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Double charged, dodgy company-take a taxi instead, and don't use paypal

I ordered an Uber ride, then got charged twice for the same ride. The second time I got charged, the fee was split and appeared as two payments, for no reason, and when I questioned it, I was told that I had used Uber for two rides.
So, it was one ride I took, which cost $10.26.
Then, for no reason at all, I got charged a second time, this time the first charge came up as $10.25, then a few days later, I was charged $0.01.
This came to a total of $10.26, which was the second time I got charged for the one ride I had taken by them. Eventually got the money back but it wasn't the money, just the fact that this is a dodgy company. AVOID Uber.
I just saw it in the news that it had happened to someone else, which reminded me to write a review of my experience with UBER. Avoid Uber, take a taxi instead. More reliable, law-abiding and safer.

Driver comes early then Uber blocks bookings

Made a 2.45pm booking for an Uber today because I had to get to work on time. Uber driver came 10 minutes early - out to meet him 30 seconds after arrival and he's gone.
Then Uber blocks us from making another booking.
So, the wrong behaviour by an Uber driver, yet we get penalised - and had to drive my own car because of being blocked. Your algorythms and personal service suck.

UberPool is no good

It is cost effective. But:
1. After waiting for 2 mins being connected to a driver, it sometimes cancel your trip request without any explanation.
2. After getting into the Uber, additional trip added to pick up the co-rider. But the co-rider is on the opposite routine to your trip. So your trip is extended, regardless whether the additional trip is going through the CBD in peak hours.
3. It is not time efficient.

Adelaide ride share when a solo trip booked

I waited 30 minutes in the city of Adelaide ( where it takes 5 normally ) for a driver that was going in circles on the screen. Upon his very late arrival the Indian driver had a passenger in the front seat, the proposal put to me by him was Bizarre, that we go around 8 km our of the direct path to my destination to drop the additional passenger before we head to my booked destination !!!
Not what was booked and very late ! He did not care at all , drove off arrogantly Uber only refunded the fare which was also bizarrely charged no apology !
Got a taxi !!!


On Saturday night 16th March, Uber cancelled 3 cars which were pre booked to take guests home after a wedding.
We all got the same message “cancelled due to credit card failure “
This was at midnight in Warrendyte. I believe all Ubers were at the grand prix!

From a drivers perspective.

I see a lot of complaints by riders on this page. Waiting times for Uber’s will increase. Drivers are becoming increasingly disgruntled with Uber. All I would say to riders is that the rates you are paying are so low that after paying the running cost of the vehicle Uber drivers are making about $10 per hour. Thus, Uber drivers don’t care too much about your complaining. Simple fact of the matter is that you will get better quality Uber drivers if it is worthwhile doing the job. Currently Uber drivers are desperate to earn money to pay their bills and move on to a better paying position as soon as they can. You get what you pay for, and you’re not paying much, so don’t expect much.

Credit card scammers, terrible security and service.

Have had x 2 credit card scams & this cancelled credit accounts (one in the high thousands of dollars scammed) as confirmed by one of the Big 4 Banks, post using Uber and their UNSECURE GATEWAY. To add to it, when trying to utilise Uber at the airport as they wished to be apart of pick up alongside AUS cabdrivers, has MULTIPLE (approx. 5) cancelled trips (despite good Uber customer rating) post an international flight - estimated price of $51.80. Pretty dissapointed. No longer an Uber user. P.s. ensure you ALWAYS pay with PAYPAL through your Uber account - a trusted company.

Charge you then cancel order after an hour!

Cancel order after an hr but took my money! Now have to wait 10 days for nothing! Store stuck throwing out order. Rung and no one can speak English, didn’t fix the problem.

Recent rides waiting is too long.

My recent 5 rides with uber is terrible as the driver who picks my ride has to be 12-15 min away and some cancels after 5-7 min of waiting. Most driver are picking customer while still completing their trip. I don't have this issue before. Thanks

Racist and tyrant

Uber is adamant. They don't believe the user unless they are at fault. Sucking money out of people. Nobody thinks of suing uber for a small $10~$20 bucks. Other apps like Ola and taxify are crappy but they value the customer. They logged me out of my account so that I cannot log in for complaints.Only reason uber is running in Australia is because they haven't got any competition until now. Eagerly waiting when they will report loss in upcoming fiscals.

