Volkswagen Caddy Mk.4

Volkswagen Caddy Mk.4

4.0 from 2 reviews

Great van!

Bought this van to transport my dogs around as I run a rescue. It’s drives smoothly and gets good mileage to the litre, being a Diesel engine.

I was looking for a van that could be used generally as well, so was ecstatic to find a van with a comfortable five seater interior as well as plenty of room in the back for the dogs.

The sunken floor in the rear passenger section allows for good leg room and there are plenty of small storage sections, like cup holders, side pockets and overhead document holders. It could, however do to incorporate some type of ‘boot’ section for larger items, but I guess most people utilise the rear carriage for that, rather than place dogs in there.

Small things like mirrors on the sun visors could have been incorporated, but as a functional vehicle, it certainly does its job well.

BadgeTDI250 BlueMOTION Maxi
Engine Size1.6L Turbo
Date PurchasedJul 2018

Caddy Maxi Crewvan is GREAT

This new van replaced a short wheel-base Renault Kangoo, and is a quantum leap ahead. More power, even if it is a 1.2 turbo, more driveability, more space, very comfortable, and the dash and control layout is very similar to my Tiguan, so there is no problem with swapping from one to the other. Having the people mover version gave me better sound insulation in the back than if I had bought the van version, and with the back row of seats out, I have 5 seats and stacks of workspace. I would have preferred barn doors, but there was no reversing camera option without the lifting door, which is a bit big to lift for my small girl workers. The 7-speed dual clutch is smooth, but is a bit reluctant to reverse slowly up a hill - don't touch the brake, just let it creep along.

BadgeTSI175 Maxi
Engine Size1.2L Turbo
Date PurchasedSep 2017

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Questions & Answers

I am looking into buying a 2018 2.0lt diesel AUTO caddy, my question is have any of the engine, gearbox, electrics problems been fixed on these later models? As I haven't read any dramas on the 2018 models.
1 answer
Don't have that actual model, but my 2017 auto (petrol) Caddy has no problems at all with electrics or the transmission, and my 2016 2-lt diesel auto Tiguan is the same, sweet running and no problems at all.

Looking at Caddy Maxi for light work around town & dual purpose family vehicle- it's size, specs & fuel economy fit our use brilliantly. Started asking owners of them how they find them, they all love the car but of the 13 people I have spoken to, 6 of them have had full auto gearbox failure within the first 100,000km with a repair bill of $7000-$8000. Thats nearly 1/2 of them which absolutely floored me. My question is, has the transmission fault been fixed? Need to know this before continuing looking at buying new. Thanks, James
2 answers
Hi James at this point in time I personally would not go near a Volkswagen of any sort. I owned a Jetta started leaking oil from gearbox at 100,00 km vw not interested in wty. sold car. son owned a caddy broke down, took vw approx. 9 weeks to fix, quoted a repair price of $8000.00 dollars sold car bought another vw caddy, stop lights did not work waited 4 weeks for new lights fitted lights still not working sold car. A personal friend bought a jetta with dsg gearbox failed twice sold car. if I bought another vw I would sell it before the wty ran out. good luck cjrThanks for the advice. Sounds there are fundamental flaws with gearbox failure. Have decided to stay clear of VW. Thanks again, cheers, James


Caddy Mk.4
Release dateDec 2015
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