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Panasonic HC-V180

Latest review: We decided to purchase a Video recorder for our holiday in Africa, hoping to film some exciting experiences in the wilderness and we weren't disappointed with this purchase. After many hours of

Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Latest review: I have been using this cinema camera since launch and it has the ability to output brilliant colour profiles including raw. It works perfect with a juicedlink audio pre-amp attach with a rode mic.

Blackmagic Ursa Mini

Latest review: I have been a really big fan of blackmagic design for many years. I love their software, and their cameras have such an amazing colour science behind them. I have been shooting with My Ursa mini 4.6k

Otek DVH 7B2

Latest review: Small, handy device to have lying around anywhere (it's waterproof) and ready to shoot. Great for movie shots you would have not bothered if you needed to pull out a fancy cam. I use it mainly for

Nikon KeyMission 360

Latest review: I got the key mission 360 a few days ago. Now, I am not a regular use of digital camera other than my phone. So do ask me if you have questions, I will try them out and get back to you. Water

Otek DVH5B1

Latest review: While I was hoping for the best (being 1080p HD) from my new v-camera unfortunately it was not as good as it sounded. Yes it provided a good picture, and it was a little hard to hear anyone speak

Otek DVH5F0

Latest review: Good morning my friend I need you helping That I bought ready 02 your otek 1080p high-definition video camera ( DVH-5FO and DVH-A85 by online and I had itself in last 3 days. When I open all of

Canon Legria HFR806

Latest review: It seems to do everything well enough as most would use it, but on extreme long distance the auto-focus is nowhere as sharp and steady as my earlier Panasonic 770M ( which no longer handles the long

Otek DVX 5F9

Latest review: It started with me being fairly impressed, but as time went by I found more & more reason to be unhappy. It has very limited features, can't be used and charged at the same time, needs a lot of

YCC365Plus Smart Security Camera

Latest review: Bought this camera from an online promotion so it's a generic copy I guess. It worked for a few weeks then just died. So now it won't power up and there's no customer support to be found. It cost

Otek DVR-5C8

Latest review: I didn't expect much for the price, but with what the camera offered I thought it would do the job I required it for. I have a 3 megapixels camera that has better picture quality most videos come

Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Latest review: It sucks especially for shooting car racing and wildlife you can't even point it at the sun without it going all wired. Sometimes the cards fill up and in addition to being bad they also get really

Otek WaterSportz DCS

Latest review: I found the same problem - blurry pics when used in dry environment, and can't get into the Settings (Screwdriver) menu. Tried multiple settings but couldn't get a nice sharp pic. Could have bought