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Volkswagen Caddy 2K.I

Volkswagen Caddy 2K.I

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10 years ownership... Let the trouble begin

Being a tradie, this van gets a beating. Has been reliable till now. The dam bulb out light on dash is constantly on with all bulbs working, starter motor recently replaced, clutch recently replaced, turbo diaphragm replaced, glow plugs replaced, left hand side ball joint replaced, front and rear brakes pads replaced and new battery. After 10 years and bought brand new with 215,000km on the clock now with constant start stop its been a great overall.
Steer away from the DSG and petrol models. You need to maintain these vans and they will give you years of trouble free motoring

Engine Size1.9
Date PurchasedDec 2009

Perfect work van but not without its quirks.

I bought 2 caddy maxi 1.9 TDI vans for my delivery business and so far they have been great. Both vans were bought with over 200,000 Kms on them and both have completed 10,000 Kms trouble free. I was of the opinion that most of the problems had occurred at lower Kms and would have been fixed already. I got the dealer to chuck in a 2 year warranty on both that covers the mechanicals for extra piece of mind.

Pros: Great to drive and has car like handling. Very comfortable and well designed interior. Good stereo for van. Lots of storage space and cup/bottle holders. Sips diesel fuel - I get between 600-800 Kms per tank. Punchy 1.9 Diesel engine with plenty of low down torque. 6 speed dsg gearbox is smooth and quick to change gears up and down but it's not without its quirks.

Cons: DSG gearbox on one of the vans has an issue with finding reverse sometimes and will clunk around before finally going into fault mode and is indicated by the gear indicator flashing and the check engine light coming on. This is easily rectified by switching the engine off and back on again, the gear box instantly shifts into reverse and back to driving normal again. The check engine light disappears after a while. I don't have the money to diagnose and repair the issue (I've read it may be a clutch pack that needs replacing). Once you get used to the way a dsg operates and can accept it niggles it is a good gear box.

Overall I'm very happy with the Caddy. Even with the dsg issue it's still a very good van. I had a Hiace van as a rental before I purchased the Caddy, and while it was a good van, it was no where near as comfortable, stable or as fun to drive as the Caddy.

BadgeTDI250 Maxi
Engine Size1.9L Turbo
Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Great to HORRIBLE to own

Purchased Caddy maxi as replacement for standard Caddy (albeit a highly optioned special order that took 9 months to arrive). My first caddy was constantly back to the dealer for repair, in the period of ownership November 2006 to January 2010 it was back to the selling dealer almost monthly at 2 weeks old the airbag module failed,6 weeks aircon compressor failed, by January 2009 ....drivers door fell apart, radio failed, indicators failed, gearbox failed, electric window operation failed 3 times, , I received first class treatment and many apologies, loan cars etc etc. at 2 1/2 years of ownership I decided having this vehicle with no warranty would be a VERY bad option. I was of the opinion lemons happen and this was one, also figured no manufacturer could produce such poor quality and remain in business, let alone have the reputation VW had (at that point). SO I traded the most disappointing vehicle purchase I have made (from March 1979 to December 2016).
Took delivery mid January 2010, the Maxi variant was perfect size for my carpet cleaning business, it was oddly not quite as smooth on the road as my original 'lemon" (actually Danish blue) although it had a longer wheel base it had a choppier ride - assuming heavier rated rear springs and cheaper tyres didn't help. Fuel consumption was actually 0.5 - 1 litre per 100km heavier than standard caddy (7.2 - 8 L/100 -average over year 7.6 L/100) in-spite of 'official' fuel consumption being the same, acceleration / overtaking ability was also reduced over standard wheel base.
March 2011 a slight scraping noise was noticed on deceleration in the morning, by 2pm and 40 more km driving that noise which sounded like a something had got into a brake caliper had turned into a grinding noise. Following 4 fruitless calls to VW assist (12 months prior they were sensational, at this point I thought I had wrong number (as the attitude had changed so dramatically). My grinding noise turned out to be the gearbox collapsing internally, highlighted by the loss of 2 of the 5 forward gears (1 & 5), limping it home (25km) 3rd gear also lost, so 2 & 4 usable. Bottom line here ended up off the road for 4 weeks. I am a one man business & rely on that vehicle totally - NO VAN NO BUSINESS, VW really showed no sympathy for this, the once brilliant customer service and what ever it takes atidude was gone....forced to get another vehicle (Ford) to keep working (adding significantly to the cost of VW ownership).
Ended up keeping this vehicle as a 'spare' due to the high versatility and assuming bits don't break (sadly they seam to and are extraordinarily expensive to fix), currently it is on stands having been actually on the road for just on 6 years and having travelled 132k with a broken manual gearbox. i have been quoted $3000 minimum for 2nd hand, $4500 for rebuilt (that means the only broken bits and minimal other parts are actually replaced).
Currently have Renault Kangoo Maxi as main vehicle, at 18 months it has not broken in any way, costs less than half $'s to service, is even better on fuel (6.6 L/100 average over 34k) than Caddy Maxi, is MUCH quieter and smoother to drive, though not as 'ergonomic' as the Caddy, it is at this point so much nicer to OWN than the Caddy.

