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Valco Kids Kit Hi-Seat

Valco Kids Kit Hi-Seat

3.6 from 7 reviews


found this item suitable when child small but no good for 18 - 24 months
easy to take anywhere, easy to attatch, baby friendly
as child gets bigger isn't very sturdy

Great booster seat for toddler

This seat has been great transitioning from a high chair. My toddler can now sit at the table with us, using it on one of the normal dining room chairs. We started off sitting her on the higher side and now as she has grown have turned it around to make the chair slightly lower. It takes up minimal space and is easy to unstrap to clean. I haven't used the tray table, as unlike a normal high chair you can push this one close enough so that your child is able to share the table with you. We have padded chairs and this Hi-Seat does leave a dent in them, but this is of no great concern to us.
Practical, simple to use, easy to transport. Two different heights depending on which way you put the seat, grows with the child.
Attached table very small and a bit fiddly

Great for restaurants and travelling

Portable highchair that is compact and very easy to use.Secures safely with straps to fit to seat and to secure child. Can use with or without tray attached. Couldn't live without it with small children.
Easy to use, compact and safe


Not designed to withstand a child banging their spoon or fork on the tray - not very practical as a toddler seat.
Compact, light, easy to take on holidays and out to restaurants
Flimsy design, tray is in two pieces which makes it not very strong


great to keep in the car as could keep our son anywhere was great when he first started solids and can be used on the floor nothing to hold child in and little table support bends and allows child to slip through, tray comes apart making it hard to clean as food gets stuck into the groves, great for a child 6-10 months but causes to much worry after that, its hard to get little table on and off when child is in it
handy that all folds up inside self and secured closed
slips around on any chair thats not completly flat and padded chairs marks padding


Very handy. Perfect for travelling. Would also be good to use for a toddler who is making the transition from highchair to normal chair.
We keep this seat at grandma's. It is very compact, easy to pack up and store in the cupboard. It fits securely to the dining room chair.
Can't think of anything to fault it!


i love this i use it all the time now instead a a normal high chair
easy to use, great value, lovely colours, easy to clean

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