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Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878

Victa 16" Razor Cut 881878

2.0 from 28 reviews

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Quite satisfied

I'm relatively satisfied with this mower. Like most hand mowers the cut it provides is much nicer than a petrol mower. My main criticism is the height adjustment has a narrow range - I prefer it to have a higher setting. Also I agree with other reviews that the handles aren't rigid enough and it doesn't allow me to place my hands as widely apart as I'd like.

Purchased in January 2019.


I don’t have any experience in lawn mowing, I brought this as I only have a small lawn. The wheels lock up and won’t turn forward at all. There is no obstruction. It’s very frustrating. I haven’t even used it! I can’t find my receipt, but I will be taking it back to Bunnings for a refund.

Purchased in May 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

Does a good job

Bought this mower 6 months ago and never had a problem with it.

I have about 50sqm couch out the front and 20 buffalo out the back and it works well on both. Takes a bit of work but can't complain for the price.

I had a bit of trouble getting it to turn at first but I attribute that do the thickness and length of the grass. Best to start off on the highest setting and work down. The catcher bag is a bit flimsy, and emptying and attaching it is time consuming. It doesn't catch ALL the clippings, but I only use it if I'm cutting off a lot and don't want too many clippings left on the lawn, otherwise I leave it off.

It takes a bit of practice to get the right walking speed and angle. I've found that how high or low you hold the handles affects how well it turns

The only downside is the wheels get in the way of cutting close to walls/edges. It's worth spraying the rotating parts with crc/wd40 after use. It won't leave your lawn looking like a golf course but for $100 it does a great job. Good for maintaining small to medium sized lawns.

Purchased in September 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Product is used: Weekly

Wheels don’t turn! Absolute garbage. I used it on a perfectly manicured buffalo lawn that was already short.....

Wheels didn’t turn. I could force it along but that just took big chunks of grass and roots out. Worst product ever! I took it back to Bunnings for refund

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse for $99.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Wet / Damp Grass Performance
Product is used: Daily

Did I just get lucky with mine?

I didn't review my mower before buying and if I had, I wouldn't have bought it! Maybe I haven't used mine enough? I used it first time today and thought it was a fantastic little thing, it got jammed at the start but then I realised why, so I just cleared it and it was fine, although I didn't bother fitting the catcher, as I agreed that looked flimsy and bit rubbish, and my lawn was not too long, I thought it was a great little buy and it was really easy to push, I am now however a bit worried my luck will run out after reading this., maybe don't use the catcher?

Date PurchasedFeb 2019
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Dear product review, Was trying to edit my review to upload my proof of purchase but kept freezing.. now you have published it, I dont have option and your email address bounced back as not monitored..

With a minor modification its great for a small lawn

I've read all the reviews and agree that the catcher as supplied is a disaster, it falls apart and you spend half your time reassembling it. But I used superglue to fix it together permanently and now it works perfectly catches most of the grass and leaves a nice clean cut and usable mowings for the compost heap - so much more easy to use that the electric "bover hover" which recently caught fire and couldn't be used for more than 5 minutes without having to scoop out all the congealed grass captured in the top!

Date PurchasedJan 2019

The worst. Will ruin your lawn.

All the reviews below aren’t lying. The handles are so flimsy that you can’t apply any pressure to push the mower. The move so much you can’t steer properly. The wheels don’t grip/turn & so then neither does the blades. The blades jam with the smallest amt of grass. The blades don’t so much cut as tear clumps of turf our or leave clumps of uncut grass. And I’m TRYING to cut turf the same as found on cricket gnd & which is 20mm tall. Ryobi here I come. But not via Bunnings. They can’t be trusted to sell something that works

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Terrible purchase

I wish I’d looked this page up earlier. After feeling good about buying a reputable Victa sadly my feelings of this mower are exactly as disappointing as others who purchased & persisted in trying to mow my small lawn. Does not work on any length or type of grass! Catcher is flimsy. Handles move regardless of tightening. Just disappointing Victa.

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Victa lawnmower

Not happy. Hard to cut grass jams easily. Handle is unable to be tighten enough so it doesn't move. Did read reviews prior to purchase, was sold on self sharpening blades!! It could be that I am of mature age and of very slim build that is the problem. Try it see for yourself, purchase under return conditions.