BadgeTDI250 Maxi
Engine Size1.9L Turbo
Date PurchasedJan 2010
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Update,at 2 years Renault still running perfectly, The Caddy is still on stands BUT i've got all the necessary parts from the UK at 1/4 to 1/2 the price they are in Australia. Hoping to have it back on the road soon......?

the good, the bad, the downright fugly

I bought mine new in 2008 and have a love/hate relationship with it. Great to drive,easy to park and manoeuvre, great fuel economy, adequate sound system, ( better than in my mate's merc ) keyless doors, power windows and steering, good air con although noisy on full blast, and good payload capacity compared to other vans this size, which is why it's the best in it's class but that's where the love affair ends.

The worst thing that happens is the front passenger and driver's side windows will randomly open. It is infrequent and occurs every six months or so. Doesn't appear to be any rhyme nor reason, it's completely random. One thing I've experienced is they do have a problem if the driver's side window switches get wet and due to no rain guard, this will happen. The circuit board corrodes and will cause the windows to operate erratically. Unfortunately replacing the switch assembly only gave some short term relief. The problem still exists.

The second major problem is when trying to accelerate from a standing start. I have never driven anything else in 40 yrs of driving that stalls like this does. I've even started to rev it before attempting to cross a major hwy from a side street to ensure it doesn't stall mid crossing. This has been a problem from the get go so not caused by clogged injectors or filters.

I've had the same issue as some others have had with the back brake light lens above the back doors, breaking of it's own accord. This seems to be a common problem and gets a mention at "caddy2k.com", a UK site, that has an Australian owner's thread.

The front brake pads lasted 120,000klms before being replaced. Great I thought, I'll buy the same type again. That was until I found they were such a hard compound brake pad, they wore out the disks. No machining could be done ,so they had to be replaced as well.OUCH.

Lastly, a couple of other minor issues not really worth the time to go into, I don't think it's possible these days to buy anything especially a vehicle that won't give you a problem at some point and something becoming more and more common are recalls. So probably no worse than anything else out there but not the reliable, problem free brand I was hoping for.

Badgecaddy 1.6
Engine Size1.6L

Another radiator failure

The VW Caddy is to say, a cool car and has globally, a loyal fan base bordering on the obsessed. For most of us, the Caddy will remain a workhorse and used primarily for business.

I have a 2009 Caddy van, 1.9L turbo which 'sips' fuel and is to say reliable with one exception. I have had four (4) radiator replacements since buying the car new. Now I'm a fussy engineer, I don't drive the car hard and the biggest payload on any one occasion has been four (4) bicycles. That is to say, I drive the car too and from the beach each morning with my bike on board.

VW Australia is simply not interested in the issue and given their reputation in recent times has taken what is best described as a severe beating, I for one will not purchase another Caddy or any other VW vehicle, period.

