the time of my incident - sub zero. Ringing my doctors to ask if I told them that I was working at the time of the incident. Do they have a clue that when you are taken to hospital unconscious, near in a coma to a tertiary hospital with an emergency department struggling to treat serious illness, that it is not on the doctors mind to wake you and say "were you working when you passed out?" it defies belief that an investigator could be so ignorant to the facts of serious illness. So, from that investigation they informed my employer that I was not working at the time. In turn that meant my employer did not report the incident to Workcover. A breach of the law So who is covering whose tail. Meanwhile I have 2 stat decs from people I was working on a job with that can confirm I was working. Tell me who is lying - I put it in this order TAL, employer. Grubby, scamming dishonest relationship between these two. While I have said the account manager did a good job, she was basically working hand in Glove with my employer, with me as the third party. A real conflict of interest between insurance company and customer (my employer). ie we will keep you out of the workers compensation court if you just do this. It is a very slimy relationship. Strange , since my employer at the time was always spouting a key mantra the ritch policy. Respect, Integrity, Trust, Integrity, Honesty Hmm. These relationships must be made illegal as they are open to abuse and corruption OK I got my 75% salary as agreed but illegally, by keeping Work cover out of the picture, They never paid me directly, but paid my employer, who paid me through the payroll system. I had the opportunity to spend $10ks on medical expenses, and taxpayer Medicare paid out hundreds of thousands that should have been paid by workcover. TAL is a company who can't separate business from bad ethics, have pitiful "real world" investigators. I mean, if I had to verify that many of you worked yesterday, what could I do? Could I call your employer, then department manager, the people you were working with. The KISS principle.But not simple enough for TAL investigators. But if your are trying to protect a dishonest but lucrative employer(customer) from Work cover. Don't trust TAL, never , you are risking your all , look at your insurance policies, ditch any that have TAL in the background, and there are many to avoid. Google it, TAL is insidious in the insurance industry. Although paid out, they sabotaged my life in the process by incredibly dumb investigation. I have a A-Z brain process, and TAL's is a "stop at all stations" mentality to make this difficult for the insured.

Insurance claim madeYes

Tpd payout for mental illness

I had TAL insurance under the trustee LG super. I had a tpd claim for mental illness that TAL dragged out for 4 years. They then declined the claim despite their own IME stating i had a permanent disability. Numerous medical reports long history. So they organised a mediation and settled at a way lesser amount than my original insured amount. So 4 years of runarounds, I have numerous emails from both insurer and trustee. I signed the settlement deed under duress as my lawyer was a no win no fee and was not willing to go further - Anyway i would avoid TAL like the plague they take advantage of mental illness and wear you down and drag your claim out for years and years. At the time of my mediation i was medicated to the eyeballs and very distressed. Look them up, one of their own former executives has said they need investigation. Avoid them they dont even listen to their own independent medical examiners. I think a class action should be started these people are a disgrace.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Just updating i recently contacted tal to lodge a complaint and a person in senior management stated i need legal representation to lodge a complaint. This comoany is a disgrace when it comes to claims and now they are stopping me from following my legal right to and internal complaints reveiw. Flat out CROOKS

Stay away, they keep sneaking fraudulent direct debits

Really terrible service. Set up through a planner. On at least two occasions (that I’ve discovered) they have “accidentally” double billed our policies and it takes weeks to sort it out. Can never get anyone helpful on the phone and complaint emails go unanswered.

Just got slugged for $1200 direct debit that had actually already been billed in February. No apology and they tried very hard to make it not their problem. Have blocked direct debits now and looking around for a new service.

Insurance claim madeNo

TAL over taxing Income Protection payments

BEWARE, TAL have been busted by the ATO for over-taxing Income Protection Insurance customers and issuing incorrect payment summaries that resulted in over 100% extra tax deducted from payments,Received TAL INSURANCE apology letter and it ended ups TAL overtaxed me by $10,000.00. Nice refund d from the ATO but sure could have done with that money when I was suffering financially and my health was deteriorating.... Thanks TAL...not a very Australian way of life :-(

Insurance claim madeYes

Untrustworthy, Unethical and Thieves!

