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Victa 82V Blower Kit 1687893

Victa 82V Blower Kit 1687893

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This blower is fantastic and powerful yet light enough to carry around. Replaced a corded blower which was heavy and inefficient. This victa is a positive change. Cordless technology is the future of lawn and garden maintenance. The battery charged in less than a half an hour which is a big bonus. The next item on my list is Victas cordless lawn mower.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good blower

Purchased to replace my 40 Volt blower that had failed inside warranty. This has a massive blowing power and gets the job done quick. The lower spec spec battery runs for around 25 minutes on full power, with around an hour recharge. Perhaps a little strong for some tasks, as it will create a dust storm. Perhaps Victa need to engineer a graduated control that will run from slow to full on.

Date PurchasedAug 2017


I've already reviewed the Victa mower and trimmer.

I didnt buy the blower straight away, as I have an almost brand new Honda 4 stroke, and didnt think the cordless would be better. I was prepared to wait until I had some more spare cash before I went and got the blower.
After using the mower and trimmer, I was so impressed, i went out and bought the blower kit.

I wasn't going to get the blower kit, as I had managed to mow the lawns and do the edges on a quarter of a 2.0Ah battery. But I had read the blower uses more juice, so I decided to just get the kit. Extra $200 is the same as a battery, so the charger was "free".

WOW! Just WOW! So glad I bit the bullet and got this blower.
My neighbour has a tree that drops large bundles of seeds. The Honda struggled to move them, and I'd end up using a stiff broom. This blower gets the job done!. I dont know how it does it. The specs are lower than the Honda, but it works better.
The weight with the small battery is fine. Much less than the Honda.
Its easy to use. Power on and either pull the trigger, or rotate the cruise control and off you go.

It does use more battery power than the mower or trimmer, so the extra battery is a good idea as a backup.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Questions & Answers

Hi , I would like to know if the kobalt 80v battery can be usd on the Victa 82v blower?
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82V Blower Kit 1687893
Maximum Air Velocity201
Vacuum FunctionYes

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