Service and reputation is paramount. VW appear to be complacent. A Company is only as good as its ability to fix a problem. VW isn't a Company committed to fixing its vehicles or its reputation.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Happy so far fingers crossed

I bought my Vw caddy 2010 Tdi 3 years ago, no problems thus far not sure if it's because I have 1.9 diesel motor or not, but I think the 1.6 petrol is the problem. Would like to hear more comments from the diesel owners to what problems to look out for cheers about the clutch some people just don't know how to drive manual, vow is very touchy. Cheers

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

2010 year model Caddy I.6 lt. diesel Extremely dangerous vehicle.

I purchased this vehicle from original owners, elderly couple in Caloundra QLD., in June 2014 with an odometer reading of 6052 klms. The male partner had suffered a stroke and was no longer able to drive was the reason for owners selling this Caddy. Although the vehicle was a 2010 model it was only first registered in Dec. 2011. I arranged to have the remaining new vehicle warranty transfer to my ownership. By 3rd.Sept. 2014 the distance the vehicle had now travelled 11,011 klms. This is when the the first break down occurred, on the M1 and in one of the middle lanes. The engine lost all drive power and we were almost rear ended at a speed of 110klm/phr. Managed to limp home, approx. 5 klms., in segments of approx. 300 meters at a time between engine refusing to drive. Arranged to get the vehicle to VW commercial service Nerang. No.1 diesel injector faulty, replaced under warranty. Approx. 6 weeks later, something like 13,600klms on the odometer, similar incident again on the M1, this time had to get tow truck to get the vehicle to VW Service as there was no chance that this Caddy wanted to drive. This time No.2 injector failed. This was replaced under warranty and the Service centre said they checked injectors No.'s 3 & 4 and these seemed okay. Now 18th. Jan. 2015 again on the M1 similar failure and this time almost causing a multi vehicle incident as we suddenly without any warning lose all engine power. Odometer reading of approx.20,450klms. Once again had to pay for a tow truck to get the Caddy to the VW Ser. Ctr. Nerang. Three days later no word from the service guys so I decide to place a phone call. They tell me that No.4 injector has failed this time and they've replaced it and decided to replace No.3 injector just in case. They also advised that the vehicle is ready to go but because it is now outside of the vehicle warranty period they don't know if VW Australia is going to cover the the cost of this repair. The Service guys say they've put a statement forward to VW Aust. requesting that this be done at no charge as part of the warranty based on the recurring injector failures. They said they should have an answer from VW Aust. by the morning, i.e. 22nd. Jan. '15. It's now half way through day four, 22/1/15 and I've had no contact from the VW Service Centre. This isn't looking good for me. Looks like a call to TV show ACA is what's needed. Loosing all engine drive power at 110klms/phr. on the M1 is so so dangerous, We've been truly lucky that we haven't been seriously injured or killed due to this VW Caddy's engine injector failures. If you've also had this problem please speak up.
Well it's now 23/1/15 and I'm pleased to say VW. Australia has approved replacement of No.3 & 4 injectors under warranty and no charge to me. Thank you to them and the guys at VW Commercial Service Centre Nerang for their assistance. I hope this is the last of the engine and any other worries with this Caddy.

Engine Size1.6L Turbo

Recurring problem with fuel injectors

I have just paid $1337 to replace yet another fuel injector in my disabled son's 2010 modified VW Caddy. One injector had to be replaced Feb 2013, another in July 2013, both under warranty. A request to the VW Service Centre to replace remaining injectors because of an obvious problem was refused. My question: When will the fourth injector fail? Another $1337 that a disability pensioner cannot afford? More frightening - What if this occurs on the Bruce Highway on a hot summer's day? My son has severe physical disabilities, heat exposure brings on seizures, and he is stuck on the side of the road with no means of transport except an ambulance!!!! Perhaps a letter to VW Head Office?