Uber ride

It was my first ride by Uber. I was on my way home from a interview, and a car ran up of the back of us, all is well now.

Good for the riders

I think it’s great for users not so good for the drivers , as i am the user also i drive with them and it pays terrible prices to its drivers.


Was picked up late after work one night. A trip that should have been a 6 minute drive to the neighbouring suburb took me across the city, through the cross city tunnel and along the eastern distributor (neither are close to either suburb). In panic mode I took photographs of the driver and messaged friends for help unsure of what to do. Half an hour later the driver finally took me home. Contacted Uber to complain the next day and all they would do is suggest that the driver had left his app running after he dropped me home and refund less than half of the $70 fare. (Normally a $15 trip) To make matters worse when trying to communicate with Uber via the help page on their ap they have repeatedly referred to me as ‘abdul’ the drivers name. They clearly have no idea what they are doing and also think it is acceptable to keep dangerous drivers on the road. Avoid at all costs.

Getting more and more dangerous

I used to love Uber (Melbourne) and recently I have been using it a lot but... I am going back to PT. Why, because most of the drivers are terrible. They do not follow Australian standards. There is no ride without dangerous activity. Changing lanes, hitting the brake. Rushing. Many rent a car and as a result push it hard run from one rider to the other. Most of them are overseas students working countless hours... No way I would call an Uber for my family anymore. Uber drivers should only be allowed to use their own cars. It is a joke that Uber let's people drive with rental cars... What do you think how much they make??? The quality is dropping. Uber drivers should take a driving test. Having an Aussie licence does not mean they know the area. Overall, careless drivers and terrible run down cars.

Ratings for passengers making me rate drivers less

Having discovered that some Uber drivers are rating women including my teen daughter for not chatting and being unsociable etc I’ve decided to make sure I rate low all the time to get Uber’s attention. Unfair? No. Because I’m paying for a service and I don’t want my daughter picked up by sleazebags on an ever-lower sliding scale of sleazebags because my rating is dropping just because my pretty daughter doesn’t want to be chatted up or I didn’t tip. Passenger ratings are absolute nonsense. Just ban bad passengers eg throw up in car = immediately banned etc.

Sexist or racist ratings deserve to be challenged and if we all rate low then all drivers will fall below the threshold, uber will lose even more money and something will have to be done. If I pay for any other service I’m not rated. I used to rate everyone 5-stars unless they were totally inept and even then I just didn’t rate. No more.

Don’t use upfront fare

I was just caught by surprise after two Uber’s cancelled on me. I caught an Uber 7 km from Berowa station and was charged $55 as an upfront fare that I was not aware of. I am not going to use them now. I will use another company that gives Qantas points. Don’t get ripped off. Use another app.

Hope Uber is reading these comments.

I'm a nice guy. Until I start getting mucked about.
I love uber. Über is the best thing to happen to the melbourne transport industry.
And I tell everyone when the opportunity presents itself.
Including uber drivers.

Taxis have had a strangle hold on melbourne for more than 20 years before uber came.
Call for taxi. On way. What's the wait time? 45 mins. Forget that.

Uber 24/7 support is for drivers only. Not for riders.
There is no chat or phone number to call for riders.
Riders have to use the app for automated support.
Riders have to select options and very little to no - "Other - please explain" options.
Then you get automated email responses.

Uber needs to create a better video with more detailed instructions on using the uber app. Especially the dotted lines telling me I have to go find my driver instead of him finding me.

Uber has a simple how to vid on youtube but it needs another vid showing variations on what the map is showing and what actions I have to take. Nothing advanced nor exceptional circumstances are demonstrated on the current youtube vid.

The last few times using the uber app I see on the app map that my driver in 3 mins away showing the route. I accept and confirm only to find that the driver has driven by me because he is completing another job and will here in another 12 minutes. Not cool at all. Just be honest with me before I accept the driver that the driver is actually on another job and will be here in 12 minutes not 3. So frustratingly misleading.