Date PurchasedOct 2018


I bought this Victa because of the brand name reliability. WHAT A MISTAKE.
I took the first one back to Bunnings because it kept locking up - the blades wouldn't turn and was told it had not been correctly tested at the factory.
So back to mowing - it lasted 4 mows. I to adjust the blade setting as per the manual. However it either wouldn't cut properly (gap between blade and sharpener too wide. Or just got blocked - too close to the sharpener. No amount of fiddling with the adjustment would fix it. Bunnings would not replace again.
So - SAVE YOUR $$$$.buy something else. This product should not be on the market. Shame on BUNNINGS for stocking such a faulty product.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Not fit for purpose

Piece of garbage. that will make your life a misery. Poor design. Poor construction. Poor materials..the blade seems to be made of really soft steel. Handle twists. It even looks ugly.
I only got about 20 minutes cutting out of it...then persisted for far too long to make it work..
My first review because I've never owned such a piece of junk..i advise against buying.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Piece of junk save your money

Doesn't do what it is supposed to do and that is to cut grass, tried it on different grass lengths was terrible. When it did cut a bit it looked slashed not cut, should not be aloud to be sold. Giving Victor a bad name. Wish I had read the reviews before I bought it.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Epic fail

The blade gets stuck and there is no capability to adjust to free up the blade rotation
I have very small lawn and thought it would be perfect but it lasted just four mows. The framework is rickety despite the screws tightened to maximum tightness
Recomnend you dont waste your money

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Doesn't cut it.

Our lawn is tiny - about 2x4m – but I still went for this mower rather than the cheaper model as it is meant to be self-sharpening.

Being a long-time member of this site, I should have known to come here first! Other reviews are absolutely spot on: we tried mowing weekly to keep the lawn under control but this so-called mower can’t cut a week’s growth. It gets stuck in short grass, even if whipper snipped first. The handles twist, to the point that the silver-coloured coating cracked on the first use. The catcher falls off and dumps any clippings you might have managed to acquire.

This mower simply doesn’t mow. Reviewer ‘Baroness’ hit the nail on the head: “It really is unfit for purpose and pointless in trying to persevere with it”. I too have returned it for a refund.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Don't waste your money

It just doesn't work kept getting stuck in "low" grass level tried all settings unsuccessful. The handles twist and move as you push and the catcher is totally useless - more grass on my feet than the catcher. Brother has Bosch hand mower - far superior
and only $30 more!!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

It lasted half an hour!!!

There are two push manual lawn mowers on sale in Bunnings now and we just bought this Victa 16" Razor Cut Push Mower today. It costs almost double the cheaper one and does look more fancy and professional.
It turned out so hard to use while you either use it to exhaust your arms or put your body weight on it. After spending about half an hour on some 100 square metres lawn, the plastic part that adjust the height of cut got broken. It looks so thin.
Will have to return it to Bunnings tomorrow. Waste of time!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2018

trust me it won't work

brought this a few years ago from bunnings, at time point in time i had absolutely no experience in lawning so I took the advise from one of the bunnings staffs.
and it is just so difficult to use, as no matter how hard I tried to push it, it just doesn't work.
and we took back to bunnings and exchange for a Victa petrol lawn mover and it works like a dream.
I don't know why they are still selling this product.
Trust me, don't waste your time, go and get a petrol lawn mover

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Waste of money

Needed for a small yard, it just slides over the drive wheel never has enough traction unless you push it into the grass enough to dig a trench. The handle twists and flexes, when it is actually cutting grass only 50% ends in the catcher the rest on your feet.
It will be going in the recycling and I am off to buy a new mower.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Useless piece of s(crap) metal

What a piece of junk. Don't waste your money. Crappy handles that warp under the slightest pressure and mine has not cut properly since new as one blade seems to out of alignment with rest and hits the cutting bar. Have not been able to adjust it to cut properly.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Can recommend.

Great mower for my small yard. I love the perfect cut it gives me every time. I am not very strong physically, but have found it easy to use and maneover. Professional looking and the grass is looking healthier for using this old school style. Adjusting desired height is easy.

Can recommend! I love it

Date PurchasedDec 2017

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Questions & Answers

My victa push mower continually locks up on the right hand wheel. The only way I can get it to go is to wind the blades backwards but it is a constant job. There is nothing obstructing the blades and the grass is short. I am not at all mechanical but could it be something within the wheel itself.
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where can I download the assembly manual with adjustment instructions
No answers

First time used, wheels locked moving forward! Can’t find any obstruction. Any thoughts????
2 answers
If there is no obvious obstruction I am not sure why it is not moving forward. The only thing I can think is there is something in the blades (the action is like a scissor with a blade pushing against a bar to cut the grass) that you cannot see. If it is fully locked you may have to return it as defective, but I am tipping there is something you cannot see. The mechanism is very simple with few things to go wrong.When mine jams I gently press the blades with my foot (wearing protective boots of course!) and it usually unblocks at first attempt, if not I try again but move backwards first.


16" Razor Cut 881878
Price (RRP)99
Power SourceManual
Minimum Cutting Height13
Maximum Cutting Height38
Mulching CapabilityNo

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