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PS: VW Australia came to the party and replaced the fourth fuel injector free of charge out of "goodwill". Much appreciated! Unfortunately, my son is still $1337 out of pocket for the one mentioned in my review - a big expense for a disability pensioner.

I have had a similar problem with my VW Caddy 2010

Mine has only done 33,000 klms and has gone into limp mode 4 times in the last year. Ours is a modified disabled vehicle. The service centre said is was fuel injector problems and they even replaced the engine ecu worth $3000 (but under warranty) thinking it could have been sending false fuel injector messages. This last time has happened since then. I am also very concerned it could cause a major accident esp on the freeway. I do 10,000 klms per year. What is causing this and how can it be fixed permanently?

Caddy 2006 1.9 TDi

Great to drive and excellent fuel economy when it is on the road. However, it is not on the road long enough between expensive breakdowns / repairs. Eight years old with 260000km and I'm over it. I also have a Hiace with 500000km & going strong. Should've bought another one.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Have Just taken Delivery of my Third Caddy

First Caddy 2006 TDI manual traded in 2009 Did have problem with gear box auto, replaced under warranty, I was Given replacement car while work was being done can't fault Central Coast Motor Group. Had Second Caddy TDI Auto for 120,000km Great to drive long distances. New 2014 Caddy has Coarse Control, and Bluetooth.
This should just about make it perfect.
All car can have problems some more then others I guess I was lucky. Its how you get looked after at the time is what's important.



I have owned a Caddy Van for 2.5 years. In that time it has gone into 'Limp Home Mode' 7 times. That means that the on-board computer suddenly reduces the power (you can only drive at about 20-30 km/hr) and the van needs to be taken directly to a VW Service Centre. This happened recently and the the van was off the road for 7 days. The VW Service Centre at Frankston wouldn't provide a loan car. I expressed my disappointment with the vehicle's reliability over it's lifetime to the VW Service Centre and they were only interested the immediate problem. I took my concerns to VW Australia and they similarly would only view the last incident. I have previously owned new Toyota and Ford Commercial vehicles and found them to be much more reliable than this VW.

The Limp Home Mode, where the vehicle suddenly looses power, is particularly dangerous on the freeway and I am concerned that the vehicle will loose power in a dangerous situation. In last 2 limp home episodes, where the vehicle has needed to be of the road for some time, neither the Frankston or Hawthorn Service centres have provided me with a replacement vehicle. It appears to me that they are more interested in the pre-booked service works, break downs go to the end of the line. All done with smug indifference.
It looks good
It keeps breaking down and VW repair service is slow and not customer service focused. VW Australia and the Service Centres appear to have an undeservedly high opinion of themselves, which is very unpleasant to deal with.

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Please provide engine type + size and type of transmission

2005 Caddy 1.6 petrol

Ok. My 1st shot at a VW. Was looking forward to it sooo much. Got a manual entry level. After 90,000 kms things started going wrong.

Intermittent electricals (?) eg speakers going off - doors open or closed
Petrol sender failed. I use odometer only 'til I can afford a fix ($400+)

Indicator cluster (Wow!!) works LHS only unless I hold on RHS then goes dead or flicks to RHS.
God knows how much this will cost - and it's dangerous!
Steering wheel vinyl wearing way at top

Door handles black colour gone from internal part of grip on all doors
Black pillar paint peeling on both window frames
Rear barn door needs remote activated to release handle to operating position

Engine this is the big one

New motor!!!!
At 115,000 water light came on. Proved at West Orange VW to be manufacture fault. A housing sending coolant to engine, radiator and somewhere else lacked one of three locking nuts. This worked its way free until under compression it sprayed coolant until the motor seized. NRMA at time could not find problem, radiator expert also.

After VW Orange sent pix to VW home, they stalled then offered $4,000 of $12,000 engine replacement. With a statement stating no responsibility, no VW fault etc. VW Orange offered me no leeway or cost alleviation also. In fact, I reckon they made a profit on the exchange.

