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Unibic Anzac

Unibic Anzac

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Change of recipe means down graded rating

I used to buy this product as it was the only commercially made biscuit that didn't use tasteless and possibly unhealthy GMO products, such as vegetable shortening/margarine made with canola(tractor fuel) & soy. They used to use BUTTER and the flavour was noticeably better. Obviously they have to compete with other producers, so they have to cut costs like the others and use the cheapest ingredients. I rarely buy biscuits at all now.

Overcooked and ingredients have changed

Used to be the best Anzac biscuits, made of all natural ingredients but last two packets I have bought were overcooked and slightly burnt. I dont think they should have been released as such poor quality.

Also noticed their ingredients now include vegetable oil and soy - possibly GMO?

Love Anzacs and love supporting RSL.

I always buy your Anzac biscuits, especially as you are supporting the RSL. I was wondering if they are halal.

regular buyer

Hi, Just wanted to say that your product is excellent and i will continue to purchase. just one little thing the last couple of times i have purchased the product seems to be over cooked instead of golden brown they are more dark brown.
flavour, texture traditional

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I just noticed the ingredients have changed. With the inclusion of vegetable oil(possibly GMO canola) and soy(also likely to be GMO). They used to be the only biscuits I would purchase due to only having natural and authentic ingredients. I will live without from no on or bake my own.

These are a truly great ANZAC biscuit!

These are probably the best on the market (though never as good as homemade ones!). They are great for afternoon tea and perfect for dunking into tea. I have also found that they are not as dry as other ANZAC biscuits on the market too.
Good price, great taste.
Maybe they are a bit on the tough side, I remember that I avoided eating these when I had braces.

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We would like to know the price of the biscuits in the anzac tins please

Very yummy and no vegetable fats or colours or preservatives.

My whole family loves them. We buy them because they are yummy, Australian made and have no vegetable fats (including palm oil), colours, preservatives or long list of numbers. They contain the same ingredients that you would include if you made them at home.
These ANZAC biscuites are very tasty and great with a cuppa. The ingredients are simple - no colours or unknown vegetable fats.
we are 100% happy

hi,where can we purchase anzac biscuits the stocks seem to be dwindling at coles supermarket i love the biscuit Sorry but I disagree. I feel they seem to be often overcooked in colour and texture. My preference is an ANZAC which is crisp outside and somewhat chewy inside. Strangely Coles own ANZAC bikkies often achieve this (but not always).


These are a tasty crunchy biscuit treat that I tend to buy near Anzac Day. They are great to snap into little bites and to snack on with a cup of tea or coffee. I cannot bite into these, I dont know if its me, but they are too hard and my teeth start aching.
These are an Aussie classic which come on sale around Anzac Day. They are incredibly delicious and great to dunk into a hot cuppa.
They are a bit sweet, so a lighter version with less sugar would be lovely. They have a bit of a hard crunch to them, so I wouldnt recommend them for someone with sensitive dental issues who wants something softer to eat.

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how can they sponsor melbourne storm, shouldnt proceeds be for the real anzacs. and i think they are made in india. unbelievable

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