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Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

Veet In-Shower Hair Removal Cream

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Used it couple of times
But recently bought new tube and it burnt my skin on both legs within 4 minutes of applying it. It’s been more than a week and I tried to lodge complaints but VEET number does not work. Then operator asks for voicemail to call back. I didn’t hear anything back. I haven’t been to work. Can’t walk or drive as my leg is swollen. Very painful and the company does not want to take any responsibility that’s why they don’t have any contact details.
Company should be closed

Purchased in April 2019 at Drugscreen for $8.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation Yes

Allergic reaction/burns to underarms

I used this on my legs the day before and it seemed to work well, a few patches here and there but I decided it might have been how I applied it.
The next day I used it on my underarms, and had it on for 5 minutes before I started to remove it. As soon as I started a burning/stinging feeling came and I immediately stopped and couldn’t continue because it hurt so much. Now my underarms are half hairy and very red. Skin is very sore and irritated. I would half recommend for your legs, but not anywhere sensitive.

Left burns and cuts, Allergic reaction to skin

I tried this on my arms and underarms cause i thought it would be easy and convenient. I won’t lie, it did remove the hair well (but not from the roots ofcourse) and left my skin a little soft. But i also got an allergic reaction in my underarms right while i was in the shower and my arms burnt. By the end of the day, my arms had these small red spots all over and my underarms felt like the skin was scraped off. The allergic reaction turned worse the next day when i had puss coming out of my underarms and burnt skin. DO NOT RECOMMEND this at all.

Ripped my skin off – don't buy!

Are used Veet wax strips to remove facial hair. The next morning my entire lip was scabbed over. You were pieces of my skin missing and it's storming very badly. I will never use this product again, nor do I recommend it.


This product is horrible. I'm a very hairy person overall and in the past I've used "Nair". One thing about Nhair is it stinks really bad and can have a burning effect if you leave it on for too long or if you have sensitive skin but it works great!! Veet is the WORST hair removal cream i have ever bought. I will NEVER spend my money on it again. I spent about $7-$8 on this product and it did NOT please me. I left the product on my skin for 10 minutes as it said you should, & as i went to remove it, NO hair came off. Then I put it on again for another 10 minutes & NOTHING happened. I'm absolutely upset and i will never again buy this product. If i could get my money back i would. If you're looking for a product, choose hair!! and if not that, then just stick to shaving because veet is NOT worth it.

Easy to use

Easy to removel dkin hair..jhst need to wait for a little while..need to apply some skin care product after using it...otherwise tour skin will be too dry...however it doesnt hurt

Chemical burn

Not worth it !!! I paid like $7-8 for it and all it did was leave me with a burn. It didn't take anyhairs off ! I had it on for less than a minute. Maybe even a few seconds. As soon as I put it on it was burning I rinsed it off right away now the area is very red and burning and just all around painful.

Removes hairs but burns!

I tried this on my legs and underarms, leaving it on for about 10 minutes before scraping it all off in the shower. Most of the hairs did come off quite easily but it left my skin tingling and when I went to bed shortly after, my skin started to burn, especially the underarms! Then when I checked my skin in the morning, I noticed that the hairs were not gone from the root; a lot of them were still around 0.5-1mm above the skin. Skin still feels smoother than a day or two after shaving (not as stubbly), but I'm hesitant about using such a harsh product on my skin again.

I'm a hairy person and it removed hairs

I love it, such a shame with all the bad reviews anyways. I timed it for exactly 15 minutes and most of my leg hairs were gone. Cause I'm pregnant I just shaved the small left over area on my left leg but that was all. It works great for me and of course I have to agree the smell is horrible though.

Waste of money and time- don't bother!

Picked up this stuff and it had the same impact putting shaving cream on your legs does, 6 minutes later and your hairs still there. Total waste

do not buy this product.

Takes Skin Off, Leaves Hair On!!

This is the most terrible thing on the face of this planet. It gave meres spots all over my legs. It sticks and its horrible just horrible don't get it.

Smells bad

I didn't find this a good product as it smells bad. It does not work as required and described. Used it once and never trying this again. I don't feel the skin was smooth enough and does not work for me at all.
Never recommend to use this


I put this on my private area not inside just on top waited 5 mins got in shower used sponge the hair came off but it also burnt my skin

Veet Naturals In Shower Hair Removal Cream

I bought a tube of Veet Naturals In Shower Hair Removal Cream & after testing a small patch for any skin reactions (I had none) I went ahead & put it on both legs. On my first try I didn't put enough of the cream on so it didn't work very well. The second time I put a pair of disposable gloves on (works 10x better than using the sponge that it comes with) rubbed the cream on to my legs, making sure that I had put it on evenly. I waited for 8 minutes & then got into the shower. Using the sponge that comes with the cream I scrubbed the cream off in a circular motion. I was very happy to see that the cream had removed almost all of my hair. There were two small patches of roughly four hairs left on each thigh. I would highly suggest this cream to anyone. The only negative thing about it is the smell but I found that all hair removal creams have a bad smell & if I use my milk & honey shower milk straight after it hides the smell pretty well. It has been two days since I used the cream last & I have no reactions & no hairs poking through just yet. Stocking up on more cream now!

Great and not harsh on skin!

I absolutely love this product! It remove all hair with any irritation to the skin, the only flaw to the cream is the smell! It smells like chemicals and it stays!

Burns your skin

I bought this product thinking it would be easier than shaving and less painful than waxing, but boy was I wrong. I put it on my legs and it badly burnt my skin. My legs came out with little cuts all over them. Would not recommend!

I hated it

I bought this for my arms because they are really hairy, and I tested it on my underarms and had an allergic reaction and a burn. I do not recommend doing this at all!

Worked Great, perfect time saver

I tried a few brands of cream hair remover, waxing and shaving and I personally prefer the cream as the hair grows back soft unlike shaving. I know there are hair creams that make the hair grow soft but they are not cheap. I find waxing a bit painful and takes a lot of time. I am also after a quick fix and if I miss some hair I can easily pull them with a tweezer. I also find that cream hair remover exfoliates, so I am getting two treatments in one. I tried the pink bottle and although it is not recommended for the face I use it for my chin and upper lip and just stick to the 3 minutes and every two weeks and had no problem. I have sensitive skin on my face but this product worked great for me. My experience with hair remover is to stick with the recommended time if you have sensitive skin. Since my legs are not sensitive I can go a bit longer, just leave while I shower and remove with the Japanese exfoliating wash cloth.

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Questions & Answers

how do i get rid of the burn i got from using this prodect my hair is groing weird and my skin is very red
1 answer
try using aloe vera gel

Can I use use veet sensitive cream on my chest and back area.
1 answer
Hi, I am not a skin or hair removal expert and do not work for Veet. I have not tried the product on my chest or back area. I suggest that you ask the makers directly and always do a skin test as each person reacts differently to chemicals.

Can I use this on my underarms or is that area too sensitive?
2 answers
I think the underarm would be very sensitive and bit hard to keep the cream to stay for 3 minutes because when you put your arms down the cream might get squeezed off. There is one for sensitive skin which has a blue label and I recommend to check the label if it says it can be used for underarm or you can contact Veet and ask the question. I do not recommend that you test if it will work without getting the answer first as it may result in discomfort for a couple of days or worst it could leave your underarm raw (like in chemical burns). If the label or Veet says it is okay, I suggest that you test a small area in your underarm and if you feel stinging sensation remove it at once and wash with cold water.Yes you can just make sure that you leave your arms above your head the whole time otherwise some of the cream rubs off & it doesn't work as well.


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