2 air compressors replaced

Broken engine mount

There's more but I'm so annoyed, I'll have to wait to later, then forward this to VW Head Office and wait and see. I could camp outside there until they do something.
Comfortable, easy to get in and out, smooth gearbox, easy to drive, fast, good at 110 klm per hour, good fuel consumption

Engine Size1.6L

2006 VW Caddy

I bought the VW Caddy 1.9 L TDI with DSG in February 2007.
At this stage I have done 61,000 Km, mostly using Biodiesel.
The van has been excellent so far. It is great to drive, I love the DSG.
Fuel economy is brilliant at 6.2 L/100 Km!
I found the VW part cost high and services expensive.
The VW Caddy Van is great to drive and has excellent fuel economy.

Engine Size1.9L Turbo

Disappointing VW

I was a pretty happy owner for the first few years.. Proud. even after the initial shock of the overpriced servicing.. which I accepted as part of the price of owning a brand new vehicle.. my first . after an assortment of minor malfunctions from the body through to electrical ( after warranty ) then the gear box goes on a four year old VW vehicle . $6600 later .. not so proud.. as it turns out a common problem. Disappointed
Great sized small van.. fuel efficient.. originally inexpensive.
Overpriced servicing.. terrible dealer service.. Poor quality vehicle in the end.

Engine Size1.6L

Caddy Falls Short

Just paid $1860.00 for a 180,000 service do I need to say anymore ! I have had to many things go wrong to mention over the 4 years bought new and serviced at V W dealer. Would not recommend to anyone for business use. Will buy Hyundai I Load and get 5 year warranty fixed price servicing and unlimited Klm.
Fuel economy was good about 6.5 ltrs per 100km
Parts and servicing to expensive. If your getting it done cheaper it probably not being done properly

Worse car ever!

I had a 06 caddy and it was an utter piece of [censored word removed]! 2 turbos in 4 years, full set of CV joints, multiple CV bridges approx 10 air flow meters and the list just goes on and on and on. It left the show room without break lights and VWs attitude to all problems was pretty much too bad, live with it, it'll be fixed when its fixed. IT quite literally spent more time sitting in the drive way gathering dust and spiders than it did on the road. WORST CARS EVER!!!

VW has also managed to deify physics and apparently the rear breaks do far more work than the front to the point where they manage to destroy two complete sets of rear breaks (pads and disc) in the time that the front pads need to be replaced only once.

The car was ALWAYS serviced by VW and ALWAYS serviced on time.

Stay well clear of Caddys, I will never ever buy a VW ever again nor will I buy any vehicle associated with VW.
Ran on the smell of an oily rag
Started at the front bumper and ended at the rear bumper



Our business is in pathology logistics and these vehicles are the lifeblood of the business. At first they appeared the ideal vehicle for our application. They have been serviced in accordance with the manufacturers reccomendations and are perhaps some of the higher kilometre cars in Australia. There would not be too many with more kilometres on them. Our experience overall has been very poor all around. Vehicle 1. The dual mass flywheel disintegrated without warning at 160,000km. Considerable damage. Repair cost $4890. Vehicle 2. Turbo failure at 145,000km. Repair cost $5500. Vehicle 3. Cracked cylinder head. VW diagonised as clutch failure as it had just been replaced by non VW service. Completely wrong. Eventually diagnosed by diesel specialist. VW quote $8500 - $10,000. Engine replaced with second hand unit. Repair cost $5900. Vehicle 4. Air conditionong failure. After much harassment VW eventually replaced entire system under warranty. Cost unknown. Vehicle 5. Serious ongoing electrical issues. Been back to the dealer three times and auto electricians twice. No result. $450 spent so far. Vehicle 6. Maxi Life. See report under Caddy Life review. Reported these issues to VW Australia. Bad luck they reckon. No help there. We will never buy another VW and would never recommend them. Very poor vehicle and little or no support from VW. Don't let the badge fool you. These things are a lemon. DON'T BUY ONE!!
Our company has six manual TDi Caddy's. (incl. one Maxi Life) Each travel about 120,000 km per year in a mix of highway and city use. Economical on fuel. Good power, smooth and easy to drive. The useful storage above the front seats. Good useable space in the rear for smaller goods. Hard wearing plastic surfaces and vinyl floor covering for commercial use. On the surface they appear a good thing but read the cons below.
They have proved very expensive to operate over the longer term. Serious mechanical problems on all but one but it still has very low kilometres. Lack of dealer support. Don't want to know you if you don't want their overpriced servicing. Little technical support or data available. High cost of repair and maintenance parts. Bad blind spots particularly on the left. Don't expect any sympathy when out of warranty and the problems start to arise.