Today, I used the uber app while exiting a hospital. Because of the nature of my condition I and can't walk very far. Instead of the driver simple driving down the street to where I am standing on the curb, for some reason the map shows a dotted line telling me to go find my driver half a full block away. I call the driver tell him to come to me by simple turning down the street. But won't. He keeps saying something I don't understand. Are you going to pickup me up or not. Yadayadayada. So are you coming. Yadayadayada. Simply answer yes or no. Yadayadayada. So I have to ask him to cancel the trip. $10 fee for cancellation.

Same pickup point. Different driver. For some reason driver pulled over before getting to the map pickup point. Again, I'm standing on the curb looking for him and his licence plate number on the street to drive by. I call and tell him I'm standing at the exact pickup point in a white shirt. He then pulls out and says "Oh!". $2 wait fee.

Uber starting to be scum bags. Using every circumstance to charge additional fees.

Not happy uber!


Update: using the uber app I filed a "My pickup or drop-off location was wrong" because there was no "Other with explanation" option and this was closest description for my situation. I got an email with: "Having reviewed this trip, we can see that the system had already credited the cancellation fee of $10.00 back to your uber account. " I did not get an email with refund notice. Checking the uber app again I find I have credits from customer support of $10. So I have to remember to use those credits next time I book a driver.

I replied to the email asking for refund for the $2 wait time fee on the very next driver booking. I did receive a refund email about crediting my credit card account with $2. There hasn't been enough time for my online credit card to show the transaction as yet.

So one $10 credit toward my next ride with uber. And a supposed credit card refund of $2. Both emails were signed by the same name but refunded in different ways. So not consistent in their refund methodology.

I replied asking about crediting my uber account with $50 for my wasted time getting picked up and the extra time to chase up refunds. Automated responses not even close to answering my query.

They insultingly included this in their automated response: "We introduced wait time fees to make the uber experience more productive and less stressful for our customers." I called them on it and told them they were bold faced liars.

Just a trap

Totally crap, don't save anything working more than 50 hours. They say you are the boss. Funny when people force you to brake all the state rules. And of course be ready for paying city council tickets

Rubbish service

Driver came to pick me up outside the front of my house only to cancel on me and drive off when I was walking out the front to get in the car, on top of this I was charged a $10 cancellation fee and uber won't give me my money back when I complained to them about the driver's poor behaviour.

Beware Uber XL for 5 passengers

Booked Uber XL for trip to airport for our family of 5. Uber driver turned up in 5 seater. He booked us another one which also could only take 4. Almost missed our flight waiting for a taxi! Very disappointed that XL states for 1-6 passengers however 2 vehicles could only take 4

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Questions & Answers

The email address I used to create my account can no longer be accessed. Uber online supports refuses to accept my request for update as I am not using my original email address. How can I Uber Support to communicate?
1 answer
Hey Ron. Try a whole new email address see if that works. I think their system is designed as such to stop people having multiple accounts. It’s a bit heavy handed I’ll admit. Had a similar issue with my driver account. It took some time they finally sorted it out Give that a go if it doesn’t work. Email them tell them your old email is no longer in use.

Can i get Uber from emerald springs roadhouse to darwin? How much i need pay?
1 answer
The distance is 200 km. I just tested it in the Uber app and it says ‘Uber is currently unavailable’. So simple answer is ... not using Uber. Even if it was available you would have to negotiate an additional cash fee for the driver’s return trip. Edit: Uber is available in the Darwin area only.

I'm a uber driver from more than 2 years and I can't go on line ...? messages said : Acccount need attention....and under "please contact support about your account " get up at 4,30 am this morning to drive coming from holidays and impossible to go on line......or contact support ...... please help me , I want to drive soon as possible and all my document are correct ??????????????/
1 answer
I don’t understand why you would ask the public as this is NOT the Uber site. ‘please contact support about your account’ clearly indicates what action you need to take. For drivers there has ALWAYS been support via the app as well as phone support. I have experienced problems with both because the call centre is ‘overseas’. I found that attending their office has been the quickest way to resolve issues. Please share Uber’s issue as well as the outcome.