I cancelled my policy with TAL on 9th of May but on 21st of May again money debited from my account. During this time i have contacted TAL multiple times and spoken to different people and been assured no money would be debited from account since i cancelled this policy. My patience is wearing thin with this insurance company and i don't know what to do and how to get my money back.

Insurance claim madeYes


Declined claim for income protection due to a 5 day technicalities as my earliest surgery date put me out side the 1 year claim period. Even tho it is out of my control.

Insurance claim madeYes

TAL are thieves - Do NOT use this company

I had a life insurance policy for one year with TAL that went up by 50% when I received my renewal notice. They were extremely rude to me on the phone when I asked why such a high increase and were not wanting to change the new rate, then they made me jump through many hoops to cancel my policy. I still don't know if they have canceled it. I will be going to my bank to tell them to not let TAL take any more money out of my account. Please avoid this company. They are extremely crooked.

Insurance claim madeNo

TAL are criminals

Warning please do not take out any type of insurance with Tal, my wife and I had TAL Life Insurance, TPD (Total and Permanent Disability), Trauma / Critical illness cover, Income Protection, my wife had a medical crisis she nearly died and now has a permanent disability, they refuse to pay out the claim, the fine print done us in, during my wife's medical crisis we needed this insurance, the advertisements are all lies, we paid for this insurance with TAL /Tower for over twenty years we are financially ruined, these multinational companies don't care about people and communities all about greed and profit. please read the reviews carefully, they are spot on about this evil company, do not waste your hard earned money on TAL Insurance.

Insurance claim madeYes

Unethical liars that unfortunately you come to expect with insurance companies

One IPI policy with another company paid out for a legitimate claim and the same information and medical records were assessed negatively with TAL who claims I had undisclosed medical conditions which in fact in not true. Yi Lin is the consultant that worked on my case, who has very poor customer service and communication skills, they twist the truth and make life a whole lot harder than it should ever be. I curse you to the end of the earth and back for your nasty way of treating people with legitimate claims and serious health issues.

Insurance claim madeYes

Bully boy tactics

First of all TAL have an extraordinarily bad service ethic. They do not like answering correspondence. They do not return phone calls in a timely fashion or, in some cases, at all .I suffered severe recurrent major depression. Without the help of a compassionate Specialist psychiatrist, a dedicated solicitor and a QC, I doubt that I would have continued. I did , and I finally received my TPD entitlement.
I had three insurers.
Needless to say TAL were the worst to deal with by far.
AMP was great. MLC were difficult but eventually settled at Mediation.
TAL were uncooperative, had no concern for me and my family.
If you have insured with them my strong advice is GET AN INSURANCE LAWYER.
I have no hesitation in recommending that they be avoided like the plague.

Insurance claim madeYes

NRMA/TAL most Dishonest insurance company

In January 2016 i had a fall at work which severely afflicted my right shoulder and neck. I was out of work for 32days. The policy specify 28days but if its back injury than the wait is 3 months. I contacted NRMA/TAL to many times & it took 5 months to receive claim application. after filling up the application, i waited another 5 months then i contacted the insurance company in which they said they never received the application. So they set a date for phone interview to finalize application. But the phone # they provided me by email to contact them did not exist. So its almost 18 months with no response in the meantime they keep on taking my monthly payment. Finally i went to Ombudsman. First they said my application was denied, in which i was never notified. The reason given was i was less then 28days out of work from date of my injury. Which was a lie. Now they say that the neck and shoulder is connected to the back. I thought the whole body including legs arms shoulder head is actually connected so is that means all body part are back??? This is TAL email

The Medical certificate from [name removed] of 9 November 2017 confirms:
“R neck + shoulder injury”
TAL submits that any neck pathology and injury would be covered under the Back Injury definition because the Cervical Spine is clearly part of the Back.
I cancelled my policy in July 2017. But NRMA/TAL kept taking payment from my credit card till i change my card. 18 November i received a letter from NRMA, i was informed my policy was cancelled Due no payment. What a Joke..till date i have never recieved a refund from the date i cancelled my policy. TAL is the most dishonest insurance company. Asic should look seriously to cancel their licence to operate in Australia. The way in which they operate is to deflect, lie to make sure only to take money but they do all they can to never pay.

Insurance claim madeYes

No loyalty whatsoever, after 20 years as a customer

Had a policy 20 years
In the last five, policy premiums nearly doubled, including 20% since last year, which was 15% dearer than the year before, and was over 50% more expensive than the competitors.

Then they "forgot" a loyalty discount, which was part of my policy. Numerous calls, in which they knew nothing about it, finally had someone look into it, find it'd been missed, and promise a new invoice would be generated.
Which it was. Same inflated price, but with the wording "Loyalty discount applied" added.
6 months been fighting this. No call back, no responses. Finally, they get active when advised the matter is going to the Financial Ombudsman's office. Yet, seem to suggest it's all in my head.

Unfortunately, circumstances prevent me from changing insurers. Otherwise, I'd dump them so fast, their ears would be burning.

Avoid TAL. You won't get any satisfaction there, and the 1 start ratings from everyone here attests to that.

Insurance claim madeNo

Terminated my superannuation and corresponding life insurance

They gave notice that my superannuation would be rolled over and corresponding life insurance terminated if I didn't maintain a minimum balance by a certain date. Well before that date, they rolled over my super and terminated my insurance. Suggests to me that this is a deceitful duplicitous organisation.

Insurance claim madeNo

Disgusted, Will never recomend

Applied for an increase in my insurance as I have not changed it since I was 18, Im now 35, due to the fact I have a slightly high BMI and high blood pressure I was rejected outright. I will never recommend this company they are invasive. To the point they even sent people to my workplace and had me getting BP done in front of my students.. no wonder one gets high blood pressure. Avoid them at all costs!

Insurance claim madeYes

Won't pay you, 4 years and still waiting.

Not not use, the positive reviews on here are fakes, these guys will lie and cheat their way any way they can.
They will use time and mis-direction to make you wait for ever, hoping you die before they pay.
Even when you have the ombudsman rule in your favour they will delay delay delay claiming they didn't have this or that even when you can prove they did. Stay away!!!
Going on the other review these guys need to be investigated by the ACCC.

Insurance claim madeYes

TAL rejects trauma insurance

I attached a trauma policy against my life insurance policy when I started riding motorcycles in 2000. At the time of rejection of claim in 2004 there was nowhere digitally to leave a review hence the posting now. In 2002 I suffered a near death accident resulting in the loss of my marriage, company I owned and my house. When I made a claim with Tower, and after many consults with Towers, now TAL's medicos, they rejected my claim firstly stating I did not meet the trauma requirements and secondly how the policy terms were written, I did not fall in the correct category. My barrister opinioned that I would not be successful if I was to take them to court. I was advised I would probably be unsuccessful in demanding a refund as well. The amount of trauma component of the policy equated to around $240,000 which would have allowed me to remain in my house at least, while recovering from the accident. I like others advise to stay well away from TAL as I know you will not be paid for the product purchased from TAL. I am currently seeking a different superannuation policy and have discovered that I will be asking who the underwriter would be for income protection within a super policy. The reason being is that TAL underwrite for super policies so unsuspecting consumers TAL could reject when claims are made negating the need for this company to possess honesty and integrity. I now finally after 11 years may be able to put this terrible situation that Tower/TAL insurance placed me in, behind me! PS I now ask all the right questions and read product statements with all my insurance policies which has saved more traumatic relationships with bad insurance companies.

Insurance claim madeYes

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i am on income protection for a lower back injury i have had an operation to fuse my back i will not be able to go back to my pre injury work which is heavy construction that i took the policy out for.what happens next?
4 answers
If you are insured with tal, get ready to be screwed over! Do not trust them for a second! They will turn anything you say around on you to avoid your claim regardless of how valid your claim is! Like me, your only option may be the financial ombudsman service which may be just as hopeless . Good luck!hi garry again thanks tony do you think seeking legal advice against onepath is a better option as i now have letters from my surgeon and doctor stating i will no longer be able to work as i have bladder problems and numbness from left hip down to ankle which is causing me to limp and cause severe painGazza Tony ,I have been fighting for 14yrs and I expect will die fighting TAL, they are thieves and liars , they have cost me ,my business ,my staff there jobs, my house ,car ,girlfriend,and all my assets to fight them ,a very difficult and soul destroying thing having brain injury and spinal injuries and having to deal with ignorant ,arrogant TAL staff. So I don't like your chances (Lost Everything)

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