got first in 2006, brilliant design great to drive, sadly it never made even 1st service without airbag failure, constantly back to dealerover 3 years - 105k at trade in, then got caddy maxi jan 2010 believing no manufacturer could make cars so poorly and stay in business - I was wrong!Could not agree more! I only had the misfortune of owning one of the bits of rubbish but reading your problems is like we had the same car! VW never wanted to help, even with a vehicle under new car warranty they were very reluctant to help or admit any fault

Caddy 2010 DSG TD

Bought my VW Caddy new from a dealer and found that seemed to be an issue with the DSG shuddering...It went back to the dealer it was bought from then a second dealer to try and get it the problem sorted...One time the VW dealer had it for 10 days but I was always told it was normal....After giving up with VW and just excepted it just was not a good vehicle....@ 30,000 the DSG finally gave up making the Caddy undrivable and had to be towed to a VW service centre......It was then that that finally excepted that there IS a problem, well der.......It was replaced under warranty but unfortunately the new DSG has issues to too with thumping into gears when slowing down and slamming into first gear when taking off from a stationary position......It now has 60,000km.........
Other problems are there is a annoying whistle from the side mirrors which can only be fixed by putting electrical tape over the joins...
The rear strap that hangs from the rear lift up tailgate has broken.......
The key emblem on the key fell off after a month of use.....
It pulls to the left despite having 2 wheel alignments
Great looking van, awesome fuel economy
Faulty DSG, Bad warranty service, whistle from mirrors, Pulls to left

Engine Size1.9L Turbo
I've had my manual 2008 Caddy Maxi since new. It now done 370,000 kms. I have never had a problem with whistling from the mirrors or with any wheel alignment problems, I changed my tyres to 205/65/R15 when I needed to replace the orginials at 70,000 kms, maybe its your dealer that is the problem.Your lucky Very Happy 04. We have 2 caddy's a petrol manual and diesel auto and both have problems. the petrol not as many but at 150K we had to change gear box and clutch, air cons failed as well but the diesel only has 140k on it and we have had to change the auto transmission, air con failed on this one as well. We have spent much more in repairs than the cars actually cost. Would not recommend for business use as they seem to break down a lot (yes NRMA with towing is a must with these cars!!) and cost a fortune to fix.

Seeking all persons with a problem

We have had our Caddy for just over three years now and it has done 130 000kms. Apparently the Gearbox has gone, VW gets to decide if they repair or replace it. I think not. We got from a good dealer but as now the Dealearship is with the dodgy brothers. Just wanted to hear from anybody else with similar problems.
Loved it before this, but $ 8500 gear box @ 130 000k's Don't like anymore.

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my son has had his 2008 Caddy for a year.Trim and indicator covers have fallen off. Now the gear box has fallen apart. Its done 108.000 miles. In the last week our mechanic has had a further three inquiries about Caddy gear boxes. Feel VW should be replaceing for free

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I need to know how to add and check transmission oil in my vw diesel caddy 2011 model please help me out
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I have a 1.9L diesel caddy and a 1.9L diesel maxi caddy, both around 2008 models and just noticed that all of the rear bumper securing bolts are missing on both. Is this normal?
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2010 Caddy Maxi 1.6 deisel Manual or Auto ?
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personally I would not go near a volkswagon, IF you get a good one you will be happy, get a not so good one and it will break your heart and wallet


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Discontinuation dateNov 2010
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