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Traveler DV-5000 HD

Traveler DV-5000 HD

4.5 from 2 reviews

Wonderful camera for size and price

I have had this camera for three years and have found it to be an exceptional bargain. I really don't want to do without it, but it is now obsolete, I am hoping to get it repaired, as I take it with me every day, It also records voice and plays music. It is my all purpose accompaniment insturment. I love it.


Only bought it 3 days ago so still thinking about it but seems good value at $199 (from Aldi) Includes hdmi cable which alone costs $50 at Dick Smiths.
Nice and light can carry on belt in included pouch. Easy to use. good lcd screen.
Miss not having optical zoom - the sacrifice for weight and cheap price.

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