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Victoria Bitter

Victoria Bitter

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Beer snobs

Yes ... Unfortunately 3/4 of all people who write reviews...... wake up not all people are over the top beer connoisseurs but just people looking for a good beer after work or at a BBQ and like lots of other Australian beers that don't appeal to the Beer Snobs VB does the job.

Castle plazA

Castle plaza v.b is taken out of 30 pack and still sold as 6pack even though they have been dropped and smashed at 6pack cost. What a rip off. 30 cans at $63 is not 16 by 5.

Dont. Anything else but this.

This mass produced garbage is an embarrassment both for the generic "Beer" taste and drunken idiot fanclub. Found wherever stupidity and/or southern cross tattoos are on display. If you see a drunken 20 something wearing an australian flag like a cape standing on a 90's era Holden Commodore, you can safely bet that bottle in his hand is a VB. Anything, including water, is a better choice than this. Cultural cringe at its absolute finest.


It smells like vomit and tastes terrible. Shame all our sports sponsers are the worst beers in Australia VB XXXX Gold. The new stadium in Perth has Gauge Roads,well done.

Been drinking Vb for years now and had no worries until now

Bought 3 blocks from Woolworths before Christmas and some of it tastes like crap.It has a very funny taste and smell as if hydraulic oil has been mixed with it .Got a can out of the fridge tonight that tasted the same .Its as if some cans are off and others aren’t. Bought other blocks at a pub that tastes ok.had no problems with vb cans until now.

VB for 40 years...

I thought it was only me noticing a change in VB. Getting flat, stale taste on opening - just like the dregs in the morning after a party in the 1970's! Even changed retailers to make sure wasn't getting dudded at my regular. Bring back the full flavoured taste and true amber colour please with that beautiful VB froth.

Love this beer!

One of favourite beers, so glad they put their alcohol content back up to where it belongs. I'd give 5 stars if it wasn't so expensive.

Whats going on with VB

keep getting bad VB stubbies, three out of five cartons are like ice-cream, one just drinkable the other poison, WHY

Big cold beer

Victoria Bitter has long been lots of my friends' favourite beer. The great taste brewed to deliver full-bodied flavour especially when it is ice cold. And with no doubt that it will quench any hard earned thirst.

What is with Flat VB Beers Lately!

Been a fan of VB for years, just lately every slab I buy it is flat and needs to be thrown out, I have switched to Red Bitter, I hope VB fixes this issue.

Had a gutful of flat VBs

Been a die hard VB man for years. Last 8 months its pot luck whether you get a proper beer or flat swill only fit for the sink. Narrowed it down to 1 slab in 6, which is a slab a fortnight. Nothing worse than looking forward to coming home to a fridge full of cold ones only to find they're undrinkable duds. VB customer service offered a slab to make me happy. Told them i want the issue fixed, not free beer. Haven't heard boo since.

The best beer hands down

Forget all your fancy euro beers and the like...theres nothing quite like a VB to quench a hard earned thirst..and you can even add a slice of lemon if you are a pansy like my mate Nick. The best beer hands down.


Hard earned thirst! Only beer any aussie bloke should be drinking after a hard day at work. Taste like sweaty day on a construction site

sick of flat stubbies

i have been a vb drinker for years, the last 12 or so, i have been getting too many flat stubbies. terrible


Our daughter celebrated her 30th Birthday at Beer Deluxe Hawthorn recently in upstairs room as a private function.
Really enjoyed the catering which was first class. Staff were wonderful and very attentive, making sure we were all having good time and the platters of finger foods on offer non stop. Would highly recommend this place to anyone wanting a catered for function or just hang out downstairs for a drink.

Greatest invention

There is nothing like a hard earned thirst, and the best cold beer is vic.

There is nothing like coming home for a hard day on the tools, watching tv and sipping a nice cold vb.

one of the greatest products ever produced, i have got all my friends onto VB!

VB is for me
Tastey, inexpensive
Not enough in a slab

Quality issues, not presented well

Bought a slab of Victoria Bitter cans the other week, to find 6/24 cans dinted and the design was scratched. The look of them really wasn't as appealing, and I found myself rather disappointed in a brand that until now had gotten me through thick and thin. To follow this up, I purchased a 6 pack of Victoria Bitter the next week, to once again find 2/6 dinted cans. Starting to consider making the change to Carlton Draught, presentation of products is very important to me
Still tasted nice
presentation was a 2/10, rather disappointed

VB is a beer for real men, and women

It is true that VB is not the bitter battering ram that that I remember from the '60s in the Melbourne of my youth. But then everything else has changed as well.

A while back CUB foolishly dropped the alcohol content from 4.8 to 4.6, not doubt hoping to attract some sensitive latte drinking types, but of course they wouldn't drink VB anyway, so CUB saw the folly of their decision and wisely upped the alcohol content to 4.9.

VB is the nectar of the gods. I have heard it compared to [censored word removed], but I'm not in a position to judge that claim. I have a couple every day, and there is no greater pleasure than a cold VB after a day's work.
Tastes even better after sailing
Not always on special

Bitter taste

I have drunk many a stubby of VB and still to this day prefer others to this. It leaves a funny after taste and is not that bitter as one would expect from the name. If you cant get a Melbourne bitter and you are hanging out for a cold one then give this a try.
funny after taste


I am not an excessive drinker, but I buy the occasional carton of either the stubbies or cans, and drink them casually, say a beer or 2 in the evening. Not too strong, no sediment.
This is the sort of beverage I can have almost any time of the year or day, whether it is hot outside, or raining, dark or daylight this beer is for me. Nothing like doing something away from home, coming home and opening a stubby or cracking a tinny of VB.
It really quenches a hard-earned thirst. I wouldn't buy any other beer.
My favourite brew. I love this.
Only 'con' is the price, but bottle shops and licenced pubs may offer these on special from time to time. I believe I get value for money whenever I buy these. No other cons or dislikes. The beer is fine.

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I was s vb drinker about two cartons plus a week until they started watering it down five years ago. From 4.9% to 4.8% at first. That was bad enough than to 4.6% . Been making my own or buying Coopers Sparkling since. Heard they are going to make it 4.9 again too many complaints. They put the price up as they watered it down so I guess the price will come down now. If not they will still not win me back. Friends recently hosted a wedding in Denmark bought the heavy beer in Germany for A $10 a carton mostly it was in 24x500ml cans that's 12 liters a box not nine litres for 24 x 375ml here. Amazing but true story.

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I was wondering the exact taste of vb, they don't sell it here.
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It's good.

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