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Smith's Twisties

Smith's Twisties

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Cheese twisties don’t taste like they used to

They definitely don’t taste the same. Bring back the original recipe. Both my husband and myself agreed that , although they look the same, they definitely taste differently to the original recipe of years ago.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woolworths for $1.99.

Tastes so good!

The cheesy flavour is addictive! They're super cheap i bought them on special at kmart. Super aussie product, perfect for a party or after school snack! Would recommend smiths chips!

Purchased in March 2019 at kmart for $3.00.

Heartbroken over recipe change

Twisties used to be the best chips I’d tried out of anywhere in the world - I was obsessed with them, as was my sister. But the recipe changed around 2012, and they’ve been a tasteless shadow of their former selves ever since. I miss the old recipe so much, and it looks like many others do too. Bring it back Twisties!!!

Purchased in November 2017.

Aussie Twisties suck

I'm from NZ and the bluebird branded twisties are sooooo much better it's not funny. That yellow packaged aussie twisties are actually very very bad in taste

Why are they bigger and taste strange?

Twisties are so much bigger these days. Is it to weigh less but look the same in size by filling them with air? They also taste different - please bring back the classic flavour.

Chicken Twisties

What have you done!?! I have not had these in quote a few years. Felt like some today. Brought a packet, and wow, ewww!! The flavour is all wrong. They taste so gross I can't even finished my packet... Bring back the original flavouring! whatever you have done to change these is a big mistake, I wont be back.

Yuck. Tastes odd.

Used to love my Twisties. Taste has totally changed.
Lack that nice salty full rich cheese flavor.
Thew them out, I just couldn't eat them.


I love twisties. Definitely recommend eating. Absolutely delicious. Just ate a whole bag. (It was a small bag, don't worry.) The year 1950 was the greatest year in Australian history - the day twisties were created. Even though twistes may be bad for your physical health, there sure are fantastic for your mental health. I'm as happy as a clam. Cheese is obviously better than chicken, however both are good...twisties are the best thing ever made. Passed down from generation to generation, twisties never fail to put a smile on our faces. Highly recommend in a sandwich with vegemite. You can't get much better than that. It surprises me that people only gave them 1 or 2 stars. Don't worry twistie company. We love you!!!

Yummmmmy still as good as ever

Not the type of food you want to eat if you want to live till 100, but if your someone who doesn’t care about your life expectancy or your blood pressure, this snack is for you.

If I could describe the taste of twisties its “delicious”. To those unfamiliar with twisties, it is a mysterious snack and a league of its own. A tasty addictive cheesy snack like no other. Corn based, shaped funny, bright yellowy orange and non uniform in size. You get large bits and long bits at the top, as well as short bits and the tiny twiggy bits at bottom of the packet. It is a classic, and has been around for ages. Mum use to pack it in my lunch box as a kid. Quite popular at Australian parties and goes well with a beer.

I put it in my sandwich, as that’s how you must eat it and I have to say it’s amazing. Never get sick of it. Sure it’s an unhealthy snack, has no nutritional value, gives you pimples and plays some part in the obesity epidemic, but it’s an established Australian product. They are everywhere, in supermarkets, petrol station, stations and many vending machines.

Twistie has made history. It’s been around since Gough Whitlam, Daryl Braithwaite, Bob Hawke and Pauline Hansen. My grandparents know of twisties. My parents had twisties. So will my kids.

It is a classic. The one and only true legendary snack. Serve them at parties. Have it with beer.

Brand of twisties now a brand made in Malysia

Sold at Shell at Cowra NSW very disappointed they are either a brand copying Smith's or but claims to be Twisties. Same colour packet yellow and red and called twisties and hard to open packet. When finally opened the packet bland looking and bland tasting chops we aren't usually expecting when we eat twisties. The packet says "cheeky cheddar cheese" yuck. Cheeky to fool us with the packet but definitely can't fool us with the taste Australians are used to. A shame.

Worse than ever

I just can believe that Twisties taste like this.... I used to buy a lot but now I rarely buy them because of the taste change. I bought a monster pack yesterday and still taste like crap.. I must say I’m very disappointed... you lost a long time customer....

Why did they change?!

There used to be a cheese taste to them, now no matter how many i try it is most definitely changed. Feels like eating tasteless dough. Kept the crunch and texture, but resembles a light chicken taste rather than the long loved cheese that used to set them apart from the rest.

Tastes like bread

Once a go to for chicken flavour and cheese with my mates all over
them. These have fallen a long way. Unfortunately, avoid these.


I try twisties about twice a year to see if they have improved. But they disappoint every time. Soon I’ll give up all together. Very disappointed. Greedy fools. Cut back on quality

Used to be irresistible now detestable

Chicken Twisties were once dense and full of flavour. Now they’re like clouds and don’t taste of anything. They’d better bring back ‘Original Recipe’ or that’s the last pack I’m ever buying. Adios Amigos.

What have they done to my Twisties, Ma?

What a shock. Haven't had Twisties for several years (live overseas). Just tried some - utterly disgusting. Will never have again.

They’re not as good!

Twisties just aren’t as delicious as they used to be. They’re lighter and blander. So disappointed! They were a rare treat before, but unless they change back to the original recipe, I won’t bother again

Disappointing Change To Flavour of an Old Favorite

I agree with the other disappointed reviewers....the flavour and smell is horrible. They used to be so delicious you had to eat the whole packet. Difficult to resist. Don't waste your money now.

Flavourless Chicken Twisties

Hi, i am disappointed in the lack of flavour.
This is my first online review ever...
Because i googled to see if this was just a bad batch.
Omg... I'm not a big person... but i cant even fit my hand to the bottom of a 100g packet...why???


Have been eating these since I was a young boy,unfortunately for some reason they have changed the flavour. They now taste like something that has been refined so that they may be found to be more healthy! No no!

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Why are Twisties now so thin and so tasteless ? Nowhere near as good as they used to be.
2 answers
I asked them via their Facebook page, and the response I received denied that they've changed anything. Clearly the PR person had no idea, or was lying. They're not the same.Pure Corporate Greed.


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