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Ubbi Diaper Pail

Ubbi Diaper Pail

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Not what I thought it would be

Ok, the design is nice and the fact that you can use any kind of bag is good, but it doesn’t lock odors in... ive just bought arm & hammer bags and odor pods to try and fight it... I hope it works because the smell is AWFUL... I also put some Lysol bacteria killer every time I change the bags. Plus when you want to change the bags, it kind of gets stuck inside and it’s hard to take them out with the fear of them tearing appart.
I don’t think it’s worth the money AT ALL.


I have been using this nappy bin for 3 months so far with no complaints: it looks great, it contains nappy smells, it's very quick and easy to use and empty + so handy that it uses ordinary bin liners (one of the major selling points for me). I am happy with the product and would definitely recommend it.


After being drawn to this product because of its funky designs (we chose white and grey cheveron) I read reviews online and decided to give it a go.
It definitely contains all the smells, holds a decent number of nappies (changing the bag every 2-3 days) and we can use the same bags as we use in the kitchen if we wish. Fits in the corner neatly. Easy to slide lid and a lock for curious toddlers. Great buy!

No fuss / high quality

This is a high quality bin, very durable and well made. It is easy to use, no-fuss and it does what it is meant to do - namely, keep in the stink! This it does perfectly.
Beyond that core function, our criteria for a nappy bin were that it was (relatively) environmentally responsible, it was low maintenance and it didn't require the ongoing purchase of expensive cartridges or bags. This bin meets all of those needs.
We use the same bin liners in it as we use in our kitchen bin, we don't need to wrap the nappies in extra plastic bags before they go in (even when faced with Poomageddon) and in nearly 18 months the bin has needed only a cursory wipe around the rim. I empty it probably once every 2-3 days.
Don't waste your money on anything else.

Great bin that does the job

I bought this bin for my toddler's room after seeing it at a friend's place. I have had it for about a month and I am pretty happy with it. You don't have to buy special bags which is a major plus (and largely why I didn't buy other bins), once the nappy is in the bin it locks in the smell and it looks good. But as mentioned previously, when you open the bin after placing a few pooey nappies in it, the smell escapes and can linger. This wasn't really an issue for as I have placed the bin in our en-suite which is still convenient enough for me.

Overall I am happy with this purchase.

A Good Bin With EXCELLENT Customer Service

First of all the bin, there's plenty of good things about this bin which make it a very good choice:

- Made from steel, so it doesn't absorb smells
- The design means smells are contained. Sure, opening the access panel lets a bit out, but it depends on how you put the nappy in there. See tip, below..
- You can use any plastic bags you like - you're not forced to use expensive bags from the bin maker, like some other brands
- A decent capacity - we change the bin bag around once per week, and that's with nappies from each day and night going in there. I have a tip on this (from a friend), see below...
- The carry handle is really useful
- As is the child lock to stop curious fingers playing with used nappies

TIP: To help avoid making a mess on the bin; contain the smell even further and to get more nappies in the bin. 1) Place any used wipes in the open nappy - especially soiled ones; 2) Tightly roll the nappy from the end without the fastening tabs to make a kind of "sausage roll" shape; 3) Use the fastening tabs to seal up the nappy. 4) For soiled or heavily wet nappies, an option is to use individual little nappy bags tied up before going in the diaper pail. Done.

There's just a couple of things on the version I bought which could be improved. I've fed this back to Ubbi, and have been told that one has already been addressed - so look for newer versions if you're out shopping and one is in the process of being addressed:

- FIXED: Bags sometimes snag on the inside rim on older versions.
- In the works: When pulling out a full bag, it creates a vacuum underneath and it makes getting the bag out a bit more of an effort. But no dramas. Fewer nappies and it's not an issue.

Now to Ubbi's Customer Service. My one experience has been excellent:
- A quick response to my feedback, and subsequent emails
- A genuine interest in pleasing the customer and in improving their product
- Going beyond expectations to ensure a great outcome.

Great alternative to traditional nappy bin systems

We replaced our munchkin bin recently after overfilling it and forcing it closed one too many times. I wish we had bought this bin from the beginning! The savings are huge. I calculated that our previous Bing was costing us $1/day. That's $365 per year! Over several years (or longer if you have more than one) that's huge! While closed it keeps the smell in. Yes when you open it you will get a whiff BUT there's actually not reason why you have to wait until the bin is absolutely full to change the bag. I empty it everyday so there's no issue with the smell building up. Since it uses regular bin liners that cost pennies per bag I don't feel the need to cram the bin full before changing it. It takes all of 1 minute to change the bag so hardly a nuisance. Plus it looks cute! Finally it's much sturdier than the plastic bins so I know this one won't break!

best nappy bin - uses normal kitchen bags

This nappy bin has saved me lots of $$$, we still have our original bin stored in the cupboard but we no longer need to purchase the expensive cartridges. The Ubi nappy bin takes double the nappy count and uses normal bags which is a big saving in time and money

Quite Disappointed

I purchased this nappy pail on reading rave reviews however its not great. It holds a good amount of nappies and uses normal kitchen bags which was a selling point for me. I really want to love this bin but the problem is every time I open the lid to put another nappy in all the smells escape the bin and makes my babies room smell really bad. I'm having to spray freshener every time, which actually isn't working either. I use scented bin liners and also use scented nappy bags for number 2 nappies but this hasn't masked the smells. I've even tried putting bicarb soda in the bin bag to try and absorb scent but again with no luck. Then when you have to change the bin liner OMG my boys room smells horrendous.
If I could return this bin I would, for me with the stench that comes out every time I put another nappy in, it renders the bin useless. I wish I replaced my first nappy bin (munchkin) with the same one as every time a nappy went in a small amount of bicarb soda went into the bin when the lid closed and I never had an issue with nasty smells. I actually broke the latching clip therefore needing to replace bin. With the munchkin bin I never had to take the bin out of the nursery to change liners it actually did contain the smells.
Very disappointed I really wish I spent the money on another bin - I now wouldn't mind paying extra all the time for the specific bins bags.

Not perfect but certainly does the job!

I bought this after reading a review on an eco-parenting blog as I am using modern cloth nappies (Itti Bitti D'Lish SIOs) and wanted to be able to change my baby's nappy in the nursery and not have to carry dirty nappies to the laundry. I bought cloth liner bags to go with it.

The lid works well and has a lock for when our son grows into a curious toddler. The opening is a little small for MCNs and we have to wipe it down due to the occasional soiling as the nappy is pushed through the hole.

We have had no issues with the bin smelling and at this newborn stage the nappies are going in poo and all so that's fairly impressive. The cloth bags work well as you can simply turn them inside out into the washing machine emptying all the nappies in and then chuck the bag in for the wash too. The main issue with the bags is that due to the waterproof lining not liking the warmer wash cycles used for the nappies the drawstring has become 'sticky' with too much friction too pull closed easily. The drawstring was also coming undone and pulling out of the bags during the wash until I retied them all securely.

The bag also looks like it should fit into the bin in some specific way and it took me some time to work out how to put it in. The instructions in the booklet weren't very clear in that aspect.
No smell, easy to use with cloth nappies, secure lid
Opening a little too small, cloth liner drawstring bit dicey.

Excellent product

Although many may consider a nappy dispenser to be a glorified bin... This product is worth every cent. The Ubbi does not require "special bags" unlike all other nappy dispensers which end up costing an arm and leg over time (I use large kitchen garbage bags). The lid slides open which means it keeps the smell that escapes when the lid is open to a minimum (if any at all). The design is great and it looks like a quality product as it's not made of plastic.

I did a lot of research on nappy dispensers before purchasing the Ubbi and am super happy with it.

If you can afford the luxury and have the space for a nappy dispenser, this is the one to go with in my opinion.
Design, cost effectiveness, keeps smell locked in

how long could you leave nappies in there before it gets too smelly? We will only be using disposables at night so won't need to empty it due to capacity often. CheersSorry for the delayed response. I use it all the time for wet and soiled nappies so I can't really give you an accurate response. I guess if you're only using them for night, you probably won't get too many soiled nappies which should keep odours to a minimum. You should be able to get away with changing the bag weekly and like I said - the UBBI doesn't require special bags so it's no biggie. Just a friendly head up as I've encountered this scenario numerous times over the last 3 years of ownership - sometimes when you go to empty the bin when it's full or near full, the plastic bag rips upon being lifted out (getting caught in the sides of the internal rim). It doesn't always happen but when it does it's the worst. Dirty nappies spill out. This can however be avoided by emptying the bin before it's too full. I've had this bin for years though and this is the only downfall.

Questions & Answers

Is this bin available in Australia and can I order it online?
2 answers
I purchased mine from Baby bunting in Australia (NSW) and as far as I am aware they were also available on their website.Yes there are a number of websites that sell it, just google it.

Hi do you think I could use this bin for my sons Disposable depend real fit underwear The problems are the same just the size is probably a little larger than a nappy I guess it may only mean emptying it a little more often Geoffo
2 answers
Yes, I think you could use this bin with other products such as depends, with regular changing. The bin holds the smell exceptionally well. Odours only escape when lid is open.ok, thanks I will go & see If I can have a look at one at Baby Bunting locally,

I was hoping this bin wouldn't retain the smell once the bag was removed. Any advice on how to avoid smell leeching into the bin? I do think hubby could empty more frequently!
1 answer
Hi Natalie, I purchase a inexpensive 'small space air freshener' from the supermarket and have that in the bottom. I also empty bin every two days. Hope